Thursday, May 19, 2005

Serbian president urges diplomatic offensive to thwart Kosovo independence

[Announcer] Following some statements from the international community to the effect that this year is the crucial year for the settlement of the status of Kosovo and Metohija, Serbian and state union officials are announcing a diplomatic offensive. Kosovo's future will be not be determined by Serbs or Albanians, but by the international community. It is up to our country to prevent the province's independence by vigorous diplomatic activities, Serbian President Boris Tadic has stated for Radio Beograd First Channel.

[Tadic] When one says there is no change of borders, our interpretation is that there is no change of Serbia and Montenegro's borders. When international community officials say that, then they mean that there is no change of borders between Kosovo and central Serbia. In that sense, they interpret Kosovo's borders as something that is unchangeable. The thing is, this attitude does not help solve the problem. We have to fight against Kosovo's independence. We have to launch extremely vigorous diplomatic activities, exert pressure on all centres of decision-making. Since as I have no reason to falsify the reality we are living in, and I particularly feel obliged to keep the citizens aware of the reality that we are living in, I am going to repeat that the future of Kosovo in the end will not be determined either by Serbs or Albanians. It will be determined by international institutions, the UN Security Council above all. The Contact Group too is going to play a key role in that.

Source: Radio Belgrade in Serbian 1300 gmt 19 May 05


Anonymous said...

Independence of Kosova has already been determined by the majority of people who live there. Tadic's efforts are futile. In the end, the U.S. will ensure Kosova is a republic free from Serbian tyranny.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Kosova request independence with no string attached. History tought us that Serbia could not live with any other republic of former Yugoslavia even Monte Negro is asking for independence from Serbia eventhough they are literaly the same people with the same language, religion, and culture.

Anonymous said...

Try to understand or you will be extremly disappointed. US will NOT help you ! We dont care about you. Its a political game. You will NOT have independence. Just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

I see this Serb dude just got his citzenship. Congratulations! When are throwing the party. Me myself can speak as US citizen and I can tell to the Albanians that we as always will be on their side. How about that.

Anonymous said...

You can't give independence to a racist Mafia run province of Serbia or even a criminal controlled banana run republic like Montenegro.

Anonymous said...


And what is Serbia then?
You think Serbia is free of mafia, racism, and criminality? Go and watch "Laku Noc Deco", and don't write silly comments because you are ridiculing yourself.

Who killed you former Prime Minister? Mafia.

The biggest political party in Serbia? The racist Serbian Radical Party.

Where is the no. 1 war criminal of the former Yugoslavia, Mladic? He lives and moves freely in the banana republic Serbia and is protected by the fellow criminals who run the republic. Disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Montenegro is not a banana republic nor is Serbia. banana republic is a store whith is owned by Gap, Inc and which sells relatively more expensive clothing then the actual Gap stores. Montenegro and even more Serbia are more known as BITCH republics which constitute a BITCH country which is "run" by some wanna-be-Soprano bitches who in reallity are owned and operated by the real Soprano-like people who own and operate Russia.

As far as the glorious Kosova, well that will soon be independent . prosperous and free of criminal elements who will move their business slightly to the North.