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FACTBOX-Ex-Yugoslav war crimes suspects still on the run

Sept 14 (Reuters) - Bosnian Serb war crimes fugitive Sredoje Lukic was in custody on Wednesday awaiting transfer to the United Nations war crimes tribunal in The Hague.

His surrender leaves seven suspects still on the run, six ethnic Serbs and one Croat:

RADOVAN KARADZIC, 60 - Political leader of the Bosnian Serbs during the 1992-95 war, twice indicted on genocide charges, for the 43-month siege of Sarajevo in which around 12,000 people were killed, and for the Srebrenica massacre in which some 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed.

RATKO MLADIC, 63 - The wartime commander of the Bosnian Serb Army, indicted on the same charges as Karadzic for Sarajevo and Srebrenica.

ANTE GOTOVINA, 49 - Croatian general, indicted in 2001 for crimes against humanity during the "Storm" offensive against rebel Serb enclaves in the last throes of Croatia's 1991-95 independence war.

ZDRAVKO TOLIMIR, 56 - Bosnian Serb aide to Mladic, indicted for crimes against humanity over the 1995 Srebrenica massacre.

STOJAN ZUPLJANIN, 53 - Bosnian Serb aide to Karadzic, indicted for genocide in a western area of Bosnia known as Bosanska Krajina.

GORAN HADZIC, 47 - Croatian Serb local official, indicted for planning the murder and deportations of hundreds of non-Serbs in the self-declared Republic of Serbian Krajina in Croatia.

VLASTIMIR DJORDJEVIC, 59 - Serb police general, indicted for crimes against humanity for ordering the killings of Kosovo Albanian civilians in 1998-99. Known to have fled to Russia in 2001.

The United Nations court indicted 162 people for war crimes in the territory of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Apart from the seven fugitives, 82 people are at various stages of trial, 32 are serving or have served their sentences, 36 cases were dropped and five found not guilty.


Anonymous said...

Joseph Farah WND Exclusive Commentary The real war crimes

© 1999

The record is now crystal clear that NATO and the Clinton administration deliberately lied about Serbian atrocities in Kosovo to justify their intervention in a low-intensity civil war in the Balkans.

It turns out that as few as 2,108 people were actually killed in Kosovo over a period of months leading up to and including the period of heavy bombardment of Serbia by NATO forces.

This is hardly "genocide," as it was billed by Clinton, Defense Secretary William Cohen, Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., former Sen. Bob Dole and David Scheffer, U.S. ambassador for war crimes.

By whipping up hysteria for an illegal bombing campaign, all of these men have blood on their hands.

It wasn't hundreds of thousands of dead in Kosovo, as some reports suggested. It wasn't even tens of thousands. It was, at worst, a couple thousand over a considerable period of time. That, of course, is still a dreadful and grisly toll. But, to put it in perspective, no global authority -- not the United Nations, nor NATO -- ever advocates intervention in the United States or anywhere else when the annual murder toll hits 2,000, which it does early in the first half of every year.

Think of the hyperbole we heard prior to the bombing campaign:

* "By the time the snows fall next winter, there will be genocide documented on a large scale in Kosovo," said Biden.

* "History will judge us harshly if we do not take action to stop this rolling genocide," said Hagel.

* "What we have in Kosovo and what (we) had in Bosnia was genocide, and that's why I think we should intervene," said Dole.

* "There are indications genocide is unfolding in Kosovo," said State Department spokesman Jamie Rubin.

* Cohen characterized the bombing campaign as a "fight for justice over genocide."

* Scheffer said Kosovo was one of the top three genocides since 1950, rivaled only by Rwanda and Cambodia.

But no one laid it on as thick as Clinton. He compared the atrocities in Kosovo to the Holocaust. Kosovo, he said, "is not war in the traditional sense. Imagine what would happen if we and our allies instead decided just to look the other way as these people were massacred on NATO's doorstep."

Clinton got testy in a June 25 press conference when asked if, indeed, NATO had actually been the party guilty of war crimes.

"NATO did not commit war crimes," he said. "NATO stopped war crimes. NATO stopped deliberate, systematic efforts at ethnic cleansing and genocide."

Yet, there is just no evidence to support Clinton's conclusion. Where are the bodies? So far, examination of the most likely dumping grounds has produced only 2,108. That's hardly genocide. It's tragic. But how does it justify an international bombing campaign that may well have resulted in far more civilian deaths in Serbia?

