Monday, May 30, 2005

Macedonian president say Kosovo "far from meeting necessary standards"

Text of report in English by Macedonian state news agency MIA

Belgrade, 30 May: Kosovo is far from meeting the necessary standards, making the defining of its final status more difficult, Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski says in an interview with Belgrade monthly magazine in English language CorD .

International civil and military presence in Kosovo is needed for longer period of time, Crvenkovski says, adding that for Skopje peace, rule of law and stable institutions in Kosovo are more important than its status.

Preventing the spillover of Kosovo problems to neighbouring countries is even more important, Crvenkovski says.

"Fortunately it has not happened, but we should be extremely cautious. Therefore, I asked the Macedonian Government to introduce reciprocal visa regime and border control, responding to the UNMIK's [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] new measures in this respect," Crvenkovski says, adding that Macedonia must protect itself from the existing criminal groups.

Macedonia approves the model for Belgrade-Pristina-international community talks for finding mutually acceptable solution for Kosovo, Crvenkovski says.

"Macedonia is neither part of the problem nor part of a solution to this last open issue in the region," he says, adding that closing of this matter must not lead to new destabilization of the region.

"In that respect, the completion of a demarcation of our border with Serbia-Montenegro, on the Kosovo part, before defining of the province's final status is Macedonia's priority," Crvenkovski says.

Source: MIA news agency, Skopje, in English 1416 gmt 30 May 05


Anonymous said...

Who bloody cares what is more important for Shkup [Skopje], Kosova's status or the stability of the region. Solving the problem of the status of Kosova can only improve the stability of the region and nothing else.

I am sick and tired of people who steal the name, the flag and the land from other nations and dare to talk rubbish about issues that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

I have only one message for all such people: GO TO HELL!

sick and tired said...

And I am sick and tired of people like you who rant and rave about flags and land and only make it harder for those who seek constructive solutions.

Please join the modern world when you feel mature enough to do so.

Anonymous said...

Those who seek constructive solutions do not talk complete and utter rubbish about issues what have nothing to do with them.

Everyone should mind their own business, not add oil to the fire, sort out issues in their own house first before they give themselves the right to talk utter nonsense.

Now, until you become mature enough not to stick your nose into other people's business, you can go to hell together with all the Fyromians.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell does the FYROM-ian president think he is. Who put him in charge of standards of Kosova? This idiot likes to play with fire. He better watch his own business and focus on his own country, or that fire might burn sometime. Focus on the problems you have with the Serbian church instead of being nosy and talking about other people's affairs.

Anonymous said...

I say Macedonia does not meet the standards. They disrespect human rights not only of Albanians but also of Pakistanis. They pick them up, dress them up and shoot them. Not even Serbia does this.

Let's re-evaluate Macedonia's status...

Trimi said...

How laughable. The experiment of the Balkans feels that Kosova's standards are not up to par? Obviously not, as interest plays a vital role in the decision making of this experimental "nation".

As for the blogger that mentioned he's sick and tired of those who rant and rave... Extend your invitation to the modern world to the Orthodox Slav populations of the Balkans, it seems they still live in the 12th century.

Constructive solutions are what the Macedonians and Serbians seek when their back is to the wall. Diplomacy reigns when they are cornered, however, when the tables turn... the massacres begin.

The make believe country we call Macedonia, or FRYOM, is in no position to lecture Kosova on standards. Our minorities were given rights that their Albanians had to fight a war over. The Macedonians are feeling the heat, and they know the status of Kosova will affect what happens to their experiment of a nation as well, with over 50% of them being Albanians.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand the Albanians’ inability to take criticism even if it’s constructive.
It is a known fact that the level of crime in Kosovo as an entity is the highest in Europe (check independent reports nothing to do with Serbia or Macedonia).
It’s very easy to go live abroad and boast about the excellent conditions in your so called country. Why don’t you go back if it’s such heaven?
As far as Macedonia is concerned you can only dream of our culture, education, open-minded approach and ability to infiltrate everybody into the cultural milieu.
Most of the Albanians in our country who are our neighbours are perfectly satisfied with their lifestyles and their human rights and fortunately they are not afraid to say so. That is why, even though the criminal gangs coming exactly from Kosovo tried desperately to start a war because that was the only thing they could profiteer from, apart from isolated incidents, they never succeeded.
As for being an experiment – you must be joking!! Your so called country doesn’t even exist and it also has a Serbian adjective as a name.
Please stick to whatever dodgy business you are doing in America and leave the people who actually read and comprehend to discuss political issues. And have a look at the last census that was conducted in Macedonia recognised by both Albanians and Macedonians.
Over 50% ???? You are welcomed to come and have a look by your self – that is if your are not on Interpol’s list as a persona non grata.

Anonymous said...

Maco dude he is the president of a country who has plenty of problems. This crticism cannot be constructive when it comes from him and when especially when it is before a Serb audience and not an international audience.
Your President's political clock seems to be stuck before pre-Ohrid agreement. Things have changed a lot since then and it seems he hasn't.
...And about those shaddy comments keep them for yourself. ( They're so reminiscent of everything that comes out from the mouths of the Serbs, and this kind of attitude is not constructive at all for FYROM).
I've stayed in FYROM for months (summer vacaions), and I've seen that if u give a USA VISA to FYROM-ers, the vast majority of them are ready to leave.

Anonymous said...

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