Monday, May 09, 2005

Kosovo opposition warns government to drop "ethnic" decentralization plan

Prishtina [Pristina], 7 May: The largest opposition party, PDK [Democratic Party of Kosovo], will participate in the debate on decentralization if it is scheduled for the next parliamentary session, but it will not give up its demand for a proper reform of this process and it will not accept the Kosova [Kosovo] government plan on pilot municipalities.

PDK secretary general Jakup Krasniqi told KosovaLive today that the PDK would not accept a decentralization plan that contributed to ethnic divisions or that went against the demands of the citizens.

"The form of decentralization that has been outlined in the new government programme is not decentralization at all, but rather an attempt to create new municipalities based on ethnic principles. That is not the way to bring citizens closer to power. This is why the PDK will not accept it," said former local government minister Krasniqi.

The PDK parliamentary group chief's reaction came after Kosova Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi's statement three days ago that the decentralization process would proceed -pilot municipalities included - regardless of the opposition bloc's opposition. Kosumi also said the first results of this process would be visible this autumn. [Passage omitted]

"The government must bear in mind that it has no right to take advantage of its strong position in parliament to take steps that go against the interests of Kosova citizens or that are harmful to the ongoing processes in Kosova," Krasniqi said. [Passage omitted]


Anonymous said...

It seems that the Kosovo opposition needs an explanation of the fundamentals of democracy. It is up to the parliament to determine what is against the interests of Kosova citizens and what is harmful to the ongoing processes in Kosova.

Krasniqi states that decentralisation along ethnic lines contributes to ethnic divisions and does not bring the citizens closer to power. I find this a very interesting point of view. Many countries with minorities think otherwise. But I am happy to tell mr. Krasniqi that he has some allies in Belgrade. They will be happy to erase that ethnic region Kosovo and to integrate it into Serbia.

Anonymous said...

Serbia attempted to erase the ethnic region of Kosova and failed. And by the way, democracy demands that parliament be removed if it does not represent the desires of the people who elected it.

Anonymous said...

That article uses words debate and oppose as actions used by the opposition in regard to a governament plan. This seems all ok to me, opposition asking for a govt plan to be reformed. Looks normal...