Saturday, May 14, 2005

Serbian prime minister steps up campaign against independent Kosovo

BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro (AP) - Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said Saturday that Kosovo's independence would be "unacceptable" and urged all in Serbia to back his stand.

"Any sort of independence for Kosovo is completely unacceptable for Serbia," Kostunica said at the gathering of the main board of his Democratic Party of Serbia.

"It would destabilize Serbia's fragile stability and that of the region," he said. "Serbia's entire leadership agrees on this."

Kostunica lately uses every opportunity to reiterate his opposition to Kosovo's independence. The comments appear to be a stepped-up campaign by Belgrade ahead of key negotiations on Kosovo's future which are expected later this year.

Kosovo formally remains part of Serbia, although the Balkan republic has had no authority over it since 1999, when NATO bombing halted a brutal Serb crackdown on the province's independence-seeking ethnic Albanian majority and forced Belgrade to relinquish control to the United Nations and NATO.

The negotiations on Kosovo's final status can only start once the United Nations deems the province has fulfilled a set of U.N. standards for democracy, human rights and protection of minorities.

Belgrade insists on keeping Kosovo at least formally within its borders while Kosovo's majority ethnic Albanians are determined to gain full independence.

At the gathering Saturday, Kostunica said his proposal from earlier this year that Kosovo attain a "broader degree of autonomy falling short of independence" was the best solution.

He also appealed on all political parties in Serbia to "take an active role in efforts to resolve" burning issues for Kosovo, such as return of Serb refugees -- over 200,000 people, mostly Serbs, have fled Kosovo since NATO peacekeepers took over.

"Return of the displaced is of paramount importance for talks on Kosovo's future," Kostunica said. "Nothing can happen without progress on this issue."


Anonymous said...

Serbia is an economic and moral basket-case. The only thing keeping Kostunica in power is the continual playing of the Kosova card. The worst thing that could happen to those ruling Serbia today is for the Kosova situation to be resolved. They would no longer have that issue to distract the populace.

Anonymous said...

Kustunica is nothing but a Milosebiatch wannabe. He is a prime minister because the votes of the Milosebiach's Socialist party keep him as prime minister. He does what Milosebiatch and his friends tell him to do or else say goodbye to the comfortable governmental chair and taste the ordinary life of a nobody.

Anonymous said...

Here is the plan for the anihilation of the Albanians in Kosova.

It is long and thorough. After it, u have the link of a similar plan presented in 1937 in Blegrade. State organized genocide.


Deputy Prime Minister Voislav Seselj Makes It Chillingly Clear

Voislav Seselj, Serb deputy prime minister and leader of the Radical Party of Serbia, outlined this plan for the ethnic cleansing of Kosova in October 1995. It bears a close resemblance to what is happening there today. To ethnic cleansing, forced depopulation and confiscation of land, he adds suggestions for mobilizing Serb parmilitaries, psychological warfare and the elimination of Albanian leaders through bogus scandals, staged traffic accidents and the AIDS virus.

One thousand years ago, the cornerstone of Serb statehood, of its national consciousness and culture, was created in Kosova and Metohija. Ever since, no other legal state has existed in Kosova and Metohija. Of all the peoples living and working in these territories throughout this time, the roots of the Serb people are the deepest and most extensive. One cannot imagine a Serb state without Kosova and Metohija. Therefore, keeping Kosova and Metohija as an integral part of Serbia is as important as keeping the Serbian nation alive.

The migration of Serbs and the abandonment of their ancestral homes in Kosova and Metohija became the destiny of the Serb people. Ottoman rule and the atrocities of Islamized Albanians who settled there subsequently brought about conditions under which life for Serbs was impossible. People had no other choice but run as far away as they could in order save their children; run away without looking back, to abandon homes, property, the cemeteries of their grandfathers; to seek safety in Serbia or elsewhere. The migration of Serbs from Kosova and Metohija occurred between the two world wars, while the settling of Serb volunteers there -- warriors first and foremost -- maintained to some extent the Serb presence here. Regrettably, this only lasted till World War II, when, first the occupying fascists, and then the Communists resumed the driving out of Serbs and settling a great number of emigrants from Albania. During the period of time 1944-45, the Communist regime prevented the expelled Serbs from coming back and repossessing their homes, acknowledging as a fait accompli the remodeling of the ethnic structure of the region. At the same time, the Albanians were rewarded with autonomy in Kosova and Metohija which was to serve them later as a foundation for their secessionist policies. The effects of such an anti-Serb policy resulting in a great number of Serbs leaving Kosova and Metohija. Albanian usurped hundreds of hectares of both state- and Serbs-owned private land, whereas monasteries, cemeteries and other sacred places of the Serbs became subject to systematic devastation. In the late 1980s, in a bid to hold onto power, the Communist regime in Serbia announced that it would pursue a just national policy and set out to solve the Kosova and Metohija issue. Serbs were misled by the emendation of the Serb constitution, by which the decision-making authority was given back to the Parliament. On paper, Serbia became a unified state, while promises of the Serb president paved the way for the return of Serbs to Kosova and Metohija. That was an historic opportunity which the current Serbian regime failed to fulfill. The policy the Belgrade regime has been pursuing vis-a-vis Kosova and Metohija is motivated chiefly by sheer political considerations, failing thus to address the real interests of the Serb people. With the consent and pressure of international community, the regime has quietly allowed the secessionist movement of Albanians to get stronger, create de facto a parastate called the Republic of Kosova and internationalize the Kosova issue.

