Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ahtisaari preparing China and Russia for status

Prishtina [Pristina], 9 May: After receiving initial signals from the UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] administration about the Kosovars' "quite positive" progress in the implementation of the Standards [for Kosovo], the international team involved in resolving the status of Kosova [Kosovo] has started to prepare the ground for the start of talks on status. Diplomats from the Contact Group country members say that Kosova has already entered the phase of "bringing friends closer" or gaining the support of the most important factors in order to open the status issue as soon as possible.

"We have seen ups and downs in the negotiations on technical issues, especially in the area of decentralization. We expect to have more or less the same situation on the issue of religious heritage on 23 May, and on the economy - though no exact date has been set - this is expected to happen on 29 May and 2 June. Even though it seems to us that 31 May would be more appropriate, we will see what Albert Rohan [UN deputy envoy on Kosovo status] brings after his visit to the two capitals," a Contact Group source told Koha Ditore.

There will be parallel visits that are expected to start by mid-May, where on one side Albert Rohan will start to "negotiate the first compromise" on the issue of decentralization, while Stefan Lehne [EU envoy on Kosovo status], on the other, will explore all the possibilities to ensure that there are no wasted meetings before UNMIK chief Soeren Jessen-Petersen reports to the UN Security Council session, in order to strengthen the position of [UN] chief negotiator Martti Ahtisaari.

"President Ahtisaari is expected to line up the five permanent UN members in his support. He will have the most difficult part of his job in Moscow and Beijing. In the meantime, we in the Contact Group can only offer our support and wait for the conclusions of these meetings," Contact Group officials said.

According to the office of Martti Ahtisaari, their chief plans to visit Moscow first, on 25 May, and Beijing on 5-6 June. Before the visits to Moscow and Beijing, Ahtisaari is expected to conclude a cycle of visits in the region within the next 10 days. On Friday [12 May] he will visit Prague, while next week he will be in Bucharest.

The diplomats do not hide their fear that not everything can go as foreseen by them. According to them, if Prishtina slows down or stagnates in the fulfilment of the priority Standards, then the Kosovars themselves will be responsible for the postponement of the status definition process.

"These things will be clear after Mr Rohan returns from Belgrade and Prishtina. At this moment we do not expect he will be able to get anything from Belgrade. But who knows, we are very much satisfied that there is an agreement on three new municipalities - Ranillug [Ranilug], Gracanice [Gracanica] and Novoberde [Novo Brdo] - and here we expect compromises. We cannot say from whom, but this is what Albert Rohan has tasked himself to do in the Balkans. We do not expect an agreement, but a compromise, and Rohan is aware of this," diplomats told Koha Ditore.

The Contact Group diplomats say that they will discuss and assess the situation in the technical talks by themselves in the French capital on 25 May. According to them, the final version of the UNMIK report on the technical evaluation of fulfilment of the Standards, as well as a personal report by Rohan on the talks on decentralization, will be on the table at this meeting. During the meeting a conclusion will be drawn as to "which doors must be knocked on to exert pressure". Diplomats say that that meeting will be the final chance for Prishtina and Belgrade to take the negotiations seriously.

"We cannot say that we are not satisfied with the course of talks, but neither side has shown sufficient seriousness. In the last round of talks in Vienna we had the impression that we were in a circus, since both sides made fun and laughed at the stance of the other side. We hope that they will laugh when it is all over," a Western diplomat, who insisted on not being named, said.

Source: Koha Ditore, Pristina, in Albanian 10 May 06 p 1


Anonymous said...

Jemi aq afer, aq afer statusit final! Nuk guxojme ta leshojme kete shanse historike.Ta bejmeKosoven shtet njehere e pergjithmone. Te jemi dicka, dikushi....ta dime fatin tone! Mendoj se afrimi i serbeve edhte esencial ne keto momente, qe ti marrim vlersimet pozitive. Te bejme politike bashkohore e jo ballkanike (serbe).

"Let's not go against the grain" thojne amerat,sikur te isha udheheqes i Kosoves do tu shkoja serbeve neper shtepia ti siguroja ne bashkjetese, eshte me rendesi strategjike dhe interes nacional. A eshte e munder qe ta shohim kete moment si te tille???
shpresoj se po.


ivan said...


