Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Belgrade calls on Kosovo Serbs again not to join Kosovo institutions

Zëri reports that Serb leadership in Belgrade has told Kosovo Serbs not to join Kosovar institutions since conditions for that have not yet been created. The instruction came out of the meeting of Council for Kosovo held in Belgrade and attended by Serbian PM Vojislav Kostunica as well as Serb politicians from Kosovo.

The decision of the Serb List for Kosovo and Metohija not to join Kosovo institutions was taken after the proposal of the Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica and advisors of President Boris Tadic.

Zëri reports that representatives of the Serb List have different stances on whether they should participate or not in Kosovo institutions. Goran Bogdanovic from the Democratic Party for Kosovo, which is a member of the List, says that they will respect the stance of president, prime minister and Coordination Center not to join Kosovo institutions.

However the leader of the List, Oliver Ivanovic, said before the meeting in Belgrade that it is high time Belgrade stopped dealing with obstructing the work of Kosovo institutions, and that it all now depends on the leadership of Serbia as to when the List MPs will join the institutions’.

Ivanovic has also said that for as long as they do not take part in institutions, they are only commentators.


Anonymous said...

Serbs, and then they talk obout coexistence of Albanians under Serbia. What a bunch of crap.

Anonymous said...

So, "more autonomy but no independence" in Serbias terms means:

We rule over Kosova, institutions of which we are obstructing, and whose people we are considering as second-grade citizens, while all the time we are happily enjoying our little ego-trip and see ourselves as an empire ruling over an unarmed nation. How pretty? :)

Serbia is in luck Bulgarians, Hungarians and Croats are fed up of fighting, I can see how at some point they just thought to themselves, "these people are hopeless, put a border here and keep'em out..."

Vote Yes for Serbia's Independence....