Once the Yugoslav federation crisis is settled, it becomes very much clear that the Serb issue must be by all means resolved through the unification of all Serb territories into a single state.

Aware of the alarming situation in Kosova and Metohija, which is deteriorating at breakneck speed; bearing in mind the treachery the Serb regime has committed against its fellow nationals in Republika Srpska and the Serb Republic of Krajina, one can easily expect the same thing to happen to Serbs in Kosova and Metohija. Distressed by statements of foreign officials who maintain that the issues of Kosova and Metohija, Raska province (Sandjak) and Vojvodina should be solved within the frameworks of the crisis in Yugoslavia; being aware that the national consciousness and the future of the Serb people is unimaginable without Kosova and Metohija as an unalienable part of the Serb state; convinced that the president of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, has created a blueprint for a treachery against sacred Serb land to deliver it to Albanian secessionists, we are hereby stating the following goals of Serb national policy in Kosova and Metohija, and the necessary measures for accomplishing such goals and crushing by all means the secessionist insurrection of Albanians in Kosova and Metohija. In order to thwart the effects of this insurrection, we are committed to see the following issues settled urgently:

Reorganization of the state

To reorganize the state and change the current federation and territorial autonomies because these autonomies have proven to be fatal to the Serb people. The best solution would be to design a single state that would include in it the Serb Republic of Krajina, the Republika Srpska, the Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro.

The Serb state would have one president, a single parliament, a single government, while regions would be mediators between the local administrations and the the central government.

The Serb state should be a national and democratic state of Serbs and citizens and other ethnic groups, to whom all individual, civil and civic rights would be guaranteed.

The abolition of the existing autonomy of Kosova and Metohija -- by which a fatal disparity was created in Serbia and provided for the Albanians a basis to demand secession -- is the core element in accomplishing the Serb national issue.

The Serb people now carrying out a demanding struggle for the unification of all Serb lands must consider as its foremost priority the keeping of all territories within Serb borders. The complete inclusion of Kosova and Metohija into a unique Serb state is an internal matter, and it must be resolved as such and without outside arbitration by the so-called international community. A settlement of the status of Kosova and Metohija as an integral part of the Serb state as well as a settlement of all other issues related to realization of a modern and democratic state of law can only be achieved by creating a new constitution. The constitution can be promulgated by a constitution-making parliament elected in a direct ballot by all the people in the country.

The national policy toward Kosova and Metohija cannot be achieved without having it discussed by the appropriate bodies of parliament and without the consent of the legitimate representatives of the Serb people in Kosova and Metohija.

Taking into account the fact that a considerable number of national minorities live in Serbia, they would, in conformity with international standards, enjoy all individual and collective rights, i.e., the right to using their languages in judicial matters, the right to be educated in their own languages, the right to their religious services, cultural activities and so forth. However, a complementary requisite for enjoying such rights must be their obligation to show loyalty to the state of which they are citizens.

Revision of the citizen registers and citizen rights on the basis of the 1991 census

It is very necessary that the federal parliament urgently adopts the law on citizenship. The law would define the number Albanian immigrants and their predecessors, who have in an illegal way over the period 1941-1987 acquired property and other estates no one could ever achieve in any other country. There are around 400,000 such foreigners in Yugoslavia today, Such a law would prevent them from living any longer in our state. Similar standards should be applied to all citizens of the seceded republics, unless they are of Serb nationality, and to all minorities who refuse to accept citizenship in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Some 400,000 refugees from seceded Yugoslav republics could be settled in their stead, a legitimate act of the regime. Two rules should be applied in eliminating the immigrants: those who have been proven to be extremists will be immediately expelled, while others must possess the proper documents, the most important being the citizenship certificate, something none of them of course has. This 'fatherland certificate' must have on its cover page the Serb coat of arms: the white double-headed eagle of the Nemanjics, and the crest with four Cyrillic Ss. The failure to possess this paper would be the basis for expulsion. The repatriation of Albanians temporarily working in foreign countries must be prevented, especially those who left during the 1990-1993 period (it is estimated that they number some 300,000). Employment should be denied to people of certain vocations which would compell them to leave the country. Albanians are in this respect very adept -- on the one hand because they have supporters in many countries, and on the other it fits their mentality to live in other countries. Such measures would first and foremost affect the educated portion of their population, so that the rest could be easily manipulated and not be able to organize resistance.

Revision of land ownership laws

In regard to revising ownership status a special law should be promulgated by which all Albanian-owned land and other wealth will be given back to Serbs and the Serb Orthodox Church in Kosova and Metohija. The church used to be in possession of large estates and it maintained welfare activities with the local population. By enlarging its land and estate, the monasteries could in an optimal manner perform their religious, cultural and national mission. They could also help the Serb people meet and prevent their further migration.