I dont know if you are stupid or what.... dont you get it that these kind of incidents( see the article below) only go against your "independance".

IF you have treated Serbs correctly after the Nato bombing, I am sure that half of the Serbian population would not mind giving away Kosovo and Metohija to you. But due to your barbaric culture, you just give us more and more arguments to oppose the theft that you are trying to conduct.

MITROVICA, Serbia and Montenegro, May 11 (Reuters) - Two Serb men were shot and wounded on Thursday in an attack on a petrol station in the tense, mainly Serb, north of Kosovo, police sources said.

A police spokesman said two men were seriously wounded in the incident on the main road a few kilometres north of the flashpoint town of Mitrovica, which has been divided since the 1998-99 war between Serbs and ethnic Albanians.

Police sources and hospital officials said they were two Serbs aged 19 and 21 who were working at the petrol station when shot at from an automatic weapon at around 3.00 a.m. (0100 GMT).

"They have been operated on and are no longer in danger," said Doctor Vladimir Adic of the north Mitrovica hospital.

The owner of the petrol station said no money was missing. Police said the motive was unclear.

Kosovo's 100,000 Serbs have been targeted by sporadic violence since the United Nations took control of the Serbian province in 1999, when NATO bombs drove out Serb forces accused of ethnic cleansing in a two-year war with Albanian rebels.

Mitrovica has seen some of the worst violence since the end of the war and the NATO deployment, when around half Kosovo's Serb population fled a wave of revenge attacks.

NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer is due to visit Kosovo on Thursday as a decision nears on its future.

The 90-percent Kosovo Albanian majority is pushing for independence in U.N.-mediated talks that began in February in Vienna. The major powers want a deal on "final status" within the year but Serbs reject independence.

NATO has around 17,000 soldiers stationed in Kosovo.

tironsi said...

Ivan, it's true that those incidents (if committed by Albanians) hurt the independence cause, but remember that Kosova will be independent one way or another. Even if it doesn't get recognized by the UN with a seat, there will be independence declared.

Me hir apo pahir

Anonymous said...

O Ivan Shkavelli,

I am not going to offend you on the same way; by saying that you are stupid or something else, but when it comes to the barbaric culture, you Serbs, have shown to the world that you are unmatched barbarians. Nowadays words Serbs and Barbarians are the same, and that is why usually people from Serbia when they are asked where they are from they say from Belgrade, trying to hide the name Serbia and Serb, as German Nazis would do after the Second World War. Most of you are nothing but pathetic Nazis, Fascists, medieval zealots, Fundamental Christians who have lost your path. As long as you are like this, it suits as Albanians!

Best wishes,

Qeni Rojtar i Sharrit

ivan said...

Keni i Sharrit,

I realised you siptars are so full of words, but none of you are really able to give me any convincing facts or evidence. But what can you expect from a nation that is still at the premature level.

To open up your eyes , as our fellow oftamologist blogger Konaction would say, here is a link that I am sure would prove how your fellow copatriots are peace loving and human:

Pomoz Bog,



PS- We Serbs dont get insulted when you call us Serb, or Srbin. How do you feel when i call you a Siptar ? ;)

mitrovica pika pika said...

You should, be ashamed when someone calls you a serb, its synonymous with rapist.

Cvijus011 said...


after seeing these pics for me now albanian is a synonym for headcutter, childrapist and many more

mitrovica pika pika said...

you have picures we have videos of you killing from start to finish.

ivan said...

please show me those videos...

mitrovica pika pika said...

you can just go and rent them at the nearest video store anywhere in about sick morbid fucks.

mitrovica pika pika said...

here is one in case you need to masturbate

ivan said...

Mitorvia pichka pichka,

Dont show me Srebrenica, show me the videos of crimes we comitted in Kosovo and Metohija.

And by the way, can somebody give me a link to a list of the 10 thousand albanian victims, where they are categorized to age and sex?

I have been asking this for the past month, and nobody was able to give it to me.

mitrovica pika pika said...

Why do you need the list? you want to get an erection since you didnt have one since the end of the war.Sick fuck!

