Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The satisfaction of Kosovars with the work of the SRSG and the Kosovo Government is increasing

According to the ‘Early warning report no.9’, financed from USAID and UNDP, the three main problems for Kosovo Albanians remain the insecurity over the final status of Kosovo, unemployment and poverty. These problems are also considered the main ones by the other non-Serb communities while Kosovo Serbs believe the main problems are public and personal security, unemployment and interethnic reports. KPS meanwhile is the institution that has the biggest trust of Kosovars.

Report is done according to the Poll based in the interviews ‘eye to eye’ and included 1.272 respondents: 933 Albanians, 204 Serbs, and 133 from other minorities (45 Bosnians, 11 Gorani, 35 Turkish, 23 Ashkali, 1 Roma and 21 Egyptians).

Project aims to train the levels of local analysts to oversee the potential crises and to draft the policies. Meanwhile the lists of facts presented in the report no.9 is based by the statistical analyses of the opinion of a Poll done from 7-15 March 2005 by the Institute ‘Riinvest’

One local Serbian NGO did the opinion Poll with Serbian community.

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