Well, explains International Criminal Tribunal spokesman Paul Risley, the numbers aren't really important, after all.

"You don't need numbers to justify genocide," he says. "Genocide is a question of intent and organization and the efficiency of that organization."

A couple of problems with that statement: First, if numbers aren't important, why did NATO inflate them to justify the war in the first place? Second, if genocide isn't about numbers, is it simply the latest in a series of new thought crimes that needs to be judged and punished before any real action takes place?

Sadly, most of the press went along for the ride with all the pre-war and post-war propaganda from government and supra-government authorities. Republicans and Democrats all participated. Officials in the United Kingdom and the United States led the way.

Thus, once more, we see the grave dangers of transferring power to unaccountable global authorities. Who is going to keep abuses in check? How do people have their say? What's to prevent a small elite clique of power brokers from making war in the future, as they clearly did in Kosovo?

Anonymous said...

This is a great article. It should go right along the piece with the greatest Serbs.
One of those article a Serb blogger was posting.
It looks like the numbers outnumber the greatness.
Where is he now I wonder. Hiding in a hole from the truth that hurts.

Anonymous said...

show me the list of the 500,000 dead albaniacs, answer any of my questions i dare u u muslim dirt.

Anonymous said...

Chronology of the KLA's Terrorism 1996-98 Before "Yugoslav Represion" on Kosovo)

April 22: Blagoje Okulic, a Serb refugee from Croatia, was sitting with
a friend in a cafe when a masked member of the KLA opened fire
on the customers with an automatic weapon. Okulic died in
hospital. He was the first victim of the KLA.

Armand Daci (20), an ethnic Albanian student in dentistry
school, was shot and killed by a sniper.

June 16: In an attack against a police patrol near Podujevo, police
officer Goran Mitrovic was heavily wounded.

June 17: Around 11:55 p.m. a police patrol in the village of Siplje
near Kosovska Mitrovica was attacked, resulting in the killing
of Predrag Djordjevic (28) from Krusevac, and the wounding of
Zoran Vukocic (30) from Nis.

The same day a bomb was hurled at the police station in Luzani,
and the police officers on duty in the station were fired on by
automatic weapons. No one was injured.

July 11: One hour after midnight in the center of Podujevo terrorists
carried out an armed attack against police officers, resulting
in a heavy wounding of police officer Sredoje Radojevic.

Aug. 2: Armed attack on three police stations (in Pristina, Podujevo,
and the village of Krpimej) around 10 p.m.

Aug. 28: Three bombs were hurled in the village of Celopek (border of the
towns Pec-Klina-Decani), around 3 a.m. No one was injured.

In the village of Donje Ljupce police inspector Ejup Bajgora (44),
an ethnic Albanian who worked at the Pristina Precinct,
was shot and killed.

Aug. 31: In the night hours two bombs were hurled into the courtyard
of the Yugoslav Army's barracks in Vucitrn.

In the village of Rudnik (Srbica municipality) an armed attack
was carried out on the police station.

In Podujevo, police officers at the juncture of the road
Pristina-Podujevo-Kursumlija were fired on. No one was hit.

The police station in Glogovac was fired on with automatic weapons.

Oct. 25: Two police officers were killed by automatic weapons near the
village of Surkis in the Podujevo municipality -- Milos Nikolic,
a police inspector of the Pristina Precinct, and Dragan Rakic
from the village of Velika Reka, who was a police officer in the
reserves and a manager of a company in Podujevo.

Nov. 16: In the village of Rznic, in Decan municipality, around 10:30 p.m.
a terrorist attack was carried out on the police station. No one
was killed.

Dec. 26: Faik Belopolja, an ethnic Albanian from Podujevo who was a
forest worker in the Serbia Forest Service, was shot and killed.

Jan. 9: In the center of Podujevo at 5:30 p.m. Malic Saholi (52), an
ethnic Albanian who was the manager of the superamarket "Vocar"
and a deputy in the municipal council of Podujevo as a member of
the Socialist Party of Serbia, was shot and killed.

Jan. 11: In the Vucitrn village of Mijalic, around 7 p.m. more than
26 bullets were fired at the house of Ljubisa Mitrovic. No one
was killed.

Jan. 13: Shooting Fazil Hasani, an ethnic Albanian forest worker from the
village of Brabonic (Srbica municipality) in the neck, KLO
terrorists killed him and issued a statement denouncing
Mr. Hasani as a "traitor".

