Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Kosovo will be independent by spring 2006 - deputy premier

Text of report by Radio-Television Kosovo TV on 30 May

[Announcer] Kosovo will be independent by spring 2006, Deputy Prime Minister Adem Salihaj told Ilyria University students during an address on Standards and status.

[Reporter Blerta Foniqi] Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Adem Salihaj gave an address to students of the private University of Ilyria on the topic Standard and the Status. He told them that by summer of 2006 Kosovo will be independent. He also told the students that the Standards issue came up suddenly when UNMIK [United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] had no other ideas about how to continue its mission in Kosovo.

However, the Standards were gradually developed, evolved and assumed an important place in every sector of life in Kosovo. The fulfilment of Standards is a whole justification and proof that Kosovo has matured into an independent country.

Source: RTK TV, Pristina, in Albanian 1830 gmt 30 May 05


Trimi said...

Kosova has reached a level of political maturity that rivals the established democracies of Western Europe. However, those same Western European democracies need to cut the red tape, and acknowledge that "standards before status" is a stall. Expecting an underdeveloped, war-torn province in the poorest part of Europe to reach standards that France cannot claim they possess six years after a war is RIDICULOUS.

The United Nations needs to prove to the world that it is not a political minefield, held hostage by Chino-Russian influence. It needs to show the world that it is capable of dealing with an issue that attracts worldwide attention, which was the reason for its original creation.

Highly doubt the aforementioned will occur. The United States and the United Kingdom will drive the independence of Kosova to home plate, while the world will watch with its fingers in its mouth.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely worried and I truly feel sorry for the albanian people in Kosovo. Who is responsible for making them think that they will be independent ?? They will not, and I repeat, not be independent! Is it the SRSG, UN or who is it who have implemented this thoughts. When they are talking about final status, they do not mean independence like some like to think. And to talk of membership in the EU....come on!! Are you all in the Twilight Zone ??
Lets come back in 20-30 years and see. PS. US is not backing up K albanians at all anymore.
Phil NYC

Anonymous said...

Dude don't be worried and don't feel sorry for too much cause you can remain a victim of mental breakdown. Focus on you own problems, its not worth it to lose your mind over international politics.

Anonymous said...

To Phil the Serbian in NY City, I'm trying to figure out what world you've been living on. The U.S. has never stopped backing the Kosovar Albanians, you and the rest of Serbia are just unaware (by design) of everything that is going on. And now that the EU has become as irrelevent as the UN, and has lost its credibility, the U.S. will ensure that independence becomes a reality for Kosovo. If you don't believe it will happen you are blind as well as uninformed.

Anonymous said...

To Phil,

So the only option according to you is to remain under Serbia? :)

Let's have a jolly cup of war then shall we? And you as a supporter of this idea can only be considered as a supporter of a genocide that might come to happen, since you see, we are not as armed as the Serbs.

You my friend, would also support the destruction of the Jewish nation, Palestinians, Darfur tribes, Tutsis, and Bosniacs.

Anonymous said...

the only destruction going on is of serbian churches and civilians .

untill kosovan albanians learn to behave in a civil manner kosovo will not be independent , do you think the rest of the world is blind .