Monday, May 16, 2005

Kosumi: I will invite Kostunica, and [it will not take] months

Koha Ditore carries a front-page interview with Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi.

In the introduction to the interview, the paper notes that Kosumi intends to surprise Vojislav Kostunica soon with an invitation for talks, and not only technical talks. The paper says that Kosumi might even go to Belgrade if this is in Kosovo’s interest.

‘Technical dialogue has already started, there are some results, but there are no major results that we would like to see. I personally think we should meet at all levels to discuss technical issues between Kosovo and Serbia. I am willing to make an invitation to Kostunica to meet somewhere and to talk about the progress that has been achieved in the so-called technical dialogue,’ Kosumi is quoted as saying.

Prime Minister Kosumi, according to the paper, is intending to tell his counterpart and other officials in Belgrade, if he meets with them, that Kosovo is going to become a State with or without Serbia’s consent, and therefore suggests to them not to veto the independence but to become part of the process.

Talking about process of decentralization, Kosumi says that decentralization is neither division nor “enclavisation” of Kosovo.

‘It is not “enclavisation” if Galabi becomes a municipality. If Graçanica becomes municipality with Serb majority that is no “enclavization” whatsoever, but it is part of direct administration for the people, in order for them not to go and wait in Pristina for weeks for a birth certificate’, Kosumi says.

‘I am working to offer projects to solve our problems. The problem of Kosovo Serbs here is our problem, and [it’s not up to] Belgrade to offer solutions. I can say openly that the Kosovo politicians have made a terrible problem in their approach to Kosovo Serbs over the last six years. Kosovo politicians have been dealing more with Belgrade than with Kosovo Serbs’ the Prime minister goes on.

‘Belgrade has territorial tendencies toward Kosovo and this is very obvious. Serbs from Graçanica do not have territorial tendencies in Kosovo. They want to live better and want to have better freedoms and we should be ready to talk to them and to solve these problems as soon as possible with Graçanica Serbs rather than sit with Kostunica who has territorial tendencies toward Kosovo’ the prime minister adds.

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