Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Petersen to discuss in NY the report on security sector in Kosovo (Koha Ditore)

Koha Ditore reports that the head of UNMIK has been presented the report on security sector in Kosovo prepared by a team of British experts.

The report suggests creation of a steering committee led by the SRSG and the prime minister of Kosovo, which would review the internal security sector. Furthermore, the SRSG should create a secretariat within the office of the Prime Minister to deal with this issue. The report, which is being discussed in New York, also suggests drafting of strategies for internal security, according to the paper.

The article says that the SRSG is going to bring the detailed report to Kosovo upon his return from New York.

Kosovo institutions have not yet obtained the full report, as they only have a short version of it.

The short version of the report foresees 8 stages or steps for Kosovo to identify the needs, fill the gaps, and develop a general strategy on internal security. The short version does not mention deadlines nor as to how long each stage is supposed to take and does not include details.

However, over the last few months in Kosovo, a group of experts has had meetings with institutional leaders and they mentioned designing the future of KPS and KPC, ministry of internal affairs, intelligence services, managing emergency situations etc.

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