Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Friends and foes offer help to the U.S. - Serbia not on the list

More than 60 nations have offered help to the United States, ranging from long-term allies Canada, Britain and Japan to governments frequently criticized by the Bush government, such as Cuba and Venezuela.

The countries and their contributions:


AUSTRALIA A$10-million, most to the American Red Cross.

Bahrain US$5-million.

BRITAIN Has sent 500,000 ready- to-eat meals; Prime Minister Tony Blair said Britain is ready to do anything it can to help.

CANADA Three warships and a Coast Guard vessel carrying 1,000 divers, engineers and reconstruction experts, along with with emergency supplies and food left yesterday for Louisiana.

CHINA US$5-million in aid; will also send rescue workers, including medical experts, if needed.

CUBA President Fidel Castro offered 1,100 doctors and 26 tonnes of medicine.

FRANCE Mobile help from rescue teams in the French Antilles in the Caribbean, including civil defence experts, generators and water treatment units, two cargo aircraft, two vessels and a hurricane disaster unit; also has offered help from French mainland, including several aircraft.

GERMANY Has sent several air force planes loaded with water purification equipment and food rations; has also offered mobile units to provide clean water, military hospital facilities and medical aid; will also dip into emergency oil reserves to release two million barrels a day for 30 days.

GREECE Sending two cruise ships to help house thousands of homeless people for several months.

INDIA US$5-million to American Red Cross; also willing to donate essential medicines.

IRAN Offered 20 million barrels of crude oil only if U.S. agrees to lift sanctions; will also make donations via the Red Crescent.

ISRAEL Sending health and defence officials to help coordinate aid.

ITALY Offering aid and evacuation specialists; authorities have prepared two military transport planes to fly amphibious vessels, pumps, generators, tents and personnel.

JAPAN US$1-million, including US$200,000 to American Red Cross.

KOSOVO US$500,000 pledge.

KUWAIT US$500-million-worth of oil products and other humanitarian aid.

LUXEMBOURG Sending 1,000 camp beds and 2,000 blankets.

MEXICO Sending 15 truckloads of water, food and medical supplies via Texas; Mexican navy also offered two ships, two helicopters and 15 amphibious vehicles.

NETHERLANDS Will provide teams to inspect dykes and identify victims; will also send a frigate from Curacao.

NIGERIA US$1-million pledge.

QATAR US$100-million pledge

ROMANIA Sending two medical teams.

RUSSIA Has offered help, but is still awaiting a reply from Washington. Expects to send heavy transport planes.

SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Refining will donate US$255-million to American Red Cross.

SINGAPORE Singapore Armed Forces has sent three Chinook helicopters to Fort Polk, La..

South Korea Has pledged aid and is waiting for U.S. response.

SPAIN Expects to receive a formal request to release gasoline stocks; also sending US$430,000 of supplies and medicines.

SRI LANKA US$25,000 to the American Red Cross.

SWITZERLAND Sending 50 tonnes of emergency aid and two logistics experts.

TAIWAN Sending more than US$3-million.

VENEZUELA Offering cheap fuel, humanitarian aid and relief workers.


Anonymous said...

you are a joke... stop polluting the internet with your trashy propaganda

Anonymous said...

ahahah it looks like you got a taste of your own medicine

Anonymous said...

Uh, do I sense some anger there?

Anyway, this is why the U.S. deserves our support to our last penny:

From the U.S. to Serbia's Minister :

"Third, along with other members of the Contact Group, we believe there can be no return to the relationship that existed between Serbia and Montenegro and Kosovo in 1998 and 1999. Nor should there be any partition of Kosovo or change of its current territory."

Anonymous said...

Scott Corrigan said:

Albania can also be found on that list. The new Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha and his Government have pledged a beginning amount of $250,000 and Military disaster response units, with more money to come.

The Albanians are the most pro American people in the world in Kosovo and Albania proper so this comes as no surprise.

