Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Macedonian coalition urges "full embargo" against Kosovo

Prishtina [Pristina], 16 May: The coalition of some parties in Shkup [Skopje], known as "The Third Path Centre," called upon the Macedonian Government to impose a full embargo against Kosova [Kosovo] "in response to UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] announcement to put visas for entering Kosova."

The head of the Democratic League, a partner in this coalition, Pavle Trajanov, said today at a press conference in Shkup that the Macedonian Government should not only respond the same but also go even a step further.

"Macedonia should not afford itself to be inferior towards Kosova. If Kosova is under the UN protectorate, then all things should be discussed with UNMIK and New York," Trajanov said.

"The current government is to be blamed for difficult position of the country internationally," he said adding that Macedonian citizens have to get visa to travel to Albania and Greece, and that UNMIK and Bulgaria are planning the same.

The UNMIK plan for a more rigid control at the borders with Macedonia and Albania lead to harsh responses in Shkup.

Source: KosovaLive web site, Pristina, in English 16 May 05


Anonymous said...

Watered down Serbs and/or Bulgarians.

Anonymous said...

This is simply stupid.

FYROM makes millions from exporting to Kosovo.

Where are they going to sell their expired products now?

Andy said...

typical Balkan politicians trying to make money off visa fees. Why are there visa requirements between Macedonia and Albania anyway?

Anonymous said...

first of all the 200,000 Kosovo illegals in MKD should get out and then a 5m Concrete wall should be built on the Serbia and Montenegrin Border as well as the Albanian border. It will solve all problems. Where in the world do people live with no fences next to zoo's? p.s editor person your translation i.e professionalism is evident im sure the Macedonian said Kosovo not Kosova then again you write for primative 12 yr olds my apologises.

Anonymous said...

Slav guy wrote:
first of all the 200,000 Kosovo illegals in MKD should get out

That is the essence of your attempts to ethnically cleanse more than 250,000 Albanians that have been living in their lands since ancient Illyrian times. Cleanse the native Albanians with the pretext that they are Kosovar Albanias that stayed after the war.

Anonymous said...

As you can see, the Albanians themselves don't like the whatever the people are in Kosovo. They don't know if they are turks, muslims ... they change their opinion as the weather. We all know they like cocain and heroin. As for Macedonia I'd recommend to stop feeding Kosovo, let the bastards die. By the way, your province is called Kosovo. And stop making up "news" that's CNN's job.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to give some answers to some of these "clever" comments in here:
1. The reason Albania applied visas to the Macedonians is because Macedonia never stopped the visa requirement against Albanians, since the first day their so called state was created.
2. The one criticizing the translation of the Word Kosova is just showing how ignorant he is, because that's the real name of the province.
3. If there is one country in the Balkans that has no identity, that would be Macedonia. The simple fact that they are not recognized as a state shows it.

I hope this answers some of your uncertainties.

Anonymous said...

Remember, it's FYROM, not Macedonia.
No slavs lived in the area during the time of Macedonia.

Anonymous said...

Macedonia is a Greek province. You're nothing but a bunch of history thieves and fabricators.

The only people thay don't like filthy slavs like who one day mutilate, murder, rape children, women, and elders and the next scream for human rights.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Macedonia was a Greek province, and has nothing to do with today's Macedonia.

LOL cocaine and heroin, another one for Connan O'Brian.

About Kosova, you see its Kosova not Kosovo, cause then Italia would be Italio, Canada would be Canado, Bulgaria would be Bulgario, Serbia would be Serbio. Even in Serbian (gramaticaly) its Kosova but if you're talking about the Kosova Field then its Kosovo Polje, cause it belongs to Kosova. Therefore, as a self-standing name, Kosova is accurate and can be used by both Albanians and Serbs, whereas Kosovo is not correct for either. The correct spelling for Albanian is Kosovë (the decoratet e, ë).

Anonymous said...

Well, it is funny though, that you are using a Serbian term, an adjective to be precise, to name your so called country. If you were there for centuries why doesn't that territory have an albanian name? Considering the fact that you are not that many in terms of population even for European standards, and also the fact that you multiply like rabbits (10 children per family; if the husband is not there the rest of the family do the business of reproduction etc) I guess you are fooling yourselves with historical data which is mathematically not possible. Try to calculate how many of you existed 200 years ago, and the result is not that encouraging. As for two thousand years ago - you must be joking. You would have disappeared from inbreeding if nothing else - we all know that you stick to your own kind. Hence, the distinguished features (short legs, big heads, droopy shoulders rotten teeth etc)that make it so easy to recognise on of your own kind.

Anonymous said...

I'm really curious to know where the previous Anonymous get the statistics and the descriptions he's offering. He seems to be fueled by some kind of hate which is similar to the one that Serbs have against Albanians and we know very well that would cloud your judgment.
Let me give you one simple fact. During WWII Hitler hand picked his SS officers. Well, if Albanians were even close to what you're describing them as, they would have not been one of his favorites. There is no Slavic blood in Albanian veins, just pure Arian. And the reason their numbers are so low is because they been killed protecting Europe for 500 years against the Ottoman empire. If not, you would be holding EU conferences in Istanbul now and not in Brussels.
If you have any arguments, bring them over, but if all you have is insults against the finest of all races in the world, then you better shut up.

Deshar said...

Kosova (Koh-SOH-vah), also known as Kosovo, is the disputed region between Kosova's Albanian majority and Serbia. Once an autonomous federal unit of Yugoslavia, in 1989 it was stripped away of its autonomy by the government of Slobodan Milosevic, whose later actions would result in the break-up of Yugoslavia, which Serbia is a part of, and the ensuing wars in Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, and Kosova. albania

Anonymous said...

Kosovo is Serbian land!