Saturday, May 21, 2005

Kosovo police arrest four Serbs in Gjilane

Gnjilane, 21 May: Members of the Kosovo Police Service (KPS) arrested four Serbs from Gnjilane municipality at around 0330 [0130 gmt] this morning.

They arrived in a state of alcoholic intoxication at the police station in Gnjilane and tried to enter the building, KPS spokesman Refki Morina told SRNA.

"Police station security guards barred them from entering the building and called the police patrol which arrested them on orders from the investigation judge," Morina said.

The arrested include a KPS member, a prison security guard and two civilians.

"The Gnjilane investigation judge has ordered an official investigation, and they are currently being questioned," Morina added, declining to disclose the names of the detained.

Source: SRNA news agency, Bijeljina, in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian 0809 gmt 21 May 05


Anonymous said...

Is this worthy to be on an international news site?

It shows that it is obviously a taboo thing to arrest serbs in Kosovo. This further portrays their privileged minority status in Kosovo.

They have victimised themselves in such a manner, that they are now so privileged.

This is a pity, as it has only further isolated themselves from conciliation with the Albanians (90% majority).

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a bit too much for a international site.

But for the rest I disagree with the previous poster:
- The Kosovo Albanians played the victim for 50 years. So where do you think the Serbs learned it?
- Albanians a 90% majority is only valid if you disown the Serbs that have been driven from Kosovo after the 1999 war. Otherwise 85% would come closer (with nearly 10% Serbs and over 5% other minorities)
- As for that priviliged position of the Serbs: this sounds like typically Albanian self-pity. Fact is that the Serbs still are living in enclaves and that in the bigger cities still more Serbs are leaving as are coming back.

Anonymous said...

The Kosovo Albanians WERE victims, and for more than 50 years....hence their reluctance to concile with Serbs so soon.

Is there a difference from 85% majority to 90%?

Serbs in Kosovo are privileged, they don't pay for electricity, telephone bills, and even now, 6 years after, they still drive around with illegitimate vehicle registration.....this is why I say they are privileged.

I personally went out of my way to employ several myself, even though I didn't need any extra staff...and then i was praised by authorities......and then when i wanted to employ 2 serbs from Belgrade, I was told to employ local serbs....but they weren't qualified for the duty...

that is why i left the place.......too many double standards by UNMIK.

Anonymous said...

For your information, Serb gangs have recently been arrested in Prishtina and elsewhere in Kosova while stealing cars. Seven Serbs were arrested in Prishtina alone last month while they were trying to break into people's cars.

What does this say to us: that the Serbs feel free to steal and drive stolen cars in Kosova, but at the same time they have no freedom of movement? That's a contradiction in terms.

Nevertheless, Kosovar and UNMIK authorities must be praised for not making political gains and not using the arrest of a number of criminals to demonstrate to the outside world that Serbs do feel free to move around Kosova, and not only move.

Anonymous said...

in a usually and par normal country,that would be minor new,probably that does not take attention of anybody,but in a conditions where a life of serbs are so cheap.....?If they was sedate,they would never do what they did

Anonymous said...

Working in Kosovo for over 3 years I found out that there are 3 sides to every story. The Serbian side, the Albanian side and the truth. Chill out until the facts come in. KPS is capable of investigating this and getting to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Criminals are criminals be they Serb of Albanian.

Thought let's get one thing clear, Albanians have been victims since early 1900 but only 1990-s did they start getting fed up of all that inflicted vioence. So "playing victim" isn't the case here, I mean who can you play victim to when noone supports your cause? Most of us were hit in disbelief when Serbs were hit by NATO in Bosnia, this was a sign that the world is changing. Before that Serbs could get away with anything, thus no use in playing victim, just try to ride it out.

Kosovar Serbs on the other hand are being made to be victims by Serbia proper.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Serb OR Albanian, last post correction.

Anonymous said...

samo se vi nadajte, kosovo i metohija cu uvek biti srpsko,

a za sva sranja jebali ste majke, kad se ponovo zarati, nece vam biti
ni tirane, siptarcine jedne,

ajd sad cistite klozet solje vasim anglo saxonskim prijateljima!