I just want to let you know that we will never forget what the Albanian people are doing for us today.

Albania and Kosovo and the Albanian Nation as a whole can rest assured that the United States of America will be there to protect you. You have a lasting friend and an uncompromising ally in Washington DC.

As for the Serbs, we did not expect any help from the very same people that were trying to shoot our pilots down when we were trying to protect the innocent civilians they were trying to slaughter. The people that cause disasters can not be trusted to help recover from them.

Thank you Albania and Kosovo, and thank you Albanians for being such great friends of ours.

Sincerely, Scott Corrigan.

Anonymous said...

To our dearest friends, the American people:

It is out pleasure and honour to be called a friend of the United States of America.

As our President Rugova says:

God bless America!
God bless Kosova and Albania!


Anonymous said...

After what we Americans did to the Serbs? I wouldnt nor do I expect any help.

We never repaired the civilian infrastructure we bombed, key word here civilian.

What I did see is that their church has been donating to the IOCC, which has made contributions to the relief fund.

John Q. Public

Anonymous said...

There is a contradiction between the text and the title. The text clearly states that a $500000 pledge is made by Serbia:

KOSOVO US$500,000 pledge.

Anonymous said...

John Q. Public,

Yet Iran, Chile, Venezuela all offer their help, what makes Serbia so special?

Oh I forgot, they are the most spoiled nation on the planet, they wine like babies who have not been given the toy, and when they get it, they break it. From "The Psychology of a Serb"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, you think that this page is a load of garbage, still you post here..huh?

Make up your mind, serb, or you just didn't have an explaination to why serbia didn't donate!

Foolish statement, anyone here expected anything different?

Anonymous said...

Since Kosovo is a part of Serbia, The $500k contribution Serbian, it's like if California made a donation to a foreign country it would be considered a donation from the United States by the world community. Which is very logical!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This seems to be a propaganda site for extremist Albanians.

Stop trying to steal other people's land and move back to Albania where you belong.

And stop trying to pass your nonsense off as serious news.

Anonymous said...



You albanians need to start learning that.

Anonymous said...

Serbia donates a lot.

Last time it donated was to the Tsunami Victims.

Anonymous said...

Serbia sent troops to Afghanistan as well. It's a solid ally of the US and maintains a close political friendship with the US.

Anonymous said...

Kosovo is under occupation. Americans in the Balkans are neocolonialists. They use criminals to get support and money. Kosovo is Serbia. Serbia will liberate Kosovo. If some are not happy they can go to Albania or Saudi Arabia. Toni.

Anonymous said...

I love reading what Serbs post on this blog. It makes you wonder - do they live on this planet, or are they psychologically retarted. Probably it's both.

To the 10:25 AM poster: Serbia has no troops in Afghanistan. I suggest you check for a detailed list of allies, with the Albanian flag being among the first. No chetnick flag anywhere. It's a flat out lie, something you clearly have no problems making up. Serbia offered to send it's thugs to Afghanistan, but DoD objected because you bastards wanteed to send your Commander Guri, a war criminal, to head the unit. So stop lying about being American allies. Deep down you are still communists who still hope that Russia will somehow resurrect one day.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed, Serbs have really nothing better to do with their time than jump on other people's backs.

Look at your country for God's sake, leave us alone.

What part of "I don't want to see you anymore" don't you understand, you Serbs messed up this relationship, you cheated on us, used us, treated us badly, so there we dump you...

ICE CREAM to Serbia!!! and Independence!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Serbia of course...

It has a problem, its too angry, too proud, too thirsty...and yet dependent on Kosova, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Vojvodina...

Solution: ICE CREAM!!!!

Ice Cream, especialy chocolate ice cream, is known to calm the wildest of beasts...take a spoonfull of choco ice cream and throw it at a grizzly, it will soothe the animal and calm it. This is the only way to have the Serbs achieve the Zen statedom and live in eternal peace with themselves, and later with their neigbours...