Anonymous said...

Watch Cvijus and Ivan complement one another. Psychopathic homo's that have nothing better to do in their lives. Heck, serbs here in usa claim they're croats because they're ashamed to admit they have such a barbarian and terrorist background. Another thing, I noticed how you try to put yourselves apart from Seselj. You're the same piece of shit. I wonder how excited you were when Seselj started planning to infect Kosovars with AIDS. Quit playing stupid, you know it well. You are, again, same shit in a different package. It's a part of Seri-an (int.) character to LIE, to COVER UP, to MAKE UP/FABRICATE.

Here's a reminder, just for your pride, from Dobrica Cosic, one of Serbia's "greatest intellectuals":

"Lying is a form of our patriotism and is evidence of our innate intelligence. We lie in a creative, imaginative, and inventive way."
Dobrica COSIC - a Member of Serb Academy of Arts and Sciences, referring to the Serbian nation.

Anonymous said...


Protesters Blast Serbia Over Mladic
By JOVANA GEC, Associated Press Writer
Tue May 9, 9:28 PM ET

BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro - Thousands of protesters on Tuesday demanded the Serbian government resign because it has failed to arrest war crimes suspect Gen. Ratko Mladic, leading to a suspension of talks with the European Union.

The chanting protesters also accused conservative Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica of failing to distance Serbia from Slobodan Milosevic's regime.

"There won't be a European Serbia until we truly defeat all those who make us look like Nazis," said Cedomir Jovanovic of the opposition Liberal Democrats.

He demanded early elections to replace the current Cabinet, which missed a recent EU deadline to extradite Mladic to the Netherlands-based U.N. war crimes tribunal.

The U.N. tribunal has charged Mladic with genocide in the 1995 slaughter of up to 8,000 Muslims in eastern Bosnia and a three-year siege of Sarajevo by Bosnian Serb troops during the 1992-95 Bosnian war.

Brussels officials have put the pre-membership talks with Serbia on hold until Mladic faces justice.

The government in Belgrade claims it would extradite the fugitive if it could find him, but the opposition politicians — as well as U.N. prosecutors — insist the government is stalling Mladic's arrest.

A government official, meanwhile, acknowledged that authorities missed their chance to arrest Mladic years ago.

Rasim Ljajic said investigators traced Mladic's whereabouts from 1997 to 2005, which led to the conclusion that "when his arrest was possible, it was not done. ... Now when the will exists, it is difficult ... because he's hiding really well."

Anonymous said...

Ivan (you should be called Jovan, picko) and Cvijic pizdo; do you want facts about barbaric massacres done by your brothers, by blasphemous (so-called) Orthodox Christian Serbs? Than here we are:

Qeni i Sharrit

(Shkavella! I am watching you! Jesus is with Albanians!)

Cvijus011 said...

Are you all blind, stupid or illiterate?

Ivan asked for a list categorized by age and sex and the exact number of albos killed by Serbian forces.

Is it so hard to get that?

Qeni i Sharrit, your name reminds me of ceni i seri :)))

Anonymous said...

I will say to Cvijus as Jesus said:

"Why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts?"

"Take heart, son; your sins are forgiven."

"Get up, take your mat and go home."

Qeni i Sharrit, the Albanian watchdog

PS cvili, cvili Cvijuse, imam te na nisanu!

Anonymous said...


what does Ser-i-Mo remind u of? Well, you're Seri-an and you are from there, hihihi. Anything that comes out of your head -- you know what that equals.

--Cheers from Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

The very long list of thousands of Albanians missing is displayed in front of the parliament in Prishtina, along with pictures of the missing. I am unsure whether they removed it now since I'm no longer there, but yes Ivan, names and pictures exist, their families exist. You cannot deny such crimes committed by Serbs. I don't posses any online link providing the names, but if I ever obtain one, I'll make sure you see it.

- Illyriana

Anonymous said...

The long list with names and pictures of the many thousands of Albanians missing is displayed in front of the parliament building in Prishtina. I am unsure whether it's still up there as I'm no longer in Pr. However, Ivan, the names and pictures exist, their families are alive. It's a shame to deny that those crimes were committed by Serbs. I do not posses any online link providing the names/pics, but If I ever obtain one, I'll make sure you get to see it. However, it's shameful to deny admitting the horrible things that happened to those people.

