Friday, May 13, 2005

Tadic refuses to meet Rugova in one of western capitals

Zëri reports that preparations for the meeting between Ibrahim Rugova and Boris Tadic have run into new obstacles not related to the political position of Pristina and Rugova. The paper notes that after the first contacts between UNMIK and the office of the Serbian President, the impression is that Tadic prefers not to meet Rugova in one of the European capitals. In his opinion, the meeting should be held either in Belgrade or Pristina.

‘It seems that with such behavior toward Jessen-Petersen’s initiative, Tadic is losing the advantage he had achieved in the last couple of weeks when he made the public invitation to Rugova for a meeting,’ Zëri concluded.

On the same page, the paper cites unnamed local sources as saying that international representatives prefer that Rugova and Tadic hold their first meeting in Switzerland shortly.

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