Jan. 16: Using remote-controlled explosives, the KLO attempted to
assassinate the Dean of Pristina University, Mr. Papovic,
at 8 a.m. as he was driving to the University. Both he and
his driver Nikola Lalic were heavily wounded. The explosives
were set off when their car was some 50 meters from Dean Papovic's
apartment in Pristina.

Jan. 17: In the village of Reketnica (Srbica municipality), at 1 a.m.,
ethnic Albanian Zen Durmisi (52) was shot and killed and his
son Nazmi Durmisi was heavily wounded. The Durmisi family was
labeled "pro-Yugoslav" by the terrorist KLA.

Feb. 1: KLA terrorists from a moving vehicle fired on police officers.
The officers fired back and killed all three terrorists.

March 5: At 10:47 a.m., in front of the Pristina University School of
Languages, a bomb in a container exploded. Four people were
wounded, two ethnic Albanians -- Adrijana Dremka and Lindita
Maksuti -- and two ethnic Serbs, Borivoje Popovic and Ivan

A second explosives device weighing 4.2 kilograms, which had
been placed at the base of the Vuk Karadzic monument in front of
the School of Languages, was found and deactivated by
members of the Anti-Ballistics Unit of the Pristina Precinct.

March 21: Around 8 p.m., in the center of Podujevo, KLA terrorists fired
five shots at police officer Branislav Milovanovic, wounding
him heavily. In a statement, the KLA claimed responsibility
denouncing officer Milovanovic as a "Serbian policeman, well
known blood-sucker and anti-Albanian".

March 25: Near the village Sicevo, Klin municipality, a group of attackers
killed ethnic Albanians Jusuf Haljiljaj and Fehmi Haziraj (who
were well known as loyal citizens of Serbia) and wounded
ethnic Albanian Mehmet Gasi.

April 10: In the village of Banjica near Glogovac, using automatic
firearms, KLA terrorists killed ethnic Albanian Ramiz Ljeka,
who worked at the Glogovac Municipal Council.

May 6: Around 10:30 p.m. in the village of Lozica near Klina, ethnic
Albanian Hetem Dobruna (30), a farmer from the village, was
shot and killed.

May 16: In Srbica near Kosovska Mitrovica police officers Miomir Kicovic
and Radisav Blanic were shot and heavily wounded.

June 19: On the Pristina-Podujevo-Nis road near the village of Donje Ljupce
in the Podujevo municipality, terrorists fired 12 bullets
from automatic weapons at a police patrol. No one was injured.

July 3: In the village of Trstenik, Glogovac municipality, in the early
morning hours the KLA shot and killed ethnic Albanian Ali Calapek,
a farmer who was a member of the Socialist Party of Serbia and a
member of the local Election Commission in the 1996 elections.

July 21: The Assistant District Attorney in Pec, Miroljub Petrovic, was
shot and killed.

Aug. 3: A police vehicle was fired on at 7 p.m., in the village of
Bradis which is 10 kilometers from Podujevo.

Aug. 4: At 9:30 a.m., on the road from the village of Rudnik to Srbica,
KLO terrorists from Drenica fired on a police vehicle using
automatic weapons. Police officers Milomir Dodic and Zoran
Boskovic were heavily wounded, and a civilian who was in the
car was lightly wounded.

Aug. 23: Forest worker Sadi Morina, an ethnic Albanian, was killed in
Srbica. Mr. Morina had already been receiving threats from KLO
terrorists for a long time because he remained to work
"in the service of Serbia".

Aug. 24: In the village of Zub near Djakovica an ethnic Albanian,
Kcira Ndue (32), was shot and killed, while his brother
Bekim Ndue was wounded.

The police station in the village of Rznic near Decani was
sprayed with gunfire.

Sept. 2: At 10:55 p.m. Ljimon Krasnici, an ethnic Albanian denounced
by the KLA terrorists as a "traitor", was killed in his home.

Sept. 12: A dozen attacks were carried out on police stations
in the municipalities of Pec, Glogovac, Decani, and Djakovica
around 11 p.m. No one was injured.

Sept. 13: Around 10 p.m. a hand grenade was hurled at the police
station in Luzano, near Podujevo.

Sept. 14: A hand grenade was hurled at the police station in Kijevo,
near Klina.

Sept. 23: Around 11 a.m. in the vicinity of the village of Kijevo,
the KLA opened fire on a motorized police patrol. Milan
Stanojevic, the commander of the Djakovica Precinct, was in
the vehicle. No one was injured.