In the events that took place in the second half of 20th century, it was only the Serb priests who did not move from Kosova. So, owing to their patriotism and their right to inheritance, they deserve large estates. The land that was sold to Albanians or has in one way or another ended up in the hands of Albanians, especially over the period 1966-1987 (during the Communist and Ballist [Albanian National Front] rule), as well as estates acquired by Fascists during World War II, should be given back to their Serb owners or/and their successors. This could be carried out easily because Albanians in most of the cases have not built new houses but have only knocked down those existing ones so that Serbs could not have a place to go if they decided to return. Albanians have done this because they feared that the situation might change and their illegal appropriation of estates could not last forever.

During the socialist [Communist] reign, agricultural cooperatives and collectives were exclusively established on the estates and in the villages of Serbs, thus there is a serious need for reprivatization to give those estates back to their previous owners under the condition that they live on them. If not, the land should be offered to new owners. There is plenty of state-owned land that can be either allocated or sold to Serbs coming from outside Kosova and Metohija. The land must be allocated to private owners, for the state has not handled it properly. In addition, the land of agricultural cooperatives is adequate for settling on it significant numbers of colonists, who, by living there, could be more capable of developing welfare, social, defense and other activities. There is plenty of such land all over Kosova and Metohija. It is very easy to concentrate on such lands Serbs who could maintain close cooperation with other such centers to provide assistance in development. The establishment of chains of such settlements is achievable in the regions of Decan, Prizren and Suhareka, where, by expelling the Albanians, a strong defense barricade against Albania could be secured.

Changing the ethnic structure of the population

The colonization of Kosova and Metohija should be carried out quickly and conclusively. Through political propaganda, colonists could be portrayed as Serbs populating Serb land and it is all the same which part of the country they live in as long as they live in their own land. These Serbs should also be supplied with equipment and long-term loans so they can cultivate the land they are granted which would make them stay there.

Most of the Croats from Janjeva and Letnica [two Kosova regions where some Croats lived and still do], guided by ethno-centrism, left for Croatia without any pressure whatsoever. Their property has been either sold to Albanians or was plundered by Albanians from adjacent regions. Serb refugees from Croatia should be settled in those homes and estates.

Besides confiscating the land from Albanians which they illegally expropriated, all those who have pillaged the wealth and have occupied Serb territories must must pay the consequences pursuant to the Law on Banning the Repatriation of Serbs in Kosova and Metohija.

The Law on Prohibition of Selling Estates should be fully respected and all efforts should be made to have its provisions fully and properly implemented. To this end, the foremost responsibility goes to the current Ministry of Finances (Treasury) of the Republic of Serbia, which has in fact mostly not enforced that law. Ethnic expansion of Albanians onto Serb state- or privately owned land must be foiled by all means possible.

All Albanians who are not citizens -- something can be easily proved with a census -- should be fired from their jobs. All the Albanians who wish to leave will be given passports. Albanians of Yugoslav citizenship living abroad and/or involved in secessionist activities must lose their citizenship.

Taking into account the current ethnic distribution (with only a few rural Serb enclaves and over 700 purely Albanian centers, while the few Serbs in owns have been virtually suppressed by the Albanians, we consider that the colonization should be carried out in an organized fashion, through establishing of new villages, settlements, small towns or new neighborhoods in existing towns). Such places should be of a closed type with an inner form of organization, i.e., medical services, entertainment, cultural activities, etc.

In this way people can be divided along ethnic lines, while the minority Serb population in mixed neighborhoods in the towns would gradually move to the newly established enclaves, an idea which requires both support and motivation. In order to have the Serb enclaves protected, an Albanian population of 5 to 10 per cent should be installed there (a selection of distinguished families and those with authority).

Highways should be constructed (up to 1 kilometer apart -- in a process that can be called "terrain configuration -- to cleanse a wide belt through Albanian enclaves and near other sites like military barracks, polygons, depots, etc. Near such highways the land and space must be allocated to Serb colonists, which would result in thinning the Albanian population of the territories, one element that provides a feeling of security for Albanians. These moves would create a "leopard spot" pattern of Serb enclaves that would grow and eventually become larger than the Albanian enclaves.

Conquering territories in this way is more efficient than "planting" individuals in Albanian communities, for it does not raise ownership issues. The first method provides far more security for colonists, while the second is a more lasting process. The Serb enclaves would chiefly depend on state supplies and a small number of Serb-owned private firms, while Albanian areas would be supported mainly through private firms, which could be allowed to operate. The state could help private firms that don't operate efficiently. Further, electricity and water supplies to the Albanian enclaves can be disrupted to make their lives unbearable.

All this will be aimed not only at having the Albanian population divided but utterly isolated too. But if the Serbs find the neighboring enclaves of Albanians attractive (with privately owned shops, entertainment etc.), these can be eliminated by prompting incidents in those enclaves, such as beatings and violence. The fundamental prerequisite to efficiently control the flow of goods and capital is to prevent corruption in Kosova and Metohija and Serbia proper, for one has to bear in mind that Albanians are very good at cheating and bribing others.

To prevent the flow of large amounts of capital through illegal routes - money should be strictly controlled by a well-organized banking system, frequent interventions of the fiscal police, rigid control of transportation and roads, attention to any kind of major change in the market, customs procedure and trade with dealers from abroad, financing political organizations, etc. All necessary measures should be taken to thwart the functioning of the Albanian private sector through permanent restriction of their activities, which could in turn result in maintaining rigid control over the funds of their political parties. Contacts with private firms and companies in Serbia must be prevented so Albanian capital cannot have a monopoly in Serbia.

