Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Albanian president: Solution of Kosovo issue prevents Balkan destabilisation

Tirana, 17 May: President of the Republic of Albania, Alfred Moisiu, stated today (Tuesday [17 May]) in Warsaw: "United Europe is not a dream, but a project of the future".

In his speech delivered at third summit of the heads of states of the Council of Europe in Warsaw, President Moisiu appreciated the importance of this summit, the third in the European history. "Since the summit of 1997, Europe, also including the region of Southeastern Europe, has evolved positively ", he noted.

President Moisiu also spoke of the coming parliamentary election in Albania and the issue of Kosova. "This election is considered the most important political challenge of Albania since the years 1991-1992, for it can put to an end to the political transition of the country and mark a fundamental step ahead in the consolidation of democracy", Moisiu stated.

"The solution of the Kosova [Kosovo] issue should not be delayed. A delay may destabilizes the situation there and troubles the whole of the region", president of the Republic of Albania stated, while speaking on this problem.

Source: ATA news agency, Tirana, in English 1304 gmt 17 May 05


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the President of Albania help to solve the Kosovo problem by welcoming all his people back to Albania.

Anonymous said...

'...back to Albania'?

You ignorant creature. The only people who should 'go back' are the Serbs who came from the Ural mountains. Yes, go back to the Ural mountains where you came from. Albanians have always lived, live, and will always live in Kosova.