Thursday, September 01, 2005

Albania PM resigns as poll upheld - BBC

Albania's prime minister has conceded defeat to the party of long-time rival Sali Berisha, after the country's final election results were confirmed.

Fatos Nano, whose socialist party was in power for eight years, said he would tender his resignation.

Allegations of voting irregularities had delayed the final results of elections held in early July.

Early results put Mr Berisha in the lead in a poll seen as a key test of Albania's democratic credentials.

Mr Nanos told a news conference that he would also resign as party leader, "to distance myself from electoral violence and illegitimate winners".

Mr Berisha's Democratic Party will control 80 seats in the new 140-member parliament.

The head of Albanian's Central Election commission said the announcement marked the end of the election process. He said a new parliament could now be convened.


Anonymous said...

Finally, Nano goes. Now all that needs doing is leveraging Berisha out somehow and replacing him with some new blood. Albania is the only country in Europe that in the last decade hasn't had a change of political leadership.

Anonymous said...

Finally, Fatos Nano took a decision in his political career that I totally agree with.

Goodbye Mr. Nano and I hope you take all your Greek friends with you.