Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Serbia to tell UN no Kosovo standards fulfilled - government

[Presenter] The Serbian government met today to set a platform which the Serbian delegation is to present at the UN Security Council session on Kosovo-Metohija on 27 May. Besides government members, President Boris Tadic, Serbia-Montenegro Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic and the Coordination Centre for Kosovo-Metohija chairman, Nebojsa Covic, also attended the meeting.

A conclusion regarding the basis for the participation of the Serbia-Montenegro delegation at the UN Security Council session, which will be headed by Covic, was unanimously reached at the meeting.

It was stated that there was no protection of basic human rights of Serbs and non-Albanians, no freedom of movement, no elementary protection of their property and that Serbs were still subject to violence.

Also, the return of expelled Serb inhabitants has not been realized, which UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] data confirm, according to which some three per cent of Serbs have returned to the province. As was stated, the Serbian president and premier are ready to open dialogue immediately and appeal to representatives of the Kosovo interim institutions to accept their invitation to dialogue without any further conditioning.

The conclusion also said that talks should be held at the place where problems had occurred and where they still existed, i.e. in Kosovo-Metohija.

Source: B92 TV, Belgrade, in Serbian 1715 gmt 24 May 05


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. The basic standard is protection of life. By that meaure, the Serbs are better off than the Kosovars were under Milosevic. The last inter-ethnic Serb death was in June 2004. In 1999 alone 10,000 Albanians were killed by the Serbs and over a million driven from their homes. If the Serbs had been worried about human rights in the 1990s instead of ethnic cleansing, they would not be hated by everyone else in the Balkans.

Anonymous said...

Last Serb death was in June 2004.... One inter-ethnic death is one too many. As an African American maybe I need to start hating all American Whites for slavery and the injustice they caused on my race. Oh yeah it's different. (how?) Stop the hate, everytime someone tells of what the Serbians did, Serbians can turn around and say the same about Albanians. Tit for Tat. I see no progress. The one man who could of gotten things going in the right direction is on trail at the Hauge. Didn't he push for dialouge with Serbia?

Anonymous said...

Inter-ethnic deaths are exaggerated guys....if there are 90% Albanians and let's say 8% Serbs......the chances for the Serbs' is that when their house is broken into, it will be done by an Albanian....when they have a car crash, the chances are that it will be with an Albanian.....if they are murdered, the chances are that it will be by an Albanian....if a Serb is arrested, the chances are it will be by an Albanian cop.....etc etc etc.

These are the chances, because 90% of the people there are Albanians....so that is just common sense......

This is why I say that "inter-ethnic" is so exaggerated beyond common sense.

But let's face it guys, it is being used too much, and the Serbs' are being spoiled by this.

Anonymous said...

Firstly to my african american friend . hello ...
it is completely normal to have tension in a place such as kosova , it has been a short period of time since the war has ended and the blood spilt is of direct relatives of living albanians, im sure that 500 years ago when the white people showed crulty to the black race there was alot of tension , even when a resolution was resolved it would have still been a few generations to put the water under the bridge because im sure that if a son saw the way his father was treated by whites im sure it would not be forgotten so quickly a clear example is even now in america there still is inter-ratial beatings on black african americans and vice versa , there is isane organisations such as KKK and other rampant groups and well its been 500years .. hmmm think about it ..
time heals all wounds and with time and generations the violence will stop but no human being especiaily someone whos people have been through repression cannot honest;ly say " YES right after the killing and when my family was beaten i forgot it and moved on" to you i say "shame on your lies" ..

comprehend this it is not a normal person who does abnormal things, it( sad to say) is a normal person who gets put in abnormal situations and forcefully mutates.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

I would add that although african-americans are better off today, they are still in a very difficult position. But it doesn't stop there, Africa as a whole is still held back by the western powers, although there is also a lot of help coming from there in terms of health and income through migration.

As for Serbs, the poster who pointed out that majority is Albanian is right. The probability is 9:1 that an Albanian will be involved in a crime (assuming all humans have the same capacity for crime).

And let's face it, those ~140,000 Serbs are living among 2,000,000 Albanians, if we were so 'psychotic' it would be a lot more dangerous. People have been hurt, and sometimes they will snap, and no standards can fix this, only time, and especialy time AWAY from Serbia, through Independence.