Monday, May 22, 2006

Kosovo independence referendum now "necessity", newspaper says

Text of report by Kosovo Albanian newspaper Kosova Sot on 22 May

In principle, if a community of less than 700,000 inhabitants is allowed to have a referendum to decide about its fate, this should not be denied to a community that is three times bigger in population and has economic, human, natural, and potentials to afford becoming a state. Even though Montenegro was independent at some point - that last lime it had independence was 90 years ago - from the perspective of actual developments, the things should be seen a bit differently. Kosova [Kosovo] has become a UN entity-protectorate, in efforts to become a state. So far, the Kosovars were denied the right to express their will for the definitive secession from Serbia, thus turning the process of former Yugoslavia's dissolution into a marathon of negotiations, which will most likely be unsuccessful.

The EU has accepted the referendum in Montenegro, even though with some conditions, but regardless of its results, the thing that interests us in Kosova is that the Montenegrins are allowed to hold a referendum, but the Kosovars are not. The international community should not apply two different standards when it comes to countries of the same region. Even though the Kosova citizens have confirmed through a referendum [informal; held in 1991] their will for independence, holding another referendum would be a good thing to finalize the hard negotiations. The Kosovars should have the right to decide about themselves, while discussions on defining other modalities could start after this. In essence, holding a referendum in Kosova would soften the current relations between Kosova and Serbia, legitimate Kosova's independence, and end certain circles' efforts to prevent Kosova's independence.

By allowing such a referendum, the international community would save time and money. Such a referendum would not create any problems; on the contrary, it would only solve more quickly the main problem - the status. Now that the possibility of delaying the talks until next year is mentioned, the need for a referendum becomes a necessity.

Source: Kosova Sot, Pristina, in Albanian 22 May 06 p 1


Mir said...

How stupid. Referendum in an overflowing Albanian population about whether to make a Albania II.

I wonder who would possibly win that referendum.

Dardan said...

To answer your question, people who have lived and still live in Kosovo.

Sacred Dardanicum said...

Excuse me all you who don't know
there is no need to have twice referendums. The result of the first referendum in Kosovo even wasn't recognized by international community gives a result how would be any result of referendums in Kosova.

So, if Javier Solana puts a threshold on Kosova's independence to 90% the result would be 94% in favor to independence.

ilir said...

The referendum for independence of Kosova is a must, that is the most democratic way of expressing the wish of the population of a territory. This is one of the main human rights. This has nothing to do with false accusations of creating any "Large" or "Larger" or any new version of an already existing state (read: Albania). Cheers,

ivan said...

sure, but you also then have to allow the Serbs in Kosovo to determine their own faith.So Kosovo should be divided.

Mir said...

"sure, but you also then have to allow the Serbs in Kosovo to determine their own faith.So Kosovo should be divided. "

I think the bullshit phrase you are searching for is "right to self-determination".

In fact i am tired of those damn federal airplanes flying over my house and making loud noise,I feel 'oppressed'. So tomorrow I will send the government a letter declaring my house and property an independent nation on the basis of "right to self determination" because of that oppressive airplane noise.

If you dont realize it already, Im being sarcastic.

Dardan said...


Did those federal planes bomb the shit out of your home?

If so, you have the right of self-determination.


Mir said...

No but the loud noise is making my ears uncomfortable so I have NO OTHER choice but to declare my house an independent nation.

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