Thursday, May 05, 2005

Rugova: We do not want unification with Albania

Several dailies carry an interview Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova gave to Italian Newspaper, Il Giornale.

Unconditional independence for Kosovo, NATO and EU membership for Kosovo, shedding light on the issue of the missing are objectives of the Kosovo President who hopes to turn Kosovo into a state soon, says the lead of the interview.

Rugova reiterated that the best way would be for the US and the EU to recognise Kosovo’s independence, as the neighbouring countries would consequently recognise it. Kosovo’s independence would calm down the region and the people of Kosovo who are still uncertain about their future.

Asked whether he would meet Serbian President Boris Tadic, Rugova said he did not intend to, however, he said he could take part in an international conference where the status of Kosovo would be discussed and where Belgrade should take part but without a right of vote.

Rugova said he would like Italy to continue supporting processes in Kosovo.


MARTYR said...

Is it me or is Rugova not wanting to do anything right? hes so ugly i dont evenw anna see him on tv so its ok

Anonymous said...

With his ways, Rugova will end like Yasser Arafat.

No unification with Albania?

Why not, because you are afraid that they will remove you from your post or because you will not be able to stay in touch with your Serb comrades?