Friday, May 06, 2005

Serb leader criticizes Belgrade's "half-witted" Kosovo policy

Prishtina [Pristina], 5 May: The head of the Kosova [Kosovo] and Metohija Resistance Movement [SPOT], Momcilo Trajkovic, criticized harshly Belgrade authorities, saying that they are showing an inert policy on Kosova, "which more and more resembles to that of Milosevic".

Trajkovic told KosovaLive that Belgrade behaves "passively when it comes to the interests of the Kosovo Serbs and of Serbia national interest, by offering a half-witted solution on Kosova's future status".

"The authorities in Serbia merely do not know how to approach resolving of problems in Kosovo, and are wasting precious time. They behave in a political way towards Kosovo Serbs, according to their daily interests. Such a policy resembles more and more to that of Milosevic," said Momcilo Trajkovic.

The head of the SPOT emphasized that Belgrade stance on Kosova is made by a "narrow circle of people", where the Kosova Serb representatives have been excluded.

The policy that the authorities in Belgrade call "more than autonomy, less than independence," according to Trajkovic, represent "an offer of a half-witted and unclear solution, which will be of benefit to none."

"The SPOT has a project proposal for the future status of Kosova, which foresees formation of an 'Euro-Region Kosovo'. I do not say that this is the best and the only solution, but we at least this is a concrete proposal, upon which can be built a more active policy of Belgrade towards Kosova," said Trajkovic.

"The Kosovo Serbs have been completely excluded over the past months from composing of Serbia national policy on Kosovo. Differently from Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, who promoted working in cooperation with all the political forces in order to have a common policy towards this problem and towards integration of Kosovo Serbs, Serbian government and its Coordination Centre for Kosovo now use us only as decor or instrument, which would only play what that narrow circle decides. The National Council for Kosovo was established in December last year, and has not convened since then. This group should start work so we can provide a clear solution on Kosova, which day by day is becoming more separated from Serbia," said Trajkovic.

Source: KosovaLive web site, Pristina, in English 5 May 05

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