Monday, May 09, 2005

Kosovo’s Former PM: We Are Decided to Achieve Independent and Full Sovereignty of Kosovo

Sofia. “We are decided to achieve an independence for Kosovo and its full sovereignty. Time’s modality doesn’t permit us to say when exactly this is to happen but we think that there is no other alternative left for Kosovo’s statute,” Bajram Rexhepi, Kosovo’s former Prime Minister for the period March, 2002- December, 2004, said in an interview for FOCUS News Agency. Bajram Rexhepi takes part in the International Conference under the title Kosovo’s Problem and the EuroAtlantic Future of the Western Balkans that is held in Sheraton Hotel in Sofia. “We don’t want or have in mind, nor do we have aspirations towards the Albanian Kosovo, as well as, any kind of a settlement by compromise. The optimum approach to Kosovo’s citizens is the independent one and this is our ambition. We are aware of the fact that the EU integration takes a long time,” Rexhepi added.


MARTYR said...

one question...why do you want independance and not join Albania?

Anonymous said...

Because Albania is a different country, Albanians DO NOT WANT greater Albania, that is a Serb invention (greater serbia or something).

Albania and Kosova are two different countries, yet same nation. Anyway, Kosovar's see themselves as a country, not as the piece that was given to the Serbs.

Although one Albania (as its supposed to be) would be ideal in this world, since it doesn't make sense for nations to separate, joining Albania is out of question, Kosova is a state growing on its own.