Through adequate legislation and efficient taxing policies, large amounts of money could be collected and used in financing programs like colonization .

Paramount attention must be paid to drugs trafficking. If one Albanian is caught in such an activity, that must be used as a pretext to stalk and punish large groups of them. Such cases would discredit important personalities in the eyes of the Western world. This is a particularly sensitive issue for them because Albanians are already considered the main traffickers of drugs in the world.

Rigorous measures should be undertaken against Albanian smugglers -- especially in tobacco.

All this can result in serious social tensions if one bears in mind the fact that most of the Albanian population earns its living from selling things on the streets and by smuggling, practices which inevitably results in increase of criminal/illegal activities. However, we consider that through a strong and efficient police force, it is quite easy to make people seek refuge abroad. All steps should be undertaken so the capital of Albanians be channeled through Macedonia and Albania. The issuing of papers from state authorities (besides the seizure of passports) has to be as complicated as possible, with all those who fail to possess proper papers to be oppressively fined.

Albanians like to stick to their tribal procedures in solving disputes and hate administrative intervention in the walks of life they consider important to them. Such legislation should be adopted which would force Albanians to ask for permission to even possess a cow. To promote such regulations will persuade them to go abroad, and then face serious impediments at the borders when attempting to come back. As for Serb enclaves the procedure should be less complicated, while in the cities where services are common to the whole community, like the Ministry of Interior, citizens of different nationalities should be treated in different ways.

These procedures will undoubtedly result in dissatisfaction in their community which will be a precondition for a broad readiness for involvement in various organizations, including terrorist ones. Therefore, individuals from the state security must be "infiltrated" by agents who could pretend to press for establishing such underground or/and hostile organizations, or even become the leaders of such groupings. Such ruses could be exploited by the state as a pretext to undertake uncompromising actions against all their organizations which would result in inter-ethnic tensions and a further ruptures in their parallel life. To this end, more and more such groups are needed, while the police would now and then destroy one of them, which could then be allowed to consolidate again and look like genuine and "bona fide" organizations. Political parties of Albanians should be created through specific legislation and at the same time scandals should be created to discredit them. This could discredit their leaders in eyes of the domestic and foreign public opinion, a particularly sensitive consideration for Albanians.

Distinguished individuals who play important roles in their political life should be eliminated through scandals or by staging traffic accidents, jealousy killings or infecting them with the AIDS virus when they travel abroad. Their infection would be discovered when crossing borders thus they could be quarantined. Through adequate propaganda in their mass media such events can create such an artificial picture of an intolerable percentage of infected people, which would be used as an excuse to isolate large groups of people. This would help in promoting a picture of Albanians as an infected people.

Information and propaganda

To broadcast special radio and TV programs in the Albanian language which would aim at eroding their patriarchal and tribal mentality by offering the most decadent values of the West, which can be easily adopted by primitive people. The Serb enclaves could be spared from such programs primarily owing to language barriers, as well as through establishing cable television in newly erected buildings and settlements for Serbs.

It is fundamental to establish a powerful and efficient propaganda machinery to feed international public opinion, something which has been already used.

Even an underground (secret) publishing activity must be originated to enable them to defuse the criticism against the Serb regime.

Albanians must be denied all kinds of social assistance, for it has facilitated their high birth rate. This birth rate among the national minorities of the Moslem faith has resulted in a very high population in Kosova and Metohija. Such a thing creates a demographic surplus, therefore emigration of Albanians is indispensable and could be carried out without any pressure by the Serb authorities.

A crucial element of the Serb national program is to have a third and fourth child. Serbia has enough space and economic resources to handle dozens of millions of inhabitants, hence an increased birth rate is important in every respect. In order to have the Serb birth rate increased, which would directly impact on Kosova and Metohija itself, scores of concrete actions must be undertaken, be that stimulative or restrictively, respectively.

Serb mothers who have three, four or more children should be entitled to their retirement earlier. They must be granted children's allowance, regardless their family income. Planning and enlarging of families must be the top priority of all individuals, families and entire society. Serb families with more children must be granted loans for house and private business, they must be granted apartments, they must be given jobs and other facilities and incentives to bring up their children.

It is necessary to open in Kosova and Metohija region military and police schools and academies, additional military institutions and other state institutions such as ministries which would facilitate the settling there of thousands of army officers, policemen, state clerks, together with their families, with the infrastructure needed for normal life. All the Serbs who wish to live in those areas must be given free, fertile land, construction sites, and sites for their private business. All those who locate their economic facilities there and have at least 10 employees, should be provided with abundant opportunities, such as being exempted from taxes for ten years.

Retired officers from the army, policemen and state clerks can have their accommodation/housing problems solved by allocating to them comfortable and maximally big apartments in the region of Kosova and Metohija. The border belt, a minimum of 50 kilometers adjacent to Albania should be used for settling Serbs. This would avert any danger of having the zone jeopardized, while the neighborly relationship could work in compliance with needs and interests of both sides. The border zone near Albania could be exclusively allocated to Serbs, while the rest of land would be the property of the Yugoslav army.


