Tuesday, September 13, 2005

ICG report on Mitrovica

Several dailies carry the report of the International Crisis Group about the situation in Mitrovica. Koha Ditore notes that according to the ICG, the international community has failed in Mitrovica. The paper also says that the position of the ICG is that the northern part of Kosovo should be given autonomy in order to avoid partition.

Express reports that the International Crisis Group in its latest report on Kosovo ‘Bridging Kosovo’s Mitrovica Divide’ recommends active work in Mitrovica in order not to continue with the current situation which de facto constitutes a divided Kosovo.

‘Despite the six-year stand-off, Mitrovica is not impervious to transformation that would increase the chances for a unified Kosovo. The international community should put more resources and energy behind a clear, articulated program of compromise between each side’s maximum demands. A first step should be appointment of a Special Commissioner for Mitrovica for the status determination period, with the rank of Deputy SRSG and the power to coordinate the effort,’ the ICG report says according to the paper.

According to Express, the ICG suggests the creation of a Serb municipality in the northern part of the town.

Kosova Sot also carries an article on the ICG report under the headline Reunification of the divided Mitrovica.

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