Monday, May 15, 2006

Serbian prime minister urges EU members to help his country maintain its borders

BERLIN (AP) - Serbia's Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica on Monday urged European Union members to assist it in keeping Serbia and Montenegro united.

In a speech in the German capital, where he met with Chancellor Angela Merkel, Kostunica urged EU members to understand the difficulties faced by Serbia, which is trying to push through reforms aimed at helping it join with its European neighbors while at the same time trying to prevent Montenegro and Kosovo from breaking away.

"This is an appeal to all Europeans to see the danger posed to Serbia by these factors and to help us to solve these problems," Kostunica said.

He insisted that Serbia and Montenegro, a loose union under which the two share only defense and foreign ministries, allowed them both to be stronger on an international front. Montenegrins are to vote on May 21 whether to maintain the union or break off on their own.

Merkel and Kostunica did not speak to the press after their discussions and there was no comment from the chancellory on their talks.

Earlier this month, the EU suspended talks with Serbia on forging closer ties because of Belgrade's failure to deliver fugitive Gen. Ratko Mladic to the U.N. war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands.

While Kostunica said that it was understandable that the EU is demanding cooperation from Serbia regarding Mladic, he said that the threat to his nation's integrity was an equally important problem, particularly in Kosovo, the province of 2 million, which has been an international protectorate since 1999 NATO bombing forced Serbia to end a crackdown against the separatist rebels.

Kostunica charged that Serbs and other minorities had suffered discrimination at the hands of the ethnic Albanians over the past seven years and handing them independence would be tantamount to rewarding that behavior.

Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority insists on independence, while its Serb minority and Belgrade are seeking to keep Kosovo at least formally within Serbia's boundaries.

U.N.-mediated talks on Kosovo's future, which began in February, aim at finding a settlement by the end of the year.

The ethnic Albanians in Kosovo in the past have rejected any proposals that fall short of independence -- a stance that Kostunica called "unproductive."


ilir said...

Ms. Merkel slapped in your face, Mr. Kostunica, saying that "the Contact Group guidelines should be respected" And to refresh your memory, a specific part of it says "Ministers look to Belgrade to bear in mind that the settlement needs, inter alia, to be acceptable to the people of Kosovo." (see in
Can it be clearer? artificially created borders could never be kept, neither will now after all that bloodshed happened in Kosova. Best,

Truth Hurts said...

LOL Kosovo will never be independent you uneducated Albanians. I will tell you why! First the Serbs will never let that happen. Second the Americans and the rest of Europe won't let that happen, why? Simple if a majority of people over populate a country and then try to make it independent like in Kosovo. All countries in the world will see this as an example and try to do the same thing. You think the rest of the world wants that, i don't think so. Look in the US how the mexicans are trying to do the same as the Shiptars are. If Bush lets this happen in Kosovo, then the Mexicans will take back California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Now use what little brain you have in your head and think about that!

Agim Ceku is a known KLA war criminal and is a puppet for the US for the time being. When they are done getting what they want he goes to jail like Saddam Hussein.

Oh by the way you read the article about what China had to say about Kosovo and its independence. Simple they said they will help Serbia protect their soverignty over Kosovo in the way of anything they need. I think if i'm not mistaken China said they will send soldiers. Funny how they have veto power like Russia. Oh no now your going to say why didn't they veto the bombings to beggin with.

Answer to that was that Yeltsin was the Russian President and a bit too drunk to know what was going on and getting paid to keep quite. Also you notice how you don't hear anything about Chechnya in the paper anymore. Its called Putin had enough of the US and their bullshit. Also Putin has made it very clear that if Serbia is attacked this time he will send soldiers and declare war on any countries that attack it, as their allies China have said. You know what that means?

Means there will be another war soon in the Balkans, and this time the outcome will be alot different without US and NATO interference. Its called PAY BACK !!!!!!!!!

Konaction said...

Hey truth hurts,

I know you wish there were more wars but one thing is for sure, there WILL BE NO WARS again, not in Balkans!

It's funny how blind you are :)

Visit Prishtina said...


If there is any truth to your "name", you must be hurting, a lot.

You sound like a defeated boxer, "next time" this will happen, "next time" its going to be pay back time, "next time"...

Grow up! You've been beaten badly and you must learn to accept defeat, or else...

Cvijus011 said...

"Grow up! You've been beaten badly and you must learn to accept defeat, or else..."

Or else what?

You will kill Serbian grannies and children, or even stone some busses, demolish churches and Serbian owned supermarkets?

pepaj said...

Ican assure any Serb that believes America and NATO will turn their backs on Albanians living in Kosova, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro is as unlikely as Serbia keeping Kosova. Keep in mind that during the NAT0 strikes,60 percent of England's citizens supported ground troops to oust Serbs from Kosova.

Russia will support Serbia, than America will support Chechnya. Remember Rambo in Afghanistan.