Anonymous said...

You are one wacked out being!!!

Anonymous said...

Look fact is that kosovo pledged 500,000.

It is ONLY a pledge. What, are you going to return the 500,000 of aid the US is giving you?

Keep your money, we dont need it.

Get a grip moron!

Anonymous said...

It's a symbolic gesture, homie. A small gift card to go along with the thank you note. We know that $500,000 doesn't go far in the US but gestures in bad times count a lot. As an old Albanian saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed.
When I think about it, what is $500,000 to a country that practically is the reason for stopping the genocide and making possible the continuity of Kosova as we know it?!!

God Bless the US of A!

Anonymous said...

Screw you & your kosovo, all its doing to me and my country is drain our resources. If you want independance you should fight for it on your own, if you get your a$$ kicked well too bad

Anonymous said...

And "a friend in need is a friend in deed" in not an Albanian saying you idiot.

Anonymous said...

yes it is
"Miku i mire njihet ne kohe te veshtire"

If you do not know Albanian your loss.

Anonymous said...

The literal translation is "a good friend is known in difficult times"

Peace to all our friends, including Serbs who are in need of ICE CREAM!!!

Sorry but I just cant take these Serb posters here seriously anymore, they are clearly playing...they can't be serious...ICE CREAM!!!

Anonymous said...

To the big loser who said:
"Keep your money, we dont need it."

First, who gave you the right to speak on behalf of the American people, and in particular, on behalf of the great people of New Orleans and other places hit by this terrible tragedy?

Second, we are not sending any money to you loser, we are sending the money to the people in need of aid, to the people whose tragedy has deeply touched us. Can't you show a little compassion for those poor little souls who had no water for days?

Third, if there is no need for aid, why are the American Red Cross and other charities asking for donations from all over the world?

Finally, you can only speak about yourself, no one else. In other words, you are not the topic of this discussion, and therefore you should keep your mouth shut!

Anonymous said...

obviously, the truth hurts. Americans aren't stupid. We aren't tolerant of muslim animals blowing up things as is happening in Kosovo. We didnt' spend billions for Kosovo to resemble the middle east in violence and hatred. It has been six long years and people are still being picked off because of their ethnicity. Wht that tells America is that you won't simply begin to be "tolerant" when you "get independence". You should have done it already. There isn't any "wait until we get independence" test. You failed it.
BTW---Serbia Montenegro has offered medical assistance. Must be crushing to all of you Serb-haters.

Anonymous said...

Maybe in the parallel universe in which Serbs live in. Dr. Hawkins should know something about your contributions coz apparently nobody else here does.

Prince of Albania said...

Considering that Serbs danced in jubilation on the streets of Belgrade on the eve of September 11th I am surprised at the above posters pro Serbian views. Someone that celebrates such a grusome and vile attack can not be good. And even if the Srebs send a milion doctors it will not change the fact that they despise Americans. Albanians on the other hand are the most pro Amercian people in the World. You can go to the Gallup Poll website and pull some poll results from late 2004 and you will see:


Albania 94%
Kosovo 89%
Israel 80%
Afghanistan 80%


Switzerland 98%
Greece 95%
Serbia 85%
France 72%

Kosovo would have been higher in the PRO percentage had it not been for the opinions of Kosovar Serbs.

Also Serbia would have been in the higher ANTI percentage had it not been for the opinions of the Albanian minority that lives in southern Serbia.

What do you have to say about that?

Sincerely, Prince of Albania :)

Anonymous said...

I'd say Serbs don't have a radical muslim population to threaten American's with as do the albanians. That is America's concern. Additionally, I can't imagine a country that would 'love' the country that bombed them. I'd say that the Serbians are honest.

Anonymous said...

Saying the Serbs are honest its like saying Saddam Hussein is a saint...

Please, the main street in Prishtina is named Bill Clinton Boulevard, the American flag stands on every corner, even here in my room...if we ain't pro-American then what the hell are we?

