Thursday, May 19, 2005

US unfolds a plan on Kosovo and the Balkans (Dailies)

All dailies report on the front page on the US strategy for determining Kosovo’s status, which was unfolded yesterday by Undersecretary of State, Nicholas Burns, while addressing the Committee for External Relations of the US Congress.

All dailies highlight the quote by Burns that the issue should be solved as soon as possible. Koha Ditore covers the topic under the headline ‘The work should be done this year’. Express carries the following headline ‘Beginning of the end’ and reports that one decade after Dayton, Washington is again taking the lead in the Balkans. Kosova Sot writes that there is not a single reference to ‘independence’ in the American plan. The paper writes that the Norwegian Ambassador Kai Aide is going to lead assessment of the implementation of Standards.

‘Whatever the final status of Kosovo is going to be, Belgrade will have to admit changes compared to situation before 1999’, said Burns according to Koha Ditore.

Zëri writes that Burns is going to visit Kosovo and Serbia some time within the next month.

According to dailies, Burns said Kosovo was one of the most difficult issues that had remained unsolved in the Balkans and that US considers the status quo unacceptable.

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