Thursday, September 01, 2005

EU said to see Macedonia as "still not prepared" for membership talks

Text of report by Biljana Sekulovska entitled "No date will be scheduled for Republic of Macedonia's EU membership negotiations" carried by the Macedonian A1 TV website on 31 August

A1 Television has learned from high-ranking diplomatic sources in the EU headquarters that no date will be scheduled for the Republic of Macedonia's EU membership negotiations and that this decision was adopted in Brussels a long time ago.

A potential positive assessment of the questionnaire will be formulated with many conditions, which the Macedonian government will have to meet.

The sources have told A1 Television that the economic reforms, in which the country has made absolutely no progress, are Brussels' real and biggest problem.

This is precisely why its response to Buckovski's government will read that Macedonia is still not prepared for talks with the EU.

Foreign investment, which is nonexistent in Macedonia, is the most sensitive point of the economic reforms. This has continuously been Europe's most serious objection to this government.

Buckovski has entered a critical phase, which leaves him little room to move. As a result, Brussels has sent additional questions to the government regarding its direct deals.

In the meantime, the EU is not giving up the enlargement idea, despite its rift on this issue. It will debate Croatia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania in Newport, Great Britain, in the next two days. On Friday [2 September] it will focus on Macedonia and Kosovo.

Source: A1 TV website, Skopje, in Macedonian 31 Aug 05


Anonymous said...

Good they dont deserve it.

WARchild said...

I think that's the wrong way to think about it. You must not forget that a sizable Albanian population lives there and Macedonia's prosperity will certainly spill over them as well as Kosova and Albania.
What's interesting is that in this short article human rights ware not an excuse, which probably is a first for a Balkan country.

Anonymous said...


I don't think that the first poster was (Kosovar) Albanian.

Anyhow, as a Kosovar Albanian I wish all the best to the Republic of Macedonia in their bid for EU membership. The sooner Macedonia joins the EU, the Albanian language will become an official EU language.

Anonymous said...

I think Kosova should join with Macedonia :-)

They're so inter-dependent economically, why not?

Oh, nevermind, then Macedonians would be a minority...

Good luck anyway!

Anonymous said...

Macedonia deserves to get into the EU before Greece. Simply because they are dealing well with their minority issues whereas the Greeks still have to learn to respect other cultures.

Anonymous said...

They were as bad as Serbs until the Albanian uprising in Macedonia taught them a lesson...

Now they're doing better... I wonder if someone could teach the same lesson to Greece!

Anonymous said...

For the Numb Nuts posters above,

Greece is in the EU already!

GET A CLUE! Better yet get an education.

"Greeks still have to learn to respect other cultures."

Then it is about time that others respect Greek culture.

"They were as bad as Serbs until the Albanian uprising in Macedonia taught them a lesson..."

And what lesson was that? Either you do it opur way or we will revolt, bring in the terrorist KLA and overthrow your govt. lesson?

Dont stop there, why not create a greater albania to include Kosovo, Part of Greece, Macedonia?

Thats the plan from the begining isnt it?

Anonymous said...

Of course, Chameria will be Albanian again!


Anonymous said...

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Its interesting to notice that the only people talking about great Albania are the Greeks and the Serbs and the other Albnophobics united around the panslavic idea.When Albanians talk about their problems they talk About Kosova, the Albanians in Macedonia and those in Greece. However those who have stolen lands from us know very well the territories they stole and they can't help but make the connection that one day those lands might be returned to their rightfull owner.
By constantly talking about great Albania these freaks try to justify and hide the crimes and genocides they have commited against Albanians. These are the same people who kill children in the name of god whose highest priests bless anyone that kill children of another religion and nationality.

Anonymous said...

Macedonia and Kosova I see will enjoy a good relationship as neighbors,most definitely better than her neighbors now. The trade agreements between both neighbors has been signed and already there are talks of bigger business ventures to stregthen both economys. But I still for the life of me cannot understand what is taking so long for Kosova to become known as Republic of Kosova. Why are the serbs trying to stall the inevitable and why is the world dragging its feet on this issue. The quicker independance is gained the quicker the balkans will be in tow for economic prosperity.


Anonymous said...

They are usurpers and distorters of their neighbours symbols, heritage and heroes. They have no distinct ethnos that seperates them from their neighbours. This is dangerous as we see Greece and to some extent Bulgaria and Serbia, rightfully, trying to iron out inconsistencies that could brew to a greater conflict in future. They have a gun culture where many citizens carries a gun which is no different to some African states. This place is not European by any stretch of the imagination. For the time being it should be looked at Switzerland on the map but in reverse untill its problems are sorted out. I think a good start would be to over throw the current govt and start fresh, because the current doctrine was great under a -Trotskyite-Marxist-Bolshevik ideology but not for European ideology.