Tuesday, May 10, 2005

UNMIK chief rejects decision-making role for Kosovo political body

[Announcer] Democratic Party of Kosova [Kosovo] [PDK] chairman Hashim Thaci has once again asked UNMIK [United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] chief Soeren Jessen-Petersen to grant the all-inclusive forum -making authority. On the other hand, the UNMIK head defended his previous position that the forum would not replace the Kosova institutions.

[Reporter Blerta Dalloshi] The all-inclusive Kosova forum will not replace the Kosova institutions - that is the position of UNMIK head Soeren Jessen-Petersen. The forum should not have decision-making powers.

[Soeren Jessen-Petersen in English with Albanian voiceover] I have never intended, nor do I intend to make the forum another democratic institution in Kosova. This Kosova forum is trying to bring together the leaders of the political parties in order to have a constructive dialogue. We are in search of consensus, something I referred to as a national consensus.

[Reporter] Thaci's position also remains the same. The forum proposed by Jessen-Petersen should be a political one and in a position to make decisions. PDK chairman Hashim Thaci has asked that the forum deal with standards and status, as well as build a clear platform for an independent and sovereign country. He said all the decisions taken by the forum should be discussed by the assembly.

[Hashim Thaci] This forum should have a working regulation, it should meet on a weekly basis and, of course, if necessary, the constitutional framework should be changed in order to make this forum more effective in its work.

[Reporter] Meanwhile, the ORA party thinks that there should be consensus between political parties in creating the forum.

[Veton Surroi, ORA party chairman] As you know, we have supported the idea of establishing the forum. We support the nature of the forum's work to establish an environment of consensus in our society and we hope all of the invited political figures will participate in it.

[Reporter] US head of mission in Prishtina Philip Goldberg requested during the meeting with the chairman of the PDK, Hashim Thaci, a broader consensus of all the political parties in the country.

[Philip Goldberg in English with Albanian voiceover] - and that will require consensus and agreement between the political leaders of Kosova, not only during their daily routine but also a consensus that deals with progress for all.

[Reporter] The idea and the initiative to create a common political platform for the Kosova final status talks was set out not long ago to the political leaders and Kosova institutions by UNMIK chief Jessen-Petersen.

Source: KohaVision TV, Pristina, in Albanian 1700 gmt 10 May 05

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