Btw, Albanians are Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish and proud of it, an example for fanatical jihadist Serbs.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that George Bush is really impressed with your bill clinton boulevard. more than half of americans revile bill clinton.

Anonymous said...

saying you named a street after a purgering, wife cheating, rapist isn't such a grand idea, but in Kosovo by albanians, well now, it makes sense!

Anonymous said...

fucking albo lying scum, the "serbs danced on 9-11" u r such a liar, show one picture of proof, show one video clip as was the case in gaza n west bank and ALL OVER THE ISLAMIC WORLD U LIAR. again u albos are great at kissing the occupiers ass just as u did with the ottomans (n u changed ur religion for them) and noe while the entire islamioc world is against the USA u kiss their ass!!! HAHAHAHAHA WHAT OTEHR MUSLIM PEOPLE ARE PRO US??? BESIDES TEH ALBANIACS AND BOSMANIAKS WHO?????? NOONE!

Anonymous said...

Ok - lets forget all the lies and concentrate on facts.

Kosovo is and always will be part of Serbia. It is the cradle of Serbian culture - not Albanian culture. Hundreds of Unesco world heritage Serbian Orthodox Monastries and religious sites exist in Kosovo (Serbia) that date back hundreds of years. Sadly many of these historical sites are being destroyed by extremist Albanian Terrorist Muslims in their quest to somehow convince themselves that they have ownership over another people's country. It's difficult to comprehend just how totally beast-like these Albanians are to do such evil.

Extremist Albanian Terrorists in Kosovo are hellbent on genocide against the Serbian population. These people don't belong in the civilised world.

Throughout both Yugoslavian and Serbian history - the Serbs have done nothing but try to help the Albanians in Kosovo. They built modern universities to help lift the education standards of these people and even allowed them to broadcast their own television and radio programs in Albanian and learn Albanian in school. No other country in Europe has had such a liberal approach to ethnic minorities.

The bottom line is - no matter how hard the evil albanian extremists try to justify their cause to steal part of Serbia - they will never succeed. And no one can argue with that.

Anonymous said...

An in terms of who's an ally of the US - we'll you only have to pick up a history book to see who has offered the US the most support over the years.

Another thing - Remember WW2 guys? Tell me - who sided with the nazi's and who fought them?

Answer: Serbia was the only country in the balkans to really stand up against the nazi's. Most of the other gutless states either let them through or sided with them.

Anonymous said...

What we really need to do is send you all back to albania and build a massive wall between the two countries.

Anonymous said...

Kosovo is and always will be part of Serbia. It is the cradle of Serbian culture - not Albanian culture <-- It seems you're out of your mind, and all other serbian shit ppl out there. The world knows that Kosova was occupied by Serbs after the independence of Albania, and it was nearly 100 yrs. ago, how come that Kosovo is "the cradle of Serbia" for 100 yrs ?.. I dont know y serbian teachers are such a liers, but Albanians are Native Illyrians which is the oldest country in southern Europe for more then 4000 years ago, and also there are Archeological Facts to prove this. By the way, when Illyro-Albanians had their country and their Culture and their own Money, the Gypsis of Carpats didnt' even exists on somewhere near Mongolia rather than in Balkans.
Its the Mother Nature's Law that something that dosent belong to you it WILL NEVER BE YOURS!

Anonymous said...

Appearantly the Serb bloggers get their facts from the criminal terrorist organization called the Serbian orthodox church. Say hi to that Serbian priest in Macedonia that your government and church are so pissed about.

It is useless to talk to these shitheads. They have a Ministry of Religion.

Anonymous said...

"It is useless to talk to these shitheads. They have a Ministry of Religion."

and your streets resemble the gaza strip and baghdad policed by foreign troops---shithead.

Anonymous said...

If serbs have only been in Kosovo for 100 years then why ... tell me why are there HUNDREDS yes HUNDREDS of SERBIAN CHURCHES there that date as far back as 1200!!!!