The education system in state schools should stick to elements and values of the Serb, European and world culture and art; the instruction language must be Serbian. Open perspectives and free development in Serbia are very attractive for the minorities. Schools in languages of minorities will be treated as private, while if one wants to have a job he will need a verification proving he has completed courses pursuant to the state curricula. A careful selection and normal inclusion of all positive Serb values and structures will be included in their education in this way. Following the overthrow of the Albanian parastate, the Serb University of Prishtine has made a radical change and it is in a good way to achieve enormous results, which directly determine the fate of Kosova and Metohija and the state itself. This course should be further stabilized and promoted, in harmony with the new needs and curricula. All the efforts should be made that conditions at the Serbian University of Prishtine be more favorable than in Serbia proper.

Efforts should be made to further maintain and promote the current illegal parallel education of Albanians, because in this way they will have all the doors closed for employment and incorporation in the society. All these efforts should be made to have the population dispersed all over the world, including Macedonia and Albania. Such activities should be carried out concomitantly with various forms of pressure and creating feelings of uncertainty. All the tools, though modified to specific circumstances, should be used to prevent Albanian secessionists from having a job.


In order to have the Kosova and Metohija problem solved, the Yugoslav army must be turned into the Serb army. People from the republics that have seceded from the federation must be immediately driven out of the army, in the first place all those holding commanding posts, except those who have distinguished themselves as verified and gallant combatants in defending the freedom of the Serb people. Such an army would be more consolidated and more capable to solve complicated military and war issues, and, furthermore it could be less expensive. The Law on the Army should be so severe that it would oblige every citizen of Yugoslavia to make his contribution in defense of the country, while members of national minorities could contribute with money or labor. These issues must be arranged in details by a specific law. In the vicinity of the existing military bases it is necessary to intensify the settling of Serbs, while non-Serbs must not be allowed to build houses there.

The current situation in this respect is catastrophic, therefore urgent measures are needed to have it changed. Some military facilities of a vital importance should be relocated to Serb enclaves, but at the same time they must maintain full control all over the territory of Kosova and Metohija through visits, maneuvers and other activities of the army. Within the army, it is indispensable to legalize the operation of professional Chetnik guerrilla units, who should be located in localities of strategic importance in Kosova and Metohija.


The police are a very important element of the state, responsible for keeping Kosova and Metohija as the permanent property of the Serb state. However, the police must be better trained and more professional than they are now. The police must have young and educated people, while all its members must complete additional courses. The police academy will play a crucial role in this respect. Police forces in Kosova and Metohija will be exclusively involved in protecting Serb inhabitants, as an endangered people in these areas.

Public Services

The route through which the Serb army withdrew in 1915 has significantly determined the direction of a future highway (Nis, Prishtine, Podgorica, Bar), which would in a solid way connect Serbia with Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea, via Kosova and Metohija. The realization of such a project must be a priority for the public services. Even during the international sanctions and economic crisis it is possible to have a rapid progress in this direction, which would have an epochal impact on the problem of Kosova.


The current situation in Kosova and Metohija can result in unpredictable consequences, especially if outside factors aim at implementing such a scenario. Therefore, particular attention must be paid to preventive actions, first of all by seizing all kinds of weaponry, in with licenses or without them, so to neutralize all paramilitary, para-police and para- territorial defense formations. If we have to fight a war to defend Kosova and Metohija, it should be fought with all possible means and have it finished as soon as possible. No talks or agreements should start with representatives of Albanians until the law on citizenship is adopted and until it is verified the exact number of those who recognize and accept this state as a state of theirs.

To those Albanians who claim to be citizens of Serbia or Yugoslavia, respectively, the state should be more tolerant, and they can be incorporated into state and political bodies if they accept the Serb state and its laws.

A statement by Serb Deputy Prime Minister Voislav Seselj in Velika Serbija, The Greater Serbia Journal, Belgrade, Oct.14, 1995

Here is the plan of 1937 for the erradication of Albanians presented in Belgrade. U can make some interesting analogies between them and how history later developed.

Anonymous said...

Before you write nonsense on this site, guys, check your ethnic background. Many of you are of Serbian origin because your forefathers were forced to convert in order to survive the Muslim terror of Ottoman empire.

All these efforts to make money with drug trafficking and prostitution rings, which you are well known of, will come to nothing. The world saw what and who you are.

Anonymous said...

12:27, is Serbia going to offer free mitochondrial tests anytime soon?
it could package the offers as buy one, get one free. pay for the HIV test and get the mitochondrial test to prove you are a Serb for free :).

I am 100% pure Illirian blood and I have no doubt. It's hard to miss a Serb you know, you can smell one.

Anonymous said...

No, you cannot be Illirian. Everybody knows that Albanians are the oldest people in the world. You came to this world just after amoebas.

Anonymous said...

What ignorant comments "100% illyrian". I will guaruntee that everyone in the region has mixed blood at some point. Either from the Ottomans, Vikings, Crusades, Huns, Bulgars etc etc

Anonymous said...

An albanian wrote that, chek it out

Anonymous said...

you serbian people will never accept the reality, your heads are stuck up your arses so deep that you can not see, for god's sake stop with your garbage propaganda no one will buy it, even my nephew, hi is 7 by the way :),
you came in the "balkans" around 600 A.D, long long, very long after Illyrians were there in other words you are sorry were emigrants in kosovo and built your state whith kosova's mine's resourses

Anonymous said...

