Monday, September 12, 2005

Call for resignation is within rules of democracy and I see it as such

Zëri publishes an interview that Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi gave to the BBC. In it, among other things, he talks about corruption allegations made against him, Kai Eide’s report, Kosovo Forum.

On the claims that the commission of a private plane to return from holidays in Turkey was an act of corruption, PM Kosumi said it was not his friends who paid for the trip, as was originally stated, but the family business of Minister Ethem Çeku who provided for the plane. “I cut short my holidays in Turkey when I found out that Ambassador Kai Eide was coming to Kosovo and I was supposed to meet him a day before as previously announced,” said Kosumi who also added that since there were no regular flights available for travelling back to Kosovo, he decided to ask the assistance of his friend Minister Çeku to look into the options for as quick a return as possible.

Kosumi said in the interview that he spent more than 20 hours with Ambassador Eide while the second was on his last visit to Kosovo. “I was, on those days, fully available to offer all answers to the concerns of Ambassador Eide,” said Kosumi. He said he did this to enable Eide to write as best and as realistic a report as possible on the implementation of standards in Kosovo. “I did not ask for an idealistic picture but rather a realistic one,” stressed Kosovo Prime Minister.

With regards to preparations for status talks, he said the coordinator in charge of setting up working groups on the issue will be appointed in the coming week by President Rugova.

Kosumi also said he believes he will be the first Prime Minister of an independent Kosovo state, but when asked whether he would resign if Kosovo did not become independent, he replied, “I do not want to pre-empt matters and even less, negative ones. But in such a case, the whole issue would perhaps go back to zero where it was 6-7 years ago.”

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