Saturday, July 02, 2005

New York gives green light to transfer of police and justice competencies

Dailies report, most of them on the front page, that the UN Legal Office has allowed UNMIK to transfer responsibilities in the area of justice and police to Kosovars. SRSG Jessen-Petersen informed PM Bajram Kosumi on the decision during their regular meeting on Friday.

‘We already have an agreement from New York and we have been given the right to start the transfer of competencies from UNMIK to PISG in the area of justice and police and we will try to do this as fast as possible’, the SRSG said.

Quoting sources within the international administration, Koha Ditore writes that if there is good coordination between UNMIK and the PISG the new ministries of order and justice will be created by October.

Zëri quotes the SRSG as saying that Kosovo institutions are mature and prepared to take on these responsibilities and to face the challenges to come in Kosovo.

Dailies write that PM Bajram Kosumi has announced that the implementation of the first two decentralization pilot projects will start soon - one in Gracanica, and the other in Hani i Elezit.

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