Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Saranda tours Ethiopia on Unicef trip

LIVERPOOL teenager Saranda Hajari met street children on a Unicef trip t o Ethiopia.

Saranda, originally from Kosovo, spent a week in the African country to see projects including a street shelter, HIV education project and girls" education club.

The 15-year-old, a Unicef youth representative in Liverpool, said: "I hope the experience will help me t o engage others and inspire them to take action to help.

"I learned Ethiopia has a very rich historical culture and even though it"s known for poverty and starvation they all have a desire t o learn and progress.

"It"s a very beautiful country and I felt very safe and at home. I hope to go back one day."

Saranda, who lives in Wavertree and attends St Hilda"s high school, now hopes to speak to schools, churches and friends of Liverpool Museum about Unicef"s work in Ethiopia and the needs of children there.

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