Thursday, May 19, 2005

Kosovo premier wants "goodneighbourly relations" with Serbia

Belgrade, 19 May: Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi, in a written statement sent to the Serbian government, has expressed his readiness to meet Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica in order to, as he has stated, discuss the existing problems "between the two countries", adding that his "country, the new Kosovo, free and democratic, wants to have goodneighbourly relations with Serbia".

The integral text of the Serbian government's statement, which carries Kosumi's statement, goes as follows:

"The following written statement has arrived to the Serbian government from the cabinet of Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi:

The statement of the Kosovo premier's cabinet

An invitation to a meeting has been sent to the cabinet of Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi from the cabinet of Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica.

Regarding this invitation, the Kosovo premier has stated the following:

I accept the wish and will of Serbian Prime Minister Kostunica to meet the Kosovo premier and talk to him.

I would like to reiterate that I am ready to meet Mr Kostunica in order for us to discuss the existing problems between our two countries and the progress of the started technical dialogue.

My country, the new Kosovo, free and democratic, wants to have goodneighbourly relations with Serbia. We have now established good neighbourly relations with all neighbouring countries. All the regional countries, as well as European countries, are ever more expressing understanding for the new processes in Kosovo.

We should especially discuss with Serbia the unresolved problems remaining from the difficult past. Kosovo, but I believe Serbia too, wants to be a democratic country, integrated within the European family. Those are good reasons for promoting good neighbourly relations and for establishing the policy of peace between the two countries.

Also, with the aim of establishing good neighbourly relations between our countries, I expect a clear signal from the Serbian premier to those Serb politicians who boycott Kosovo interim institutions to participate in them.

Having in mind the international community's decisive role in Kosovo, the help the community is offering in organizing my meeting with Mr Kostunica is in the interest of all [as received].


Anonymous said...

Ladies and gents,

I present to you the main difference between Serbia and Kosova:

Serbia > wants to rule over people who it has harmed greatly and continue to create problems

Kosova/Kosovo > ready to move forward but prevent such harm and practice its moral/human right

Now do the math and say WHO deserves independence here, I say Serbia should be tought some European manners...

Anonymous said...

Kosovo is Serbia, wake up from your dream.

Anonymous said...


Kosovo is Serbia,wake up from your
dream and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

Kosova is Serbia and Norway is America.
What a bunch of bullshiters.

Anonymous said...

Norway will soon be America but son Kosova will never be Serbia. Go there and see the "Fuck you Mr and Mrs Serbs" right by the border enterance."

What kind of neighbors was that again?