Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Maliqi: Conditional dream

Express carries an editorial by analyst Shkelzen Maliqi, who says that the illness of the President, or any other particular event, could not block the process if the message is taken from the diplomatic superpowers of the necessity to solve Kosovo status by next June.

Maliqi further says that we need to get prepared for the definition of the status, which will probably be ‘conditional independence’.

Maliqi goes about explaining the conditional independence and says among other things that if conditional independence means raising Kosovo’s flag at the UN, practically that would be a fulfilment of President Rugova’s dream, who has always been asking for a quick recognition of the state of Kosovo.

The main problem of Kosovo should not be the health of the President, but the ‘health’ of our political institutions and of current leaders. We have a weak government today, one could say scandalous and irresponsible, which could become a serious problem.

For the moment, it is of utmost importance to look urgently at the governing formula in Kosovo, favouring a broad-based government that would be more responsible and more efficient in fulfilling its duties and in preparing for the negotiations, which it is said will begin in October.

I think that the current crises would not be solved through the resignation of the President. Let Rugova remain the symbol of unity and the leader of our dream soon to come true. There should be intervention at the weak spot, and that means the current Government. Prime Minister and the Government should resign to create room for an inclusive government. If ministers lack the will to do this, parties that represent the axis of the current coalition could certainly intervene. Perhaps the heaviest burden for changes lies with the AAK leader, who is forced to work in the shadows, but who still keeps the keys to important historical decisions.

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