Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Serbian academy to hold "patriotic" meeting on Kosovo Serbs in Mitrovica

Kosovska Mitrovica, 25 May: A scientific gathering about "Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija", to be attended by over 60 experts, will be held between 27-29 May in Kosovska Mitrovica in the organization of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the Pristina University.

The representatives of the Pristina University, whose seat is temporarily in Kosovska Mitrovica, have told a news conference that five experts from Russia will be among the participants.

Pristina University Dean Radivoje Papovic said that the Serb population in Kosovo "is of lasting concern for every decent Serb".

Papovic said that the gathering would show that "the Pristina University's mission is primarily a scientific and patriotic one, with a marked national prefix".

"This gathering intends to demonstrate what we are and what we do not accept to become," Papovic said.

He said that the gathering would be attended by Serbian Patriarch Pavle and the bishops.


Anonymous said...

This is the best proof that Milosevic policies were not a temporary aberration or nationalistic manipulation by some clique but rather well thought-out policies by the highest academic institutions of the Serb state, church included.
The sad part is that even with Milosvic in Hague and thousands of dead behind, such thoughts still continue.

Anonymous said...

And back to where it all started, the Serbian Academy, the guilt for all the dead in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosova lies with these people, with their ideas.

There should be an International Court for Hate Crimes, where KKK, NeoNazis, and the Serbian Academy would be tried for all that they've caused.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea myself. Let that bitch Pavle come to Kosova and walk around like the bitch that he is because there are no more Miloshebiatches to protect him. Watch some little kid run up his ass and yank that nasty beard of his right off. Go get him kids through eggs on this sorry ass.

I agree with the trial thing though, you just got the order wrong, the Serb Academy should go first (because I hate them the most), the Nazis second because they were ruthless in an efficient way, and then the KKKlast because they were and continue to be ruthless and stupid.

Anonymous said...

I love the order, excellent!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting and amuzing to see the staunch and faithful supporters of Nazis, Ottomans, and any other occupier in the Balkans present themselves in these comments as civilized and democrats. What a farse!

Anonymous said...

Belgrade was the first European capital to be declare free of Jews. That is real collaboration with the NAZIS.
Albania was the only countries that for 24 years defeated the ottoman Empire 24 times, meanwhile at this time the Serbs didn't do $hit but obeyed their Ottoman masters.
Serbs are people of no moral value, look at Srebrenica and the children killed there. You are the devil's greatest pupils. Children killers.