--Andrew P.

ivan said...

Andrew P,

I never denied the crimes have been comitted, but i would really like to know the names, their age and sex. there is nothing wrong or immoral about that.I hope you manage to find the link.

Qeni i Sharrit,

I am glad you are able to quote the Bible, but tell me isnt is the work of Satan to burn churches and to spit on the holy cross?

And Mitrovica picka picka,

"Why do you need the list? you want to get an erection since you didnt have one since the end of the war.Sick fuck"

Please go and see a doctor, you really need help.

ilir said...

your comments are so unrelated to the topic. You that swear at each other: Get a life. Ivan in English you say "Albanians". Show some civilization, and not a Seselj-like language. He is in the Hague. Get real! Stop offending each other for once!

Anonymous said...

Serbs are a very cultured and inteligent people. Look at Tesla - the man brought you electricity... all the albos gave the world is some ugly disease infested prostitutes. kosovo is serbian!!!! next time i fuck an albo bitch i will be extra violent on her ass

Anonymous said...

If Albanians were slaughtered... GOOD! too bad the people slaughtering did not finish the job.

Ahmet N Murati said...

Ivan you will see some day that page will be gone in history. So shut down it because we gave much more than 600 000 US$ for Kosova.

If we need I would give to my last penny for independence of Kosova either recognized by "Serbia" or not.

Just think about if we enter to EU prior than you what kind of vote we will give to Serbia, of course negative unless Serbia has payed a lot to Kosovo and Kosovars.

So, don't mesh we 21 century peoples as we all know that your expansion plans have been postponed since meideval age. Open your eyes and see the reality.

By the way have you seen last night the interview of Sllavisha Petkoviçit given at Rubikon and interviewed by Adriatik Kelmendi. I think he is the only serbian the live in reality other than many others. And if I can find the transcript I will post it. So you could know more about the world outside Belgrade's Pashallëk.

By Serbia, or servians or who knows how to call you because if it would be done the DNA test among the nowadays citizens of Serbia the results would be the most strangest in the Europe. On your root there are Albanians, illyrians, Turkish, Roma, and other that came from Carpats.

Ahmet N Murati said...

" Anonym hat gesagt…

Serbs are a very cultured and inteligent people. Look at Tesla - the man brought you electricity... all the albos gave the world is some ugly disease infested prostitutes. kosovo is serbian!!!! next time i fuck an albo bitch i will be extra violent on her ass "

Hey you do you have any Idea that Tesla is not a serbian last name.

And whose origin was his Mother.

Puta de Madre

His mother would undersand this.

gujgli said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
gujgli said...

Ahmet n Murati,

"By the way have you seen last night the interview of Sllavisha Petkoviçit given at Rubikon and interviewed by Adriatik Kelmendi. I think he is the only serbian the live in reality other than many others. And if I can find the transcript I will post it. So you could know more about the world outside Belgrade's Pashallëk."

Maybe you can ask Serbs especially those from Kosovo and Metohija what they think about Slavisa Petkovic.

What he done in order to be respected? How many Serbs came back in KaM under his supervision?

His oppinions are totally irrelevant, even his own party abandoned him. Lone gun with many of brainless bullets.

Konaction said...

Ivan and Civjus,

You fucking nazi funny serbs! You always have to be against thw whole world. Think of a fact you fought with everyone in Balkans, it hurts? does it?

I gave you two guys my prescription: See an oftamologist urgently, you're eyes are blind just like your asses.

Come to daddy! - bring your sisters too!


Anonymous said...

I have written on several occasions that the Kosovo Serbs will soon find themselves in another state, and that they would do best to avoid the Serbian embassy in Prishtina being the one to protect their human rights, freedom and security. For that not to happen, it is necessary that they sober up as soon as possible, give up their vulgar nationalist rhetoric, and begin in cooperation with their neighbours to create politically self-sufficient Serb communities within independent Kosovo. The international community and Kosovo Albanians will, I am sure, help them in this.