Oct. 13: The police station in Calopek near Pec was attacked.

Oct. 16: Around 1:30 a.m. there was a terrorist attack on the police
station in the village of Klincina, which lies on the road
Pec-Pristina. Adrijan Krasnici (25) from Vranovci near Pec
died in the ensuing gun battle.

Oct. 17: Around 1 a.m. the residential community Babaloc, located between
Decani and Djakovica, where 120 Serbian refugee families who
fled from Albania several years ago are situtated, was attacked.

Oct. 20: The OVK claimed responsibility for attacks on police stations in
Babaloc, Calopek, and Klincina, as well as police patrols in
Gerlica near Urosevac and Balinac near Klina, about which the
public had not been informed earlier.

Nov. 18: Around 7 p.m. in the village of Komoran near Glogovac,
Camil Gasi, an ethnic Albanian deputy in the Parliament of the
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the chairman of the
Municipal Board of the Socialist Party of Serbia for Glogovac,
was wounded heavily. His driver was wounded as well.

Nov. 25: KLA terrorists held the police station in Srbica surrounded
for 15 hours.

Around 7 p.m. in Decani, and after midnight in the village of
Rznic, two terrorist attacks were carried out in which police
officer Dragic Davidovic (32) from Berane was killed, and
Ljubisa Ilic from Srbica, also a policeman, was heavily wounded.
Bojan Trboljevac from Leposavic, Srdjan Pavlovic (26) from
Zubin Potok, and Nedeljko Aksentijevic (30) from Kragujevac all
subsequently died from mortal wounds.

Dec. 4: The KLA claimed responsibility for an attack on Pristina Airport,
claiming that it shot down a "Cessna 310" on Nov. 26 killing all
five people on-board.

Dec. 15: Around 1 a.m. on the road Srbica-Klina three masked KLO terrorists
stopped a convoy of three cars with 16 Serbian civilian passangers.
According to the civilians' testimonies, the terrorists -- who
were armed with machine-guns and hand grenades -- threatened
them with death.

Dec. 19: Around 6 p.m. on the road Klina-Srbica, near the village of
Josanica, eight masked and heavily armed KLA terrorists stopped
the car of the civilian Milan Sapic from Lazarevac
threatening, insulting, and searching his family and him.

Dec. 25: Two terrorist attacks were carried out shortly after 3 p.m.
against police officers in the Podujevo municipality: In the
village of Zakut a police vehicle was fired on, and in the
center of Podujevo explosives devices were hurled at the
residential building where police officers live. There were no
Jan. 4: The KLA claimed responsibility for a series of terrorist
activities in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia:
planting a bomb in front of the police station in Prilep,
which caused no injuries but demolished five cars;
attacking the police station in Kumanovo; and attacking
the Municipal Court in Gostivar on Dec. 16, '97.

Jan. 9: Shortly after 8 p.m., Djordje Belic (57) was shot and killed
with an automatic weapon at the doorstep of his house in the
village of Stepanica near Kijevo. Belic was the head of one of
the three remaining Serbian households in that village.

Jan. 12: In the town of Stimlje near Urosevac, shortly after midnight on
the night of Jan. 11/12, there was an armed attack on the
building in which seven families of police officers reside.
The shots ended up in the bedrooms of some of their apartments.
Miraculously, there were no victims.

Around 8 a.m., in the vicinity of the village Gradac near
Glogovac in Drenica, forest worker Sejdi Muja, an ethnic
Albanian, was shot and killed. He and another Albanian had been
stopped by a masked and armed three-member group of KLA
terrorists, and after checking his ID card established that
Muja was on their list of "traitors". They dragged him out of
the car and shot him, leaving his body by the road. He was a
"traitor" just because he worked in the Serbia Forest Service.

Jan. 13: The KLA issued a statement stating that its headquarters was in
Pristina. It also claimed responsibility for a series of terrorist
actions carried out in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia:
an attack on the Municipal Court in Gostovar and the police
stations in Prilep and Kumanovo. It announced that it would
expand its actions into Montenegro.

Jan. 14: The headquarters of the Socialist Party of Serbia for Djakovica
were stoned overnight, Jan. 13/14. All windows were broken.
These were greetings for the "Serbian New Year" which is marked
on Jan. 14.

Jan. 19: In Srbica all graves at the Serbian Orthodox Cemetary were
desecrated and vandalized. The monuments at the graves were
completely destroyed.