You uncivilised idiots just make stuff up. YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM FACTS MORONS. We're going to empty our country from you terrorist maggots once and for all so Serbia can live in peace and join the civilised world and not have to deal with barbarians.

Anonymous said...

Albanians in Kosovo we're let in by the late Marshal Tito regime. He had an open gate policy between the extremely poor backwards Albania and the then extremely prosperous Yugoslavia. Waves of poverty stricken albanians swarmed over the boarder in search of a better life and set up camp in Kosovo. Albanians or 'shiptars' have much larger families than the usual in the balkans and western europe. Up to 10 kids is not uncommon with Albanian families where the female is essentially seen as a breeding machine for the family. Hence, the albanian population exploded in Kosovo and in turn created the poorest region in ex-Yugoslavia where most of the albanian population refused to work or farm and expected the state to finance their existence. Serbia suffered most of the financial burden of supporting the largely unemployed albanians who generally refused to work in regular paid jobs and commonly turned to criminal activity such as drug dealing. Serbia has done far too much for these people and this is how they repay them. Quite sad that a race of people can be so nasty.

Anonymous said...

I read where kosovo albanians had the highest birthrate in Europe, surpassing their brothers in albania.

Anonymous said...

Serb $hihead you're forgeting that Enver Hoxha was in charge in Albania during Tito's time. If your sheep made it to Jugoslavia or Kosova for that matter you were executed.In order for the people to move both sides of the border need to be open.
Tito's policy was to change the demografics of Kosova by encouraging the emigration of Kosovar Albanian. However it is this policy that brought the demise of Jugoslavia since it was the USA Albanian lobby that contributed in the bombing of Serbia.

As for the popullation issue, a $hithead like you should first compare the Serb popullation with the Albanian popullation. There's more Serbs in the Balkans than Albanians and that means that the Serb women have been used as breeding machines for quite sometime to reach that number.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how when the truth comes out - the albanians on this site start getting angry and start swearing such as in the comment posted above this one.

Basically, you're whole argument is flawed. If you don't want to live in Serbia then you're all very welcome to leave and go back albania.

There's a clear boarder between albania and Serbia. Stop causing trouble and go home. Stop draining our country's economy.

Anonymous said...

I'm a student of Balkan politics and can't seem to find one clear rationale for why Albania should have any right to take part of Serbia by force. This would be a clear violation of international law and the world would not tolerate it.

From what I understand, Kosovo is legally part of Serbia. I don't see how that will ever change. If there was a move by the albanians to take it by force then i'd imagine there would be another bloody war in the balkans that would cost the albanians dearly.

Anonymous said...

A Short Overview

Kosovo and Metohia, two central regions of perennial Serbia, are the very essence of Serbian spiritual, cultural identity and statehood since Middle Ages to date. Fertile and clement planes of Kosovo with mild climate, and reach in water resources, with high mountain chains bordering with Albania have been good-blessed environment for a fruitful development of the highest achievements in all fields in medieval Serbia. The cultural and demographic strength of the Serbs is best illustrated by the presence of 1.500 monuments of Serbian culture identified so far. Numerous outstanding noble Serbian families used to live in these regions, as families Brankovic, Hrebeljanovic, Music, Vojinovic, some of which were the inceptors of Serbian dynasties.

A great number of noble castles existed all over Kosovo with rich aristocratic life going on inside their walls. They were also meeting places of Serbian nobility and centers where important political and other decisions have been taken and places attended by foreign envoys and outstanding guests from noble foreign ruling families. Here are some of famous medieval castles: Svrcin, Pauni, Nerodimlja, Stimlje and many others. In Svrcin, for example, the famous Serbian Emperor Dusan was first crowned king in 1331, and Pauni, famous for its beauty, were favored place of king Milutin. In Pauni in 1342 Serbian Emperor Dusan had received Jovan VI Kantakuzin, one of the pretenders to the Byzantine throne at that time. Nerodimlja, with the fortress of Petric over the castle, was favorite residence of Stevan Decanski.It is in the Stimlje castle that king Uros issued his charges. In Ribnik, near Prizren, were the castles of Serbian Emperors Dusan and Uros.

