Thursday, May 05, 2005

UNMIK, Macedonian officials disagree over Kosovo migration bill

Excerpt from report by Kosovo Albanian television KohaVision TV on 4 May

[Announcer] During his visit to Shkup [Skopje], deputy chief of UNMIK [United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] Larry Rossin has failed to convince the Macedonian authorities that the new migration law is not a visa regime. The Macedonian head of state, Branko Crvenkovski, told him that Macedonia will be forced to take similar measures if, as he put it, the control measures are implemented.

[Reporter] The new UNMIK regulation which governs the movement of foreign nationals in and out of Kosova [Kosovo] does not necessarily mean implementation of visas, visa application forms or entrance tax, said deputy chief of UNMIK Larry Rossin during his visit to the Macedonian capital Shkup. He reiterated that the regulation will come into force at the start of July and the UN administration is talking to all neighbouring countries in order to explain the regulation.

Nonetheless, the officials he has been meeting are of a different opinion. Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski reiterated once again that if UNMIK does not withdraw what he referred to as control measures, than Macedonia would be forced to take similar steps.

Crvenkovski's office also said that general provisions resulting form the UNMIK regulation represent rigid measures in the area of the border control regime in order to prevent Macedonian citizens from entering Kosova. This de facto means application of a visa regime, said the Macedonian government.

Larry Rossin discussed with Crvenkovski and [Prime Minister Vlado] Buckovski the customs tax issue as well. [Passage omitted]

Source: KohaVision TV, Pristina, in Albanian 1700 gmt 4 May 05

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