Friday, May 12, 2006

US official says Kosovo independence demand acknowledged worldwide

Text of report by Radio-Television Kosovo TV website on 11 May

The American stance has been re-emphasized once more this week that the solution to Kosova's [Kosovo] political status as the last unsolved issue in the region has to be achieved during 2006 even though difficulties have not been excluded during the negotiating process.

The solution is not going to be easy however - the issue of Kosova is the last open issue in the Balkans. If we solve it correctly than the entire region is going to be able to move into Europe, said Assistant Secretary Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Daniel Fried. He emphasized that now the request of Albanians for independence is known worldwide. According to our viewpoint, independence has to be merited and be based on the achievements and pledges for achieving European norms, said Fried.

He said that Serbia, for whom this period is going to be very painful, has to be offered a path to lead it towards Europe because Serbia cannot be treated as abandoned by all. The current government is democratic and cannot be held responsible for events that happened in the 1990s.

Source: RTK TV website, Pristina, in Albanian 11 May 06


Anonymous said...

That's great. Hopefully the long awaited independence is coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Ohh poor Serbia should not be abandonded :D. This is not the same government as in 1990s? what is he talking about? I remember Seselj being activ in government since the 1980;s when I was born to today. It is the same crap with different name. If this government was any better, they would have seen what their predecors have done and apologize in the name of the people, the call half a milion ppl dead a fiction story. I dont think a country that hides most wanted war criminals can be called democratic and good.

NYoutlawyer said...

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Anonymous said...

someone is pissed, but who gives a shit, your fucked. Why don't u go back to Kosova and they that. Don't talk to us being garbage. remember u live in new york. why did u go there, is it because NIS, novi pazar, and everything else is garbage...
When were done all you will have is belgrade.

Anonymous said...

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Ahmet N Murati said...

Well, about the Serbia's government that has been changed into more democratic.

I will cite the Minister for Returnees in Kosova.

Slavisa Petkovic interview given on the TV Show "Rubikon" transmitted by KTV and held by Adriatik Kelmendi.

Nebojsa misli isto tako kao Milosevic.

Nebojsa thinks the same way as Milosevic.

Nebojsa is Nebojsa Covic

So, about what democratic government are you talking in Serbian Government.

Anonymous said...

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heku said...


Shkije trying to explain that we begged for independance and that now we are getting abused from internationals. This is a calculated process, they give us independence, they get fat and take all the money they want and you...... you get lost from that land for the next say... 10000 years!!!!!!!!

I'm not insulting the great people of serbia (who has even stolen the image of Tesla who's a Croat to print it on its money) but you are pathetic. You killed so many people that you should not expect any international recon for a while. Get prepared for an isolation of Serbia against all international flow coz that's not panslavist...


Mir said...

(who has even stolen the image of Tesla who's a Croat to print it on its money)


Truth Hurts said...

Man you Albanians are funny! Just remember Kosovo is Serbian land it always has been. Will they get independence?? HELL NO! What you will get is sent back to Albanian. If you don't like the laws in SERBIA then move back to ALBANIA. Ha they don't even want you uneducated pathetic pieces of shit.

mitrovica pika pika said...

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"No one can discuss the Balkans unless that person can adequately describe:

3) the significance of the Battle of Kosovo;

4) who was Karageorge. "

I ll try to explain- serbs betrayed the christian alliance at the battle of Kosova- Brankovic remember him.
Karageorge was killed by the serbs.

NYoutlawyer said...

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Truth Hurts said...

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Konaction said...

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