The Serbian elite and minor nobility has built in these regions hundreds of smaller chapels and several dozens of monumental Christian monasteries. Some of them have been preserved to date, such as Patriarchy of Pec (since 1346 site of the Serbian Patriarch), Decani, Gracanica, Bogorodica Ljeviska, Banjska, Sveti Arhandjeli near Prizren and others. Serbian churches and monasteries had been for centuries owners of great complexes of fertile land. Metohia, the name originated from the Greek word metoh means church land. Highly developed economic life was an integral part of a high level of civilization attained in medieval Serbia. Prizren, for example, was a famous economic and commercial center, with developed silk production, fine crafts, and numerous settlements where the merchants from Kotor and Dubrovnik had their houses, and in 14 century, Prizren was the site of the consul from Dubrovnik for the whole Serbian State. And many other commercial centers such as Pristina, Pec, Hoca, Vucitrn, testify of the strength of highly developed economic life in these regions. Famous mining center were Trepca, Novo Brdo and Janjevo, out of which in the 15 century Novo Brdo had become one of the most important mining centers of the Balkans. Silver and gold were exported to the big European centers in great quantities. The Serbian society of the Middle Ages was in all respects identical to European social, economic and cultural developments of that time, much more integrated in Europe then it may seem when analyzed from the later perspective.

Turkish invasion means a fatal turning point in Serbian history in the second half of the 15 century. As known from history, the advance of the Turks towards Europe was a rather slow process. Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic and Serbian nobility in the famous battle of Kosovo in 1389 did everything humanly possible to stop the Turkish invasion toward south eastern Europe. It was not only a clash of two armies led by their rulers Serbian prince Lazar and Turkish sultan Murat (who both perished in the battle of Kosovo), but also a clash of two civilizations, one Christian and European and other Islamic and Asiatic. Later on, in Serbian national conscience the battle of Kosovo has acquired mythical dimension of a crucial historical event, greatly affecting the consequence destiny of the whole Serbian nation. The Serbian epic poetry is very rich and the cycle of poems devoted to Kosovo are a pearl of that treasure and moral and psychological support to Serbian people during the centuries of forendous slavery under the Turks till the 19 century, and speaking of Kosovo and Metohia till 1912, when they were finally liberated from the Turks. This is the reason why in Serbian national poetry we find such a great number of representatives of Serbian nobility, of Serbian castles and outstanding Serbian monasteries from Kosovo and Metohia. Prizren, from example, in our national poetry is called the "Serbian Constantinople". All topics connected with Kosovo are symbols of a high medieval civilizational level of the Serbian society and culture, its aristocratic wealth and glamour on the one hand, and on the other the fall of that civilization due to the violent and cruel blow of the Ottoman invaders.

The Turkish invasion of south eastern Europe and the Serbian lands as its part, have not only brought about the fall of Christian civilization, but are also responsible for the destruction of all social structures, the elimination of the Serbian elite and the destruction of the most outstanding cultural achievements. One part of Serbian nobility was killed, one part expelled to Asia, one part forced to take up Islam, and one part managed to emigrate north, west and across the Adriatic to Italy. Average people deprived from its leaders had no option but to stick to the traditional national values. It is thanks to the Orthodox Church which managed to revive its work in 1557 (renewal of the Patriarchy of Pec), that Serbian people kept alive the awareness of the medieval national state and high achievements of its civilization. Many medieval castles and towns were destroyed, many churches were raised to the ground , and some of them turn into the mosques. At the beginning of the 17 century, Sveti Arhandjeli (where emperor Dusan was buried), the monumental mausoleum of Emperor Dusan was totally destroyed, and the precious polished stone out of which the church was built was used for building the Sinan-pasa mosque, sill existing in Prizren to date. Bogorodica Ljeviska, the monumental legacy of King Milutin, in 1756 was turned into the mosque and only after the First World War it was again restored into a Christian church. Turkish invasion and the consequences of their conflict with Christian Europe, particularly since the siege of Wienna in 1683, had considerably changed the ethnic and demographic picture of that part of Serbia. The orthodox Serbs were the absolute majority population until the end of the 17 century, and before the First Migration of the Serbs in 1690, due to the defeat of the Christian Europe in the conflict with the Turks and the participation of the Serbs in that conflict of the side of Christian Europe.The Turks settled in towns, and the Albanians (at that time called Sqipetars) coming from the mountains of northern Albania of today started settling in smaller groups on Serbian land in bordering regions of Metohia.

