Thursday, May 19, 2005

Thaçi: Will of citizens is the seal of Kosovo’s political status (Epoka)

Epoka e Re carries a two-page interview with PDK leader Hashim Thaçi, who says that there is no need for negotiations on Kosovo’s status. He said no leader, party or head of institution would have the honor to sign the political status. ‘The will of citizens for an independent and sovereign state is the seal of Kosovo’s political status,’ said Thaçi, adding that his party would not support a solution other than independence.

In the interview, Thaçi said a considerable part of the Kosumi Government was under police investigation for involvement in criminal activities. The paper also notes that Thaçi did not hesitate to refer to Homeland Security as a secret service of the LDK.


Anonymous said...

Does that include the will of the 300,000 Serbs,Roma and Turks expelled from Kosovo or not?

or the will of those Albanians who are not even citizens of Serbia-Montenegro.

Anonymous said...

Yes the will of 300 thousand Serbs and Roma and the will of the Albanians that are not even citizens of Serbia- Montenegro. Their vote will decide and this whole thing will happen because 90% of the popullation don't want to be citizens of Serbia-Montenegro.

Anonymous said...

The Albanians and their friends abroad -- making more "friends" as per their usual criminal way of life. As the West slowly, tediously and painfully wakes up to the fact that they never hear of Serbians doing these things, but that Albanian crimes are rampant abroad just like they were at home...and just like Churchill in respect of Tito, one of these days in the not too distant future Westerners will have to make the admission that they backed the wrong side because they were led by the nose by their corrupt leaders whose pockets the Albanians are still lining. What are they saying about the Albanian mafia in New York -- more vicious and brutal than any Costa Nostras. Now that's a reputation to be proud of, eh?!,,3-1621557,00.html

Panic sales on costas as gangs gas and burgle the British
By Edward Owen in Madrid and Daniel McGrory

CRIMINAL gangs are targeting British homeowners on the Spanish costas and using knockout gas to overpower their victims in exclusive resorts.

A spate of robberies and the murder last weekend of Winston Mills, 67, who was shot dead in front of his wife at their villa near La Manga, have prompted many Britons to put their properties on the market.

Some frightened residents block roads leading to their estate with sandbags every night and mount their own vigilante patrols at La Nucia, near Benidorm.

Victims have told The Times how the gangs sprayed them with an aerosol of anaesthetic gas that rendered them unconscious. One vetern British consular officer on the Costa Blanca, who was too scared to give his name, described how he was the recent target of a gang.

“I was asleep in my house with my wife, and my son was in another room. Suddenly I woke up and felt sweaty, sick and groggy for no reason. I staggered out of bed and I could hardly walk. I turned on the passage light, saw it was 5am and went to the bathroom where I vomited. I must have passed out again because it wasn’t until later that morning I realised that someone had entered the house during the night and robbed us, and I had not heard a thing.

“The robbers had even been next to our bed and stolen my wife’s jewellery and watch. They must have sprayed me with something to keep me asleep and that’s what made me ill.”

Police told him that he was a victim of skilled Eastern European gangs, mainly from Romania and Albania, who are stalking foreign residents. The police say that they are overwhelmed by the gangs’ activities. Mayors, worried about the damage being done to their area’s reputation, have promised to set up emergency task forces to cope with the menace, but British homeowners say that there is little evidence of extra patrols.

Chris Poole, a former police officer from Dudley, in the West Midlands, has set up a neighbourhood watch team to patrol the streets at Orihuela on the Costa Blanca. Worried British homeowners around Torrevieja, 30 miles south of Alicante, have set up 42 patrols.

Victims have complained that even when the gas gangsters are caught, lax laws allow them to go free. Some gang members have been detained as many as 25 times. Around Tarragona, hundreds of villas have been robbed in the past four months despite Operation Insomnia undertaken by the Civil Guard. Members of an Albanian gang were charged with 200 villa robberies. Britons who have tried to resist their attackers have been treated brutally. One pensioner was stabbed in the neck, tied up and left for dead as a four-man gang ransacked his home.

The frustration at the lack of police action led to a meeting last week between Enough is Enough (Ya Está Bien), a foreigners’ action group, and Etelvina Andreu, the regional government delegate in Alicante. She acknowledged that the extra police protection that was promised would not arrive until later this year. A spokesman for the Civil Guard said: “This is a paradise for [the criminals], with tens of thousands of villas and apartments. They go for wealthy-looking properties, especially with nice cars outside.”

14 million Britons visit Spain every year

Up to 30,000 Britons buy property in Spain each year, particularly on the Costa del Sol

Two years ago, 55 per cent of all Britons buying abroad wanted to move to Spain. Now only 43 per cent choose Spain

The World Health Organisation says the costas have the healthiest climate in the world