Saturday, May 07, 2005

SRSG and political leaders to discuss on Forum early next week?

According to a front-page article in Zëri, the biggest weakness of the proposal that SRSG Jessen-Petersen gave to Kosovo leaders for the Forum is the lack of a timeframe for a response to this offer.

Sources close to UNMIK told the paper that the SRSG believed that Kosovo politicians would realize the idea of the Forum and understand the urgency of the matter and that it requires an immediate reaction.

The SRSG initially believed that by early next week he would meet with the five top leaders and that the meeting would result in the creation of the Kosovo Forum. ‘But it seems that Jessen-Petersen’s impression was premature because in the last couple of days we saw no rapprochement between the main political parties. Therefore, early next week we can expect another meeting between Jessen-Petersen and the five politicians in order to clarify what will be the fate of his proposal,’ added Zëri.

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