Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What will be Belgrade’s offer for status of Kosovo?

Zëri writes that despite announcements from Belgrade that it will soon come out with a proposal on status of Kosovo, no such offer has yet been unveiled, but based on Serbian PM Kostunica’s interview to Tanjug, it seems the offer will include ‘a mutual solution that takes into account interests of both people’ which, according to the paper, can be interpreted in two ways. First would mean territorialisation of Serbs and the second foresees a co-existence of Kosovo and Serbia in one state that would be ‘unconventionally’ organised.


Anonymous said...

I have a deal to make everyone happy.

1. Serbia gives Kosovo to Islam.

2. Turkey gives back Constantinople to the christians.

3. S. Arabia gives Medina back to the Jews.

4. Islam retreats from Persia.

5. and finally, Hell freezes over.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous comment.

Greg Tobin said...

Here's another idea:

1)Kosova stays past of Serbia.

2)At current birth rates the Albanian Kosovar will outnumber the Serbians.

3)In 30 years Belgrade will be the capital present Serbia)and the Serbians will be the minority.

Anonymous said...

Yet another supid comment above.
Serbia is in no condition to make any offer. It would be like Germany making offers to the Poles after WWII.

MARTYR said...

Your comments are not much better so stop talking. How about we give you less than independence, but less than autonomy too :). Just like the Croats did to serbs there where we wer ein the same situation as you guys. 85% were serbs. The difference is that we all got annihlated and los tour state, uuuuhhh wait..THERE WONT BE A DIFFERENCE