Jan. 22: After a KLA patrol had been stopping, harassing, and threatening
citizens with death in the Srbica municipality the previous night,
there was a confrontation between that patrol and a patrol of
police officers. While chasing the KLA terrorists, who barricaded
themselves in the house of Saban Jasari in the village of
Donji Prekaz near Srbica, police officers killed the terrorist
Hasan Mandzol and lightly wounded two Jasari brothers.

A three-member KLA group kidnapped the taxi driver Metus Skodru,
an ethnic Albanian, and then took his cab, an Audi 90. They told
him he could buy his cab back if he showed up at a designated
place at a designated time, under the threat that he would be
killed if he called the police.

Jan. 23: On the night of Jan. 22/23, on the road Srbica-Klina near the
village of Josanica, Desimir Vasic, a deputy in the Municipal
Assembly of Zvecan was shot and killed.

On the same road, the same night, near the village Lausa
Blagoje Nikolivc from the village of Drsnik near Klina was
severely beaten until he became unconscious.

During the same night, KLA terrorists stopped, harassed, and
threatened with death a group of Serbian women heading to
Monastery Devic.

Jan. 25: On the night of Jan. 24/25, in the town of Malisevo, in the
very center KLA terrorists heavily wounded two police officers.

During the same night, KLA terrorists attacked the house of the
Djuricic family in the village of Grabanica, near Klina in Drenica.

Terrorists hurled a bomb at the house of a police officer in

Jan. 26: In the vicinity of the village of Turicevac, which is located
between Klina and Srbica, KLA terrorists opened fire using
automatic weapons on a helicopter belonging to Serbia's
Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Jan. 27: Again in the vicinity of Turicevac, an armed terrorist group
stopped Veroslav Vukojcic from Leposavic and his neighbors
Radmila and Zvezdana Vukajlovic. They beat them severely. The
victimis paid the terrorists to let them go -- Vukojvcic paid
500 German marks, and Vukajlovic paid 850 marks.

Jan. 28: A police patrol which was on its way to Decani to confiscate
illegal weapons from the family Tahirsuljaja fell into a
trap and was greeted with heavy gunfire from several houses.
Nevertheless, the officers managed to arrest seven members of
the Tahirsuljaja clan.

That evening, KLA terrorists fired at the house of
Dragoljub Spasic in the village of Sibovac near Obilic.

Feb. 10: A group of KLA terrorists appeared at a fundraising event for
the KLA in New York City. They received funding from over 150
Albanians attending the event. On that occasion, the KLA
terrorists proclaimed that they had killed 50 Serbian police
officers and "corrupt" Albanians in 1997.

Feb. 12: In Gornji Obrinj, in front of the village convenience store,
Mustafa Kurtaj, an ethnic Albanian who worked at the post
office in Glogovac, was shot and killed. He was shot in
broad daylight, in front of twenty onlookers, as a warning
to others. Prior to this, he had been repeatedly warned by
KLA terrorists that they would kill him unless he quit his
job at the state-run post office.

Feb. 15: Nik Abdulahu, an ethnic Albanian employee of the Serbia Electric
Utility, was shot and killed while at work, at the electricity
substation in the village of Staro Cikatovo near Glogovac.

Feb. 18: In the night between Feb. 17/18, KLA terrorists collected
firearms from ethnic Albanians in Drenica, for whom they
suspected that they did not support their cause. Those who did
not turn over their weapons were given a deadline to do so,
"othewise," they were told, "you will be shot".

The police checkpoint near the village Dobre Vode in the
Klina municipality was attacked with automatic weapons.

Feb. 19: While returning from work, an employee of the state security
service of Pristina Nebojsa Cvejic was shot and killed near the
village of Luzani.

In Podujevo, KLA terrorists hurled bombs at a refugee center
housing Serbian civilians who were "ethnically cleansed" from

Feb. 20: On the road Srbica-Klina, near the village of Lausi, KLA
terrorists shot and killed Milorad Ristic, a private
entrepreneur from Djakovica, and heavily wounded truck driver
Zdravko Djuricic from Orahovac.

On the same day, on the same road, near the village of Josanica
KLA terrorists opened fire on another truck, which was being
driven by an ethnic Serb. However, an ethnic Albanian hitchhiker
from the village of Lausi, who was sitting in the passenger seat
and whom the driver had picked up in Klina, was killed by the
KLA terrorists' gunfire.

That evening, on the road Klina-Djakovica, KLA terrorists set up
a roadblock where they beat up police officer Milenko Kandic.