Until the 18th century, there are no Sqipetars* (now called Albanians) in Kosovo and Metohia in bigger agglomerations. Actually, they began settling in this region in greater numbers only in the 18th and 19th century from today’s northern Albania. In addition to the newly settled Sqipetars (now called Albanians) who were mostly Muslims or converted to Islam soon after settling in Kosovo, it is also the islamization of the Serbs that brought about great changes in the cultural environment of this region. Many of islamized Serbs gradually fused with predominantly Albanian Moslems and adopted their culture and even language. At the beginning of the second half of the 19th century, the Turks also settled Cherkeses in this region. Despite of all these artificial demographic changes, Orthodox Serbs decreased for almost 50% of the total population living in Kosovo and Metohia. In the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century the Serbian middle class in Prizren, Pec, Pristina and other towns was the main driving force of the urban and economic development of the region . The news paper "Prizren" was published both in Serbian and Turkish language. In 1871 the Orthodox Theological School was founded in Prizren by Sima Igumanov. During the eighties and nineties a great number of new schools, cultural institutions and banks were founded.

It is during the Second World War, that the most drastic changes in the demographic picture of Kosovo took place. In Kosovo and Metohija the Albanian nationalists got free hand to terrorize the Serbs. Under such pressure estimated 75,000 Serbs left Kosovo. In their empty houses about the same number of Albanians from Albania settled. This definitelly tipped the ballance in the Albanian favour. The first official census in post-WWII Yugoslavia (in 1948) showed 199,961 Serbs and Montenegrins in Kosovo and 498,242.

After the Second World War, As a result of unbelievable demographic explosion Albanian population in Kosovo doubled by 1971. The official Yugoslav census for that year shows 916,168 Albanians living in Kosovo, while Serb and Montenegrin population reached only to number 259,819. This demographic trend clearly demonstrates that the theory of Serb repression over Albanians after the WWII is absolutely not correct. The truth is that the Commnist authorities favorized the Albanians on the expense of Serbs allowing uncontrolled settlement of Albanian immingrants and tolerating different methods of ethnic discrimination over the Serbs which made more and more Serbs leave the province and seek better life in Central Serbia. By 1990ies more than 800 settlements in which Serbs lived with Albanians became ethnically clean Albanian villages.

In an attempt to prevent the secession of Kosovo and Metohija Serbian government in 1990 abolished Kosovo Albanian authonomy. A failure of Milosevic government to develop true democratic institutions instead and using the police methods to prevent Albanian secession even more increased ethnic Albanian wish to cut of from Serbia. When the KLA rebels began attacks on Serbs in 1998 the Government brought the army and police to put the rebellion down. In the course of the civil war - 1998-1999 which ended by the NATO intervention against Yugoslavia more than 500.000 Kosovo Albanians fled the province to Macedonia and Albania. After the war, despite the international presence, KLA organized persecutions of Serb population and more than 200.000 Serbs fled Kosovo and Metohija. Only 90.000 Serbs remained living in total isolation, dispersed in several KFOR protected Serb enclaves.

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