Sunday, May 21, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Initial results - 56,3 % in Favor of Montenegro's Independence


Anonymous said...

GODSPEED Montenegro!!!
Next stop: Civil War in Serbia.

Dardania 2006 said...

Hope not.

Good luck Montenegro, now you can prove yourself :)

Sacred Dardanicum said...

There is a great possibility of war or civil war in Serbia and Montenegro. One reason is that Serbia has to disband its marine corps. So when maybe more than 2 thousand peoples will become unemployed then chances for a civil war are quite realistic.

Aftermath Serbia has to make Vojvodina Republic and the Sandzak and Presevo Valley as autonomous regions to retain all the positions at international agencies, embassies etc. Otherwise Serbia has to start all over. They will lose the chair at UN that SFRJ had. At OSCE, at all UN agencies.

What a nightmare!!!

Good luck Serbia with fucking politics.


Kosovo was Dardania, Kosovo is Dardania, Kosovo would be Dardania

NYoutlawyer said...

Fuck you and your dardania. It's the 21st century idiot.

Bg anon said...

Well, I have to say if there is going to be a civil war in Serbia there is no sign of any troops.

Come to think of it there is no sign of anything at the moment. People dont appear to care much.

You know when hatred of another is greater than love of your own. Well thats time to start worrying about your own state of mind sacred dardanicum.

Oh and a final comment, the headline is likely to be incorrect. The result is likely to be much closer to 55.4

NYoutlawyer said...

I wish you albanian pricks would come to the 21st century. When the fuck did dardania exist? Does not matter. albo's were always poor nothings and will continue to be. You are seeking independence to leech off the EU, but the EU will leeck off of you. SHITpar pricks!

NYoutlawyer said...

I piss on your sacred dardania. Fuck all you stinking SHITpars.

Chris Blaku said...

NYoutlawyer, that's an awfully hypocritical comment to make considering your nation's chief claim to Kosova is a falsified sense of national identity dating back six hundred years. Serbians were nothing more than guests in Kosova, at their best, and conquerers, at their very worst. Unfortunately, the latter scenario was much more common throughout the territory's tragic history.

ximi said...

long live dardania