Wednesday, May 10, 2006

German police detain suspected Kosovo war criminal

Text of report by German news agency ddp

Wiesbaden: Special investigators of the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA) have caught in Hesse a long-sought war criminal from Kosovo. Arrested on Monday [8 May] evening in Seeheim-Jugenheim (Darmstadt-Dieburg district), the man is a presumed ringleader of the underground army UCK [Kosovo Liberation Army], who has been internationally sought for genocide, the BKA announced in Wiesbaden on Wednesday.

Between June and October 1998, the 38-year-old, together with other accomplices, is said to have abducted many people to a prison camp in Kosovo and to have mistreated or even killed them. Today there is not a trace of the victims, kidnapped from their homes and work places.

The UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) meanwhile has requested the extradition of the 38-year-old. It is the first time that UNMIK has sent such a request to German authorities, the Frankfurt attorney-general's office stated. It has not yet bee established when the 38-year-old will be extradited. At this time, the man is still being interrogated. The 38-year-old, who is a citizen of Serbia and Montenegro, offered no resistance when arrested.

Source: ddp news agency, Berlin, in German 1334 gmt 10 May 06


Cvijus011 said...

"abducted many people to a prison camp in Kosovo and to have mistreated or even killed them"

"Today there is not a trace of the victims, kidnapped from their homes and work places."

A true freedom fighter.
Kidnapping victims from their houses and works sounds to me more as terrorism

Cvijus011 said...

For those that speak Serbian:

Pucano na Srbe
11. maj 2006. | 11:05 | Izvor: Beta
Kosovska Mitrovica -- Dva Srbina su teško povređena u jutrošnjem napadu nepoznatih osoba u selu Grabovac, nekoliko kilometara od Kosovske Mitrovice.

Kako su Beti preneli srpski izvori na Kosovu, u napadu automatskim oružjem povređeni su Jovan Milošević i Jablan Jevtić, radnici benzinske pumpe u Grabovcu. Napad se dogodio oko 3.30, povređeni su prebačeni u bolnicu, i posle operacije su u teškom stanju.

Prema navodima lekara kosovsko-mitrovičke bolnice, njihovo stanje je i posle operacija kritično i obojica su na intenzivnoj nezi. Jevtić je izgubio mnogo krvi, što otežava njegov oporavak, a Milošević ima više rana.

Reč je o trećem incidentu na severu Kosova u poslednjih nekoliko dana. U prvom je blizu sela Rudare, kod Kosovske Mitrovice, pucano na sekretara Eparhije raško-prizrenske, a potom je u selu Rudnik kod Srbice kamenovan autobus sa Srbima.

Anonymous said...

another albo barbarian... he must be angry that i enjoyed fucking his daughter and wife in a cheap brothel for penny's

Anonymous said...

There exist in the Serb tradition several folk songs in which a higher spiritual force tells the Serbs what they should do, teaches them how to chose the best path, but they always fail to recognise the rather muffled signals, the carefully veiled predictions. The Serbs take no notice when it thunders on St Sava’s day, or when lightning strikes on the Day of Precious Chains [of the Apostle Peter] - they continue with their inarticulate, stupid and already lost combat with the rest of the world. Like the horse in Yesenin’s poem which races a locomotive.

I have written on several occasions that the Kosovo Serbs will soon find themselves in another state, and that they would do best to avoid the Serbian embassy in Prishtina being the one to protect their human rights, freedom and security. For that not to happen, it is necessary that they sober up as soon as possible, give up their vulgar nationalist rhetoric, and begin in cooperation with their neighbours to create politically self-sufficient Serb communities within independent Kosovo. The international community and Kosovo Albanians will, I am sure, help them in this.

Anonymous said...

Suspected Kosovo war criminal held in Germany

10 May 2006

FRANKFURT - German police have arrested a man suspected of war crimes in Kosovo eight years ago, prosecutors said Wednesday.

The 38-year-old, identified only as X.G., was in charge of a prison camp where many people died, prosecutors in Frankfurt said.

He was also believed to be a leading figure in the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK).

The United Nations Mission in Kosovo has asked for the suspect to be extradited.

He was detained by national police in the small town of Seeheim- Jugenheim, south of Frankfurt.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

NYoutlawyer said...

I have not seen "one " pro-albo here denounce this war criminal's actions, why? And do you think that ceku was not involved with this, he was the leader of the kla afterall. The soldier acts on orders.

This is the biggest UN coverup in it's history. It will be found out and they will rot in hell with their albanian killers.

Zivela Srbija!

NYoutlawyer said...

Are we all really suppose to believe ceku and thaci knew nothing of this death camp? I say, bring the whole UN before the Hague, and let's find out the truth. Why the cover up? Why prosecute Serbians and let the kla go free?

The world WILL learn the truth one day. This one-way media will be exposed too.

Zivela Srbija!!!

NYoutlawyer said...

I will have some pork fried rice in China's honor tonight for dinner.

NYoutlawyer said...

I speak Serbian, and TY for the news story. These fucking animals in kosovo will one day get what they deserve, SHIT!

Their own actions will be their demise. Siptarska govna!

Tom said...

I can see there is a lot of "love" between serbs and albanians. Why do you hate eachother so much? Just curious.

Truth Hurts said...

Well Tom the Albanians would rather kill you in your sleep, then face you face to face. All the Albanians i have kicked the Shit out of here in Canada all had one thing in common. They like to only fight when the odds are in their favors. But when they chose to fight this Serb 4 of them against me, they fucked up. I gave them the beating of their life here. They don't hang out at that Starbucks anymore, and they don't beg for change their too. But Tom if you wanna know why there is so much hattred, look it up on the internet in the History of the Ottoman Empire. The Albanians can say anything they want, but they can't rewrite the history. Believe me they are trying to.