Friday, May 20, 2005

EU claims to have same position as Washington on Kosovo

Koha Ditore’s Brussels-based correspondent Augustin Palokaj quotes EU officials as saying that US Assistant Secretary Nicholas Burns in his speech on Kosovo said the same things that are the positions of the European Union. The only voice that is different from the others in the Contact Group is Russia’s.

EU representatives also said that Burns’ statement confirms that when it comes to Kosovo and its future there are no differences between Europeans and Americans.

Asked to comment on his eventual role in Kosovo, Norwegian Ambassador to NATO Kai Eide was quoted as saying, ‘I have read the same things as toy in the press and I have no comment’. Eide refused to say if he would accept the post if UNSG Annan decides to appoint him his special envoy for the assessment of standards implementation. On the same issue, an unnamed EU diplomat told the paper that Eide would be the right person for this job and that he would carry out the task with responsibility.

In a related article, the paper quotes two foreign political analysts as saying that the US and the EU are working for Kosovo’s independence. US analyst Ted Carpenter says that the US and its allies have decided to separate Kosovo from Serbia, and British analyst Tim Judah said the process was moving toward a conditional independence for Kosovo.


Anonymous said...

Kosova is Europe and it's now up to Serbia to decide whether they want to be part of a stronger Union, a new Europe, or be isolated.

Same decision falls on Russia, do they want to continue supporting a country which doesn't realy respect them but envies them, or do they want to take part in making a strong Europe.

Anonymous said...

The Russian and Chinese position on Kosova is due to their internal problems in Chechnya and Taiwan. They will for sure veto any adjustment to 1244

Anonymous said...

Says who. At least China. China's foreign minister came to Albania in a real hurry. I wander if that had anything to do with Albania recognizing Taiwan as an independent state in case they veto Kosovo's independence. We may be small but we can certainly stir some waters.

As for Russia they'll always support the anihilation of Albanians in the Balkans, Chechnya has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Forget Russia and China. . .we independiente

Anonymous said...

Russia and China won't have the balls to veto.............the best bet is that they will abstain.....China, and Russia in particular are broken records.

Anonymous said...

Kosovo independent? Get real! What can Kosovo offer the European Union?

Anonymous said...

Kosova can offer to the EU the following:

*A young and energetic European nation willing to move forward
*An old nation that will only enrich Europe as a renewed power
And most importantly it will push Serbia to get civilized or stay out of the EU. For Europe this is a great achievment because the menace of Serbia is too great and dangerous for EU and neighbouring countries.

The real quesion is what is Serbia willing to offer the EU (so the rest of Europe). Are they willing to stop being selfish and destructive or do they realy want to be part of something greater and positive.