Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Q Yesterday, in an important three-hour forum on the status of Kosovo at the Wilson Center, your director of the Office of South and Central European Affairs, Mr. Charles English, stated clearly that, quote, "Kosovo must be governed by the Kosovars period," quote. Do you agree, since that means indepence and partition of Serbia?

MR. BOUCHER: Our undersecretary for political affairs spoke at great length about the situation last week. I'll leave it with what he said.

Q The same U.S. official -- MR. BOUCHER: Okay, we've got other people that want to ask questions.

Q Yes. The same U.S. official, Mr. Charles English, to a question of mine during this conference, "Who created Kosovo?" declared loudly that, quote, "It was a work of God. I have to run to the State Department. I am late." Unquote. I submit that God might have had something to do with the creation of the official, but not of Kosovo. And I'm wondering if his answer reflects the U.S. policy to this effect?

(Laughter.) MR. BOUCHER: I'm sorry, I don't have anything on that.

We'll try to check with God to see what he has.

Q Mr. Boucher, why everyone -- why everyone in your government is so sensitive in accepting the historical fact that today's Kosovo is a product of Adolf Hitler, who created that in September 1943, transferring Albanians from the mainland, saying that the Albanians are, quote, "vital mountain warriors race," unquote, that fitted very well in his racist theories. Why you do not accept this?

MR. BOUCHER: Our undersecretary addressed these matters in great length last week, and I'll stick with what he said. If these matters are relevant to our current consideration, I'm sure he addressed them.

Okay, let's go on and finish off with rest of the questions.


Anonymous said...

How did that questioner get press credentials? What a bozo! Although there are many Serbs who actually believe that nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Hitler created Kosova? This journalist needs to do some homework.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, Hitler didn't create Kosova, being an "ally" of Germany, Albania was united after being partitioned in 1910. As for the alliance, Albania had extra Jews from Serbia and Croatia so its not what you would really call Ally, we were Allies with the German people, not the nazis.

Anonymous said...

We were not allies. We had a puppet government just like they had a puppet government in France and in may other countries in Europe. While the Ottoman empire divided Albanian lands into villayets( Kosova was an Albanian villayet 5 centuries before the first Nazi was born) to better administer them, the NAZIS followed the opposite approach. Thay united them so they could administer them better.

Anonymous said...

But, we have to admit that the answer was perfect - "God created Kosovo"

Anonymous said...

True, sorry the word ally does seem to give a wrong impression.

Balkan Update said...

Can anyone tell me who this guy is[the person who asked these questions]? Who does he work for? What newspaper,TV or radio station. I really need to know! I would appreciate any new leads towards dicovering the identity of this GENIUS :)

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha. . .I love this guys, he so willingly accepts his own moronic nature. Wow great stuff to have on this blog, good job guys.
This Boucher guys rocks too, hey tell him to check with God on who is going to win the NBA championship this year. . . yea and say "HI" to the big guy and "what up."

Anonymous said...

God is a DJ