Feb. 22: Ali Raci, an ethnic Albanian working at a Serbian-owned
agriculture company, was shot and killed in the village of
Dobre Vode at the entrance of the agriculture company. He had
refused to give in to the KLA's earlier warnings and blackmail
that he quit his job.

Feb. 26: Using hand grenades and automatic weapons, terrorists attacked
Serbian refugees from Albania housed in the refugee camp Babaloc
(located on the road Decani-Djakovica) for the third time.

Feb. 27: KLA terrorists attacked the houses in Srbica where Serbian
refugees from Croatia are temporarily housed.

At Monastery Devic, KLA terrorists harassed the head nun for
30 minutes. They ordered her to tell the police that they will
all be killed.

A KLA warehouse containing 12 kilograms of explosives with clocks,
several trunks of shells, and over 120 rocket launchers was
discovered in Prizren. Several terrorists were arrested.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, the servian is getting angry.
Good, that brings the best in them, their true nature.

"Muslim dirt"?
Well, that shows your true colors.
First of all, not many Albanians are Muslim.
And second, I think you are confused here servian. Many of your people are dirt, that's why they are in Hague.


Anonymous said...

To the blogger above. Crimes committed by Albanians, whether true or not, does not excuse crimes committed by Serbs.

As to Joseph Farah's article written in 1999, since then the number of recovered Albanian bodies has doubled to over 4,000; including the 900 or so trasnported out of Kosovo and hidden in Serbia itself. Add to that the 2,600 Kosovar Albanians stil missing and Farah's number is about 330% under-stated.

Anonymous said...

"answer any of my questions i dare u u muslim dirt. "

Serbs like the one quoted here are exactly why everybody in the international community has agreed that Kosova will not go back to its pre-1999 relationship with Serbia.

Anonymous said...

Ok here we go with religion again. Boooooooooo. Ok now that you conivnced yourself that everybody loves the Serbs everything is solved. Please don't write in capital letters cuz i get scared. Boooooooooooooooo.

Anonymous said...

muslim dirt?!
dude what is wrong with you? what makes you think that your religion is better than that of muslims? and what's up with the numbers? like the blogger above said not only they are not correct but dude you were moving dead corpses from kosova just to hide your atrocities. and i read that article about the poor guy enjoying his coffee and got shot for no reason. that goes to show you how dumb people get when they only need a reason. are you here to tell us that 2800 (your figure) justifyes one serb being killed when drinking coffee.
when in war a general cannot go in front of the hague court if he only fought the battles against another army. almost all your generals of that era are being asked to appear infront of hague. why do you think that is? why are you so eager to ask justice for one serb being killed when drinking coffee ( and i condemn the act if it really was random and not isolated) and you do not say anything about 2800 people. i am sorry, i forgot. they are muslim dirt, they do not deserve to live. it angers me beyond imagination to hear an orthodox speak like that. i am an albanian orthodox and i was taught to respect every other religion. have you no shame. you give orthodoxy a bad name with this nonesense that you are writing.

Anonymous said...

where r the 100,000 dead???? admit u lied about that and i will stop coming here.

ali_pashai said...

dude stop acting like a kid and star acting mature. your point of view (i hope i speak for every one) is welcomed here, otherwise your comment would not be posted at all. even if it was 2108 do you mean to say that they do not count. do you value life this little? i hope you don't speak for every serb.

Anonymous said...

you foment a war with terrorist acts and you bitch and moan that albanians died? that is what happens when you ask for war--- and it was a war that you could not win, that had to be won for you and you still bitch that people died. you are a cowardly moron.

ali_pashai said...

it is true in war people die. but this is the 21-st century. you do not kill children, rape women and do everything that you did. you did fight the wrong way. it is true that the KLA was fighting from the mountains but that is what a guerrila war is. Albanians did not have an army before because they simply were not allowed to. what did you exect them to do, to fight you in open ground with forks? dude that is the past. and people responsible for atrocities are infront of Hague right now. Whether found guilty or not does not mean they're really that but, Hague does not find someone guilty when he is not, often, if ever. The albanians requested to appear in Hague have done so, why are the serbs running. it just makes them look guilty if they are innocent like you say. do you really want to show how great of an army serbia has by saying that albanians hid in the mountanins. dude you should not even consider being proud of something like that when compared with untrained unorganized and not equiped "army" like the KLA. not to say that no one should be proud of his country because of the army.
dude focus on the present.