Serbs refuse to seriously read the genocide and anihilation their government officials and their state has planned for Albanians not on in the 1990's but in the 20's and 30's; since their migration from the URAL mountains this has been the mission of these people. Read the plan then spill your BS out of your mouths and your thick heads.

Anonymous said...

To 11:24
Brainwashed D.I.C.Khead how do u justify the fact that he never fought for the defence of any Serbian territories. How many times did he protect the castles of Belgrade? None. How do u justify his fanatical defence of all Albanians, no matter their religion, or creed.

Source 1
Here's what Encarta encyclopedia writes

Skenderbeg, in Turkish Iskender Bey, real name Gjergj Kastrioti (1403?-1468), Albanian chief and national hero. The son of an Albanian prince, he was sent to Constantinople (present-day İstanbul) as a hostage when the Ottoman Turks began to occupy Albania. He was educated as a Muslim and enlisted in the Turkish army. His military skill earned him favor with the sultan, and he was given a command. In 1443, when he learned that Albania had revolted against the Turks, Skenderbeg deserted and returned to his native land. He renounced Islam for Christianity and became the leader of the Albanian chiefs. In 1461, Skenderbeg, with the aid of Pope Pius II and the governments of Venice, Naples, and Hungary, forced the Turks to accept a 10-year armistice. When Skenderbeg abrogated the armistice in 1463, he was forced to fight Turkey without the aid of his former allies, and shortly after his death, Albania was defeated.

Source 2: Encyclopedia Britannica Online

byname of George Kastrioti, or Castriota, Albanian Gjergj Kastrioti
born 1405, northern Albania
died Jan. 17, 1468, Lezhë, Albania

national hero of the Albanians.

A son of John (Gjon) Kastrioti, prince of Emathia, George was early given as hostage to the Turkish sultan. Converted to Islam and educated at Edirne, Turkey, he was given the name Iskander—after Alexander the Great—and the rank of bey (hence Skanderbeg) by Sultan Murad II. During the defeat of the Turks at Niš (1443), in Serbia, Skanderbeg abandoned the Turkish service and joined his Albanian countrymen against the forces of Islam. He embraced Christianity, reclaimed his family possessions, and in 1444 organized a league of Albanian princes, over which he was appointed commander in chief.

In the period 1444–66 he effectively repulsed 13 Turkish invasions, his successful resistance to the armies of Murad II in 1450 making him a hero throughout the Western world. Through the years he elicited some support from Naples, Venice, and the papacy and was named by Pope Calixtus III captain general of the Holy See. In 1463 he secured an alliance with Venice that helped launch a new offensive against the Turks. Until the end of his life he continued to resist successfully all Turkish invasions. Within a few years of his death, however, his citadel at Krujë had fallen (1478), and Albania passed into several centuries of obscurity under Turkish rule.

Source 3:

He was born in Krujë, Albania; his father was an Albanian nobleman, Gjon Kastrioti (Giovanni Castriota), lord of Middle Albania, and his mother was Vojsava. The Kastrioti family are from the Northern Alps of Albania. The region is made up of five smaller regions, Hoti, Gruda, Kelmendi (Chlementini), Kastrati, Shkreli. The Malcor, as the people of that region are called, came from the northern Albanian Alps and settled near the Mati River, the Adriatic sea and the small towns of the region. Gjon was a descendent of the Kastrati region. The people of Malcia e Madhe still possess many of the fields of the estate of Kastrioti (Kastrati) family and have kept many of the features that distinguish them from the region, such as the dialect, traditional clothes and costumes. [1] (

Obliged by the Ottomans to pay tribute to the Empire, and to ensure the fidelity of local rulers, Gjon Kastrioti's sons were taken by the Sultan to his court as hostages. In 1423, Gjergj Kastrioti and his three brothers were taken by the Turks. He attended military school and led many battles for the Ottoman Empire. He was awarded for his military victories with the title Iskander Bey (Albanian transliteration: Skënderbeu, English transliteration: Skanderbeg). In Turkish this title means Lord or Prince Alexander (in honor of Alexander the Great). Skanderbeg soon switched sides and came back to his native land to successfully defended Albania against the Ottoman Empire until his death.

Source 4:

(both: skãn´derbĕg) or Skanderbeg , c.1404-1468, Albanian national hero. His original name was George Castriota or Kastriotes, but the Ottomans called him Iskender Bey, and this was corrupted into Scanderbeg. The son of a prince of N Albania, he was educated in the Muslim faith as a hostage at the court of Sultan Murad II . The sultan showered favors on him and gave him the title bey and an army command. In 1443, when the Ottomans indicated they would attack Albania, Scanderbeg escaped to his homeland, abjured Islam, and formed a league of princes among the Albanian chieftains. He proclaimed himself prince of Albania. To resist the Ottomans under Sultan Muhammad II , Scanderbeg received aid at various times from Venice, Naples, Hungary, and the pope. He had success in these wars partly because of the rugged Albanian terrain and partly because he employed a mobile defense force using guerrilla methods. He withstood repeated attacks and forced the sultan to conclude a 10-year truce in 1461. Scanderbeg broke the truce in 1463 when Pope Pius II called for a new crusade. The pope's death (1464) forced abandonment of the crusade; Scanderbeg, left without allies, had to retreat to his fortress of Kroia. After his death the league dissolved, resistance collapsed, and Albania fell to the Ottomans. Scanderbeg's life is the source of many Albanian tales.

