Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Kosovo gets new zip codes

Pristina (AP):

Kosovo will adopt a set of new zip codes on Tuesday in a bid to speed up postal deliveries which have been slow and arduous in recent years due to a lack of clarity over the U.N.-run provinces status.

Kosovos capital, Pristina, will now use 10000 as its new code instead of the old Yugoslav code of 38000.

The new codes were approved by the U.N. legal office in Kosovo, said Seremb Gjergji, spokesman for Kosovos Post and Telecom.

The officials hope the codes will offer more security and have economic spinoffs, Gjergji said.

Kosovo became a United Nations protectorate in mid-1999 after NATO air strikes forced Serbia to relinquish control.


Anonymous said...

I like this, postal code 10000, now that is a COOOOOL postal code! 10000 :)

Rruga e Ushtrisë Çlirimtare 1009
10000 Prishtinë

Looks good too, its binary 16 :)

Anonymous said...

That binary comment is a little too much. Reminds me of those painful programing and computer science classes I had to take.

Anonymous said...


Sorry dude, you know us IT people tend to look at everything in binary ;) just like in The Matrix!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, if I want to order something from somewhere, and I work in RTK Building 8-th floor str. Nena Tereze, you think that if my address will be as follows:
rr. Nena Tereze
RTK Building 8-th floor
10000 Prishtina

my order package will be on my own hands faster and more secure than earlier?

Anonymous said...

Hey im from Kosovo
I think that 10000 is the best Zip Code that Kosova can have
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El.PresidenTe said...

Hmm Its Very Nice cause im a Part of Kosovo My State :P:P

10000 (H) ..!

Rruga Shaban Mani 11
10000 Istog

el.presidente@msn.com (H)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

and l will send one letter in costa rica but l dont know so how is the postal codes kosova? ok tell my about this postal code? and l cant send letter ?

Anonymous said...

Greaaat ("_")

Anonymous said...

Folni shqip more fega

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