Thursday, May 12, 2005

Albanian president: Definition of Kosovo status promotes regional cooperation

Bucharest, 11 May: President of Republic Alfred Moisiu declared Wednesday [11 May], during the eighth summit of the heads of state of SEECP countries held in Bucharest: "The definition of the final status of Kosova would further promote the security system and regional cooperation. If this issue is not solved, we would not say that our region has definitely left the past behind and has achieved the desired tranquillity and stability."

President Moisiu assessed the regional cooperation through the promotion of peace and security. He emphasized: "Our region, from a centre of conflicts, has become a space, where the culture, nations, and different religious beliefs talk, cooperate, and display a clear political will for the creation of a joint European and Euro-Atlantic future."

President Moisiu expressed his stand in favour of encouragement of "projects on energy, regional transport, development of tourism, strengthening of local democracy and cultural exchanges".

Source: ATA news agency, Tirana, in English 1349 gmt 11 May 05

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