What we should know is that the Roman Emperor who gave you your religion was Albanian. Now go live in shame.

MARTYR said...

kakav je to vas narod, mi nemamo za Burek, ali vi nemate za zrak...Im not gonna fight with you guys. Im tired of this shit cuz i believe in Balkan UNtiy. I am a proud Yugoslav and I respect all nations, but no matter what you say or thnk or read, kosovo wont become independant. Im telling you right now not to get excited about its future because it wont happen. Im not saying this to piss you off, but I know inside people and trust me, its not gonna happen.
Once again, I know your going to swear now and say KOSOVA blah blah blah, right now im being civilized and telling you it snot gonna happen. Not because USA like serbia ahahhaa....that would be funny, but because of other countries. Like Pays Basque, Tibet, Chechnya, Srpska Republika, New mexico and so on.Its not gonna happen man, and once again, I"m a strong believe rin Balkan Unity. I know lots of albanians and i am good friends with them, jus tlike i had an Albanian gf. But the difference between me and them and me and u is that they wanted a equal environment and peaceful stability. You guys on the other hand will kill your own parents for the independance of Kosovo. Have fun

Anonymous said...

Tibet, Chechenya, Quebec, Basques,Kurdistan etc. Think man Serbia is nothing like China, Russia, Canada,Spain or Turkey. This is why the rest of the world bombed you in the first place and why it hasn't bombed the countries mentioned above. This is why places like Sovenia, Croatia, Fyrom, Bosnia where separated from Jugoslavia in the first place. On the other hand you can proudly state that you have a lot in common with Afghanistan they too were bombed.
...And about that killing comment; the Serbs killed their own kind, u killed slavs with whom u share the same culture language and heritage. To you human life means nothing.You're the people who cut open the fetus of pregnant women and boil it while they're dying.
Read the plan above then think before ever mentioning the word kill. Kosova is the last piece of puzzle that dismantles the evil union of what was known as Greater Serbia. That entity is dead.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention this, te qifsha robt shkerdhat muti. Buce, Baxhelle, bythqire.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Serb and my family left Kosovo more than a thousand years ago, but my friends and family say that I look Albanian. I look okay so I dont mind. The other guy is right we all have mixed blood except Yugoslavs who don't even exist as a people.

Anonymous said...

Ok, guys lets all listen to MARTYR. So MARTYR what else can you tell us oh wise one?

Kosova is already indepenendent, there is not a single serbian police/military officer, not a single tax is taken by serbia, we are separate from our northern neighbor.

And guess what, if one single serb soldier walks into kosova, there will be a war like you've never seen before, and trust us, this time we might not be civilized, there are those among us who have LOST EVERYTHING, but thanks to our culture they keep the peace. Continuing with your threats will only end up negatively, serbia will be rejected by the rest of europe.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is what you are calling civility....

Experts examine Kosovo mass grave

The bodies of 22 Serbs were found in a cave in late April
UN forensic experts are examining bodies found in a mass grave in Kosovo, believed to be Serbs killed by ethnic Albanian guerrillas in 1998.
The grave was found in the town of Malisevo, 45 km (30 miles) south-west of the capital Pristina.

If confirmed, this would be the second such find in a month after 24 bodies were found in a cave last month.

Nearly 3,000 people are still missing since the Kosovo war, including several hundred Serbs.

"There are multiple remains of bodies and at least two complete bodies," Marcia Poole, a UN spokeswoman, said.

"They are presumed to be Serbs missing since 1998," she added.

Obstacle to reconciliation

Guerrillas from the Kosovo Liberation Army kidnapped a number of Serbian villagers from the Orahovac area in Southern Kosovo in July 1998 to try and obtain the release of ethnic Albanian prisoners held by Serbian security forces.

But the exchange of prisoners never took place.

Serbs and Kosovo Albanians held a meeting in Belgrade in March to discuss the issue of missing persons, which remains a key obstacle along the path to reconciliation.

Six former rebel leaders, including former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, are on trial in The Hague, charged with abducting and killing Serb civilians.

The Kosovo conflict ended when Serb forces, who had killed thousands of Albanian civilians, were driven out by a Nato bombing campaign in 1999.

Kosovo is still part of Serbia, but the UN administers the province and almost 20,000 Nato troops provide security there.

Talks on whether Kosovo will become independent or remain part of Serbia are due to begin later this year, subject to a UN review of democracy and human rights standards in the country.

Anonymous said...

this guy martyr is one dumb son of a bitch, he is funny though. . .dogg, new mexico, that is a fucking state in the US man (and I don't mean dogg as in the hip-hop sense but in a smelly, nasty biatch sense).

At this point, Albanians will no longer kill their own parents for the independence of Kosova but rather they will kill everyone eleses parents for ith. And, rightly so. . . hell they have suffered enough, they were killed enough so it is about time we do some killing too. Therefore, could you please send us some more Yugoslav loving bitches like this one guy one here so that we can take our rage out too because I am getting bored.

