Thursday, May 19, 2005

Evaluation of Kosovo Standards may be postponed, UN sources tell paper

[Announcer] In spite of Kosova's [Kosovo] optimism about achievements in the implementation of the Standards and the encouragement to the government by the European Union, we are receiving totally different signals from the seat of the United Nations in New York. The United Nations Organization considers that there has not been enough progress in the implementation of the Standards in order to begin the overall evaluation of Standards in mid-2005. Reliable sources have said that the Security Council has been advised to postpone the evaluation for three additional months in its meeting of 27 May.

[Reporter] Representatives of the liaison offices of the European Union in a meeting today with the Kosova government encouraged the government in its efforts to incorporate the Serb minority in the political process in Kosova. They also requested speedy implementation of the decentralization process.

[Dutch envoy to Kosovo Peter bas Baker in English with Albanian voice-over] Decentralization remains an item on our agenda. We hope that in the coming weeks the implementation of pilot projects will begin in order to achieve progress in this process before the evaluation of the Standards during the summer.

[Reporter] Prime Minister [Bajram] Kosumi once again expressed his optimism that developments in Kosova were heading in a positive direction.

[Bajram Kosumi] We have more and more facts and arguments to prove that the developments in Kosova are heading in the right direction, that we are truly establishing a good democracy even through these are our first steps. Steps forward have been made, and there has been a lot of progress.

[Reporter] Several days ago the coordinator for the Standards Avni Arifi also expressed optimism about the political evaluation in New York being positive.

[Avni Arifi] Of course we are optimistic! We live in Kosova, I believe you do as well, and we see that the progress on the political level and in other areas is evident.

[Reporter] On the other hand we are receiving different signals from the United Nations seat in New York. The UN considers that there has not been enough progress in the implementation of the Standards in order to start the overall evaluation in the summer of this year and therefore proposes to the Security Council to postpone the evaluation for three months in its meeting on 27 May, says Koha Ditore daily while referring to reliable sources involved in this issue. According to the newspaper, a decision on the next date of the evaluation will not be taken before September [2005] which means a postponement of the process for the resolution of the future Kosova status. Meanwhile, the big powers such as the USA, UK and Russia have said that their governments are planning some kind of independent evaluation teams, the source told Koha Ditore. The source also told the newspaper that New York has sent Deputy Chief of UNMIK [United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] Larry Rossin instructions to advise UNMIK and the Kosova government that the Security Council in its meeting of 27 May will take into consideration whether there are reliable grounds on which the overall evaluation of the Standards could take place.

NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said during his visit to Kosova last week that if there is no significant progress in the fulfilment of the Standards, the developments that deal with the status talks may be postponed. Meanwhile, UNMIK chief [Soeren] Jessen-Petersen said a few weeks earlier, in an interview with KohaVision, that talks on the future status would begin at the beginning of October the latest, soon after the Security Council meeting, in which the general evaluation of the Standards would take place.

The latest developments indicate that Jessen-Petersen's timetable may be postponed for several months.

Source: KohaVision TV, Pristina, in Albanian 1700 gmt 18 May 05


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid hell will break loose if the UN starts playing the old games all over again.
They have to understand that the right to liberty comes from the almighty and not from the Security Council.

Anonymous said...

Well, you will not come anywhere with threats. You will be very surprised.

Anonymous said...

What about liberty for Serbs, Roma, and other non-Albanians that Albaninan terror expelled from Kosovo and Metohija?

Anonymous said...

Lol, Milosebiatch's son has spoken. I will remind again of the murder of thousands of children by the Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosova just in case you've forgotten. Serbs are known for having a short term memory for the genocides they cause. I will laso remind you that your highest priest, Artemije kissed the hands of your Serb brothers every time they killed children from Kosova, Croatia and Bosnia. Do a google search it is very possible to see the video.

Anonymous said...

Serbias worse enemy is the Internet!

Thank you CERN, Tim, DAPRA, MIT...

Anonymous said...

Allah ti vera UN

No Liberty to Criminals who should be put in prison for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Serb dude wrote:
Serbias worse enemy is the Internet!

Wait I thought it was the USA and Britain. I mean you were trying to prosecute Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Make up your minds Serbs, which one is it the Internet or USA and Britain. Tough pick.

Anonymous said...

Liberty for who . . .bitch?! Yea liberty does come from the almighty and then it goes straight up your Serb ass and it makes you run the hell out of Kosova screaming like a little girl. And if you are not a Serb, it goes more like "hey what's up man here's you some liberty with those fries"

Anonymous said...

Lol dude it wasnt a Serb who wrote that about the internet...

Just think, with the internet around they can't BS anymore, their lies fall flat and die before they even reach the intended audience. The power of this medium is winning justice for Kosova... :)

Anonymous said...

Justice and Kosov"A" are completely incongruous concepts. They're contradictory terms. The Albanians in Kosovo don't know the meaning of the word justice, only revenge and hatred. They are familiar with how to steal but not how to dole out justice, nor are they interested in justice. Ask any American soldier who has actually spent time there -- they all soon see the Albanians for what they are and despise them for it. If you don't believe that and you are not an Albanian, I suggest you go and spend some time in Kosovo, and see if you then want to tell me it isn't so. Go find out for yourselves instead of listening to their propaganda BS. The one skill they have perfected is lying.

It's so easy to have an opinion on the Internet, an opinion based on ignorance. You haven't got the what it takes to actually experience it for yourselves so you'd know what you are talking about...just for a change.

Anonymous said...

Yes that's right and the rest of Europe is becoming familiar with their criminal activities, thanks to all the illegals who have come over.

Their God is money, hate and corruption.