NYoutlawyer said...

This is how UN set up albo criminal government will deal with minorities. A sad face for the UN, as always.

Between 15,000 and 20,000 Romanies have sought shelter in Macedonia fleeing Kosovo and Metohija before ethnic Albanian terrorism, according to incomplete figures released by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

They are either accommodated in collective centres or staying with relatives and friends.

Bajram Berat, one of the leaders of Macedonia’s Romanies, has stated in Skopje that the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Serbia’s southern province (KFOR) does not protect non-Albanians well enough from the ethnic Albanian terrorist organization calling itself Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Berat said that members of his people were especially the target of the ethnic Albanians’ brutal assaults.

About 400 Romanies are accommodated at the Dare Bombol camp near Skopje, set up by Macedonia’s Red Cross. Germany’s Red Cross and UNHCR also care for them.

The pro-government daily Nova Makedonija quoted Thursday some of the Romany refugees as saying that they had fled Kosovo and Metohija because ethnic Albanians who had returned to the province had threatened to retaliate claiming that the Romanies had acted as the Serbs’ right hand.

They said that it was true that they had lived in harmony with Serbs but said they had lived in harmony also with those ethnic Albanians who had led a peacefu life. Some of the Romanies speak Albanian but this did not help because ethnic Albanians had thrown them out of their homes simply because they did not like the colour of their skin.

Ethnic Albanians had given Romanies in Magora, Stimlje and Lipljan area two hours to leave their homes threatening to kill them if they failed to do so. They then started torching houses belonging to Romanies who tried to find refuge in other parts of Yugoslavia and Macedonia.

Alija Feta, a Romany refugee, said that ethnic Albanians had even refused to allow Romanies to buy bread while they had been trying to reach Macedonia. They somehow managed to arrive in Macedonia via Urosevac and Djeneral-Jankovic.

According to Romany refugees, not a single Romany has remained in Kosovo and Metohija, while most of their houses have been torched. In the village of Magore alone, ethnic Albanians have set fire to 90 houses, according to Saban Celimi.

Celimi told Nova Makedonija that it had been terrible when KLA members had wanted to slaughter his three-year-old son only for being a Romany.

Esad Bektesi told the paper that two of his daughters had been sacked by ethnic Albanians for the same reason and had been ordered to leave the province.

Romany refugees expect KFOR to ensure their safe return and full protection from ethnic Albanians. They also expect the international community to help them repair or re-build their houses.

Anonymous said...

ivan said
>>Dont show me Srebrenica, show me the videos of crimes we comitted in Kosovo and Metohija...<<

ivan, why not to show srebrenica?
let's show them together srebrenica:

illyriana & andrew p. - is it the same person or they are both in the same organization?

ahmet n murati said
>>...Just think about if we enter to EU prior than you what kind of vote we will give to Serbia...<<

hehe, what a megalomania....

ahmet n murati (again)
>>Hey you do you have any Idea that Tesla is not a serbian last name.<<

hehe, what an ignorance!

And, than, follows the biggest argument:

>>And whose origin was his Mother.
Puta de Madre
His mother would undersand this.<<

hehe, unbelievable civilized...

NYoutlawyer said...

Screw Ahtisaari, China and Russia will take no shit from this old fool. Where do they dig up these UN morons?

Glad to see albania making friends with the Chinese, that will surely secure kosovo's independence.

But hey, once a criminal, always a criminal. Do you expect albanians to change their stripes overnight?

Bg anon said...

I have to agree with gujgli about Slavisa Petkovic.

He holds very little respect in Serbia, not only among 'patriots' but also 'democrats'.

One day there probably will be a few Kosovo Serbs, worthy of respect who will more closely co-operate with Kosovo Albanians.

But this Petkovic is corrupt and simply a useful idiot.

Remember (this is to the Albanians here) the way that Serbs and Yugoslavs in the late 80's and 90's always had a useful Albanian who was basically a sell out who was aiming to make himself and his family rich?

Think about that the next time you see Petkovic. Yes the issue for Kosovo Albanians is to produce a Serb for international consumption but a low, crook with no principle is hardly a good example.

Anonymous said...

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Adi said...

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