Once again, NEW MEXICO you dumb son of a biatch, hahahahahahahah. . .hos stupid can you be, I mean I know you people twist the history of Kosova but New Mexico is the shit the States took the gorilla way son. Which by the way is the way we would slap your dumb as if you were to cross your southern border today

Anyway, that was funny. . .New Mexico. . . hahahaha

MARTYR said...

Like I said, im tired of this pointless shit because no, kosovo is not independant. You guys are not on the internaitonal map yet, therefor u are not independant. You guys are saying serbs slaughtered their own slavs? WW2, why dont you guys google jasenovac you ignorant shits. Croats slaughtered anti-nazi croats, serbs bosnians, and other shit you guys dont understand. Dont talk about the YUGOSLAVIAN war because you guys dont know shit about that, that is a completely different situation. SLovenia Makedonia and croatia deserved independance (but croatia shoulda given the 85% serbian krajina province to bosnia), but bosnia is iffy. Despite the war, despite politics and differences, many serbs croats and bosnians are still friends. We are like brothers, 1 people with different religions. THis is completely different than serbs and albanians. you say we ar eliving in denile?


You guys refuse to accept anything less than independance, you guys only think about yourselves. Nothing else, but you know what, Kosovo wont become independant. Im gonna say it again and again, im not syaing it to PISS YOU OFF, im speaking about the truth. I have come to the terms that you guys have the highest birth rate in EUrope, and kosovo will never be serbian majority ever again. But none of this matters, you guys wont get independance. Im speaking of the truth, not some bullshit im wishing for.

Lemme ask you one thing? What would you do if Kosovo doesnt become independant? and no, "that wont happen" is not an answer. Would you guys try to take over Kosovo with an army or some shit? Im trying to be unbiased here, but i guess its not possible with you people. But its not my problem, you guys are gonna be crying not me

Anonymous said...

An unbiased Serb what an oxymoron; ... and its not DENILE.
Read the plan for the anihilation of Albanians by your government. Is it so hard to understand and absorb it in your thick head? That is what will give Kosova its independence. Nobody in Serbia, or in the world can guarantee that tomorrow the Serbs won't start another war and follow the same plan again. Kostunica is kept as a prime minister by the votes of the socialist party, the votes of Milosebiatch's, wife and his friends. Your institutions and secret services are infested with Milosebiatche's men. The USA and EU sees this and they seem unwilling to start dropping bombs in Belgrade again just cuz some old dumb guy in Serbia still dreams of Greater Serbia. Those days are long gone.

By the way do u happen to know where 3 thousand Albanian civilians killed in Serbia are burried cause your states still denies to to make their location known to the families of the victims.

MArtyr said...

ignorence leads to nothing but no independance....

Anonymous said...

Hold let me get a pen, I wanna write this down. Its once in a lifetime you get the chance to read something like the one line comment above.

What a Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Martyr you didnt kill fellow slavs? Who is the overwhelming majority in the Hague tribunal? Serbs...

I have a better idea Martyr, we (Kosovars and Montenegro) will never let Serbia become independent. It is the cradle of our and Montenegro culture, and once we (both with Montenegrins) were a there, no independence for you (slap slap)...

Btw, let me congratulate you on the first and only (allegedly) mass grave commited by Albanians, now shall we start counting all the Serb-produced ones?

You see the problem is, you keep bringing up this things but don't realize there is plenty of material out there to build an encyclopedia of murders.

The best thing you can do is start living your own life and give up on these dreams of supremacy. Only that way can you go forward in life, coming here and talking crap will not take you anywhere. This I say out of care, as an Albanian I want to see my neighbors in a good and happy state, even Serbs who have caused me hurt, othervise we will never allow you to gain independence (cause you see, you depend on us to feel the way you feel, cause that is the way you want to feel, and that is: angry, sad, unhappy, all for reasons that make no sense and a history which has been retouched).

Anonymous said...

Martyr seems to talk some sense (except about Bosnia) everyone else seems to be from planet Zog.

Anonymous said...

Planet Zog is unknown to us, we come from planet Dardania.

Anonymous said...

Thats okay then.

Anonymous said...

Well as u can see Martyr comes from a planet that still backs up ideas from the neolitic era.

Anonymous said...

"It is long and thorough. After it, u have the link of a similar plan presented in 1937 in Blegrade. State organized genocide."

read a few history books, not just the u.s. one's, which is all 'b.s.!!'
do even know what centuray ur'e n?
that was Hilter's and the 3rd Rich!
not Jugoslavia!! Kosovo is our land, we let those stinky ass dirty skank's stay there afhter the war, and no-body would take em,! Italy kik'd em out the port cause they stank like SHIT!!
anyways, jsut cause thye have more wives and kids than us now, doesnt mena that they can have our fukin gplace!!

so get a life, or read a FEW books!! then if possible make your decsion!! ud b amazed at how ezy is 2 do!!

babe said...

Babe!!, not anonymous!
I have a big mouth, yes, but i can back it all the way!! So I did'n t2 go "anys"

beba said...

opps, sry didnt 'edit', was 2 pissed off at readinf how really fuking stupid,u "american idiots!"
realIy are!! "Is long and thorough. After it, u have the link of a similar plan presented in 1937 in Blegrade. State organized genocide."

that was a quote u used, which described the 3rd rich's "agenda"11

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