Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Petkovic accuses media and Serb National Council for Kosovo

Minister for Returns and Communities with Kosovo Government Slavisa Petkovic has accused the Serb National Council as well as Serb media outlets for waging a campaign against him. He called on the media to be more responsible in their reports and denied allegations that he was attacked in a café in the mainly Serbian-inhabited village of Caglavica. ‘I will no longer tolerate these things,’ said Petkovic in a press conference, adding that he will sue the reporter of Belgrade Blic for writing the article about him.


Anonymous said...

One step closer. Hopefully the Serbs in Kosovo will start seeing Belgrade as not having their best interest in mind. I am glad to see this happening.

Anonymous said...

One step closer tho what ? Serbs see that Belgrade does not have their best interest in mind but, between former gamblers and distant politicians they do fight for their lives. Serbs enjoy same treatment as Roma do in Kosovo. I am not glad to see this happening.