Friday, May 20, 2005

Kosovo government to include MPs' recommendations in decentralization document

Excerpt from report by Kosovo Albanian television KohaVision TV on 20 May

[Announcer] On the second day of the Kosova [Kosovo] Assembly session representatives of all political parties agreed that the recommendations for the decentralization process presented at the assembly be included in the decentralization document, which means that the government is obligated to process this document within two weeks in the assembly.

[Reporter Blerta Dalloshi] The Kosova government will take into consideration the recommendations resulting from the assembly in order to discuss them and include them in the decentralization document. It is expected that within two week the government will return the new document to the assembly. This was promised today to MPs by the minister of Local Government, Lutfi Haziri.

[Lutfi Haziri] Every recommendation, suggestion, remark, whether technical, was very valuable for me and I will discuss, prepare and process all recommendations to the government in order to eliminate the weaknesses that can be identified and strengthen the document and ensure that the process will in future go right and be in the interest of Kosova's citizens.

[Reporter] The decision to incorporate the recommendations into this document was taken after consultations between the heads of parliamentary groups in the assembly.

[Ora party vice-chairman Ylber Hysa] We should preserve the spirit of debate that we had yesterday and in this way the proposal for compromise is that recommendations from yesterday's debate be discussed by the government and within a certain acceptable deadline, a period of two weeks was proposed here, and be returned to the assembly.

[Reporter] Democratic Party of Kosova PDK chairman Hashim Thaci, on the other hand, proposed to vote on the government's proposal or, if not, that the remarks of the deputies be taken into consideration.

[Hashim Thaci] It should be clearly defined whether the government's pilot project has the support of the Kosova parliament or not.

[Speaker Nexhat Daci] Who is in favour of the PDK's proposal?

[Reporter] No-one of Kosova MPs voted in favour of Thaci's proposal.[Passage omitted]

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