Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Albania launches international tender to build road segment

TIRANA, Albania (AP) - Albania invited national and international companies on Tuesday to bid on contracts worth up to 6.7 billion leks (US$73 million; euro57.2 million) to build a 30-kilometer (18.6 miles) road to neighboring Kosovo, the Transport Ministry said.

The construction of Kalimash-Morine, 200 kilometers (124 miles) northeast of capital Tirana, will be financed with loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank. Construction is expected to begin within the next few months and end in 18 months.

That is part of the 170-kilometer (105 miles) road linking the Albanian port city of Durres with the Morine border crossing point to Kosovo, the ministry said in a statement.

Kosovo is important to Albania because most of the tourists visiting the western Balkan country are ethnic Albanians from Kosovo and Macedonia as well as expatriate Albanians returning from other parts of Europe.


Alban said...

It will be a great day once that highway is built, linking albanians with an infrastructure to knit our fatherland with easy access to our country and make our way into becoming a modern and prosperous nation. kismet

long live shqipnia(albania)

Dardania 2006 said...

economicaly, it is the only way for us to prosper.

a rail link is crutial too.

i say give the tender to internationals. local companies will steal it all.

heku said...

internationals prooved that they can steal it aswell...

give it to reliable locals. yes there are some

heku said...

And of course, as north will be banned for our trucks and trains we will have to reach for roads through the south or the west towards fresh Montenegro

Hellenic-pride said...

Finally, you will not need any donkeys anymore to go from one place to another. Ohhh, but you need also cars cause donkeys are not allowed on the highways. Ask you uncles that are selling drugs abroad, maybe he will buy you a Model T car, freshly produced in 1903.

Cvijus011 said...

It would be also good to build a road connecting to Montenegro in order to have an alternative road for western Europe. By that, the work of our embassy officials granting visas will be much easier.

heku said...

I mean from people who invented condoms coz they were fucking each other it's a little funny to read this. We abandonned donkeys since america helped your muddy country to wake up from the second world war and they fucked you up with Truman. We now drive Mercedes (stollen) and BMW's which you still can not find in Grease...

heku said...

your ambassies are feeding themselves from albanian diaspora. they'll die after that. or maybe they will recycle in activities which already helps them to end their months like gray visas market...

It's so great that we do not need to queue in serb ambassies any more and give them money for having queued!!!

Thanks to all the albanian politiians who want to build that motorway and tear us away from the serb issue

Cvijus011 said...


You said it all by yourseld:

"We now drive Mercedes (stollen) and BMW's which you still can not find in Grease..."

It seems that the only way to have a car in Albania is to steal it. Hopefully, with the new motorway you will develop away from a simple poor Ottoman province. Albania our neighbors, welcome to the 20th century :)

"It's so great that we do not need to queue in serb ambassies any more and give them money for having queued!!!"

I find it also great that I will not have to wait anymore until all the albos are finished with thei begging in front of our embassy. Their misery made feel sorry for them. Now finally our embassies will concetrate on more serious issues.

Hellenic-pride said...

heku you're right. There are some BMW in Albania that cannot be found in Greece cause it's really hard to find a BMW from the 1920's.

ALBASOUL said...

Dear Civijus and Hellenic "Bride"
Sorry to disappoint you but we are moving forward. You can keep cursing and spiting your evilness while we are cutting all our ties with you.
I dont know about Serbia but Greece has the worst road system in Europe. The only decent highway there is the one that connects Athens with Corinth (50 km)that was built recently. Other than that they have nothing.
But it doesnt really matter. Both Albania and Kosova are moving forward while Serbia stays in its old shovinistic bullshit. As per Greece, everyone knows that even after the enlargement of EU they still are at the bottom of the list. They had to lie in order to enter the eurozone. How lame is that?

ANYC said...

Time for reality check!

First of all Cvijust and rest of serbs stop sucking up to hellenic. Afterall he was part of coalition that bombed you back to the stone age. So really if I was you I would not trust greeks at all. Luckyly I'm not you.
Second, hellenic you and your people are so hung up in putting down USA, you demonstrate and talk crap- yet when chips are down you will do exactly as you are told. So you should really shut up and listen to your master (USA). If we chose to bomb your orthodox brothers- we will use your ports and air bases-and you will not even be asked. It just goes to show you and how relevant you are.

Hellenic-pride said...


yeah maybe our government was corrupt but trust in '99 i wouldn't like to be an albanian in greece. and trust if albanians do anything against greece it may be that thousands of albanians in greece will "vanish" and nobody in the whole wide world will give a shit about that.

btw have you forgot who has the strongest lobby in the usa? you may invest as many millions you want but the established lobbies are the established lobbies and you can suck our nato/eu dicks.

our government is stupid but the greek nation is 100% behind the serbs and you know it and the serbs know it. that makes around 20 million people that can't wait to kick your asses.

so you illyrian-wannabees you better behave, shut up and build your roads.

albasoul we have the IC trains. what do you have?

Arber_Dardani said...


When it comes to history, you Modern Day "Greeks" should be the last to make fun of any people and their history.

This is what Auberon Waugh wrote in the September 28th, 1998 edition of the The Daily Telegraph, concerning the Modern Day "Greek" fakes, phonies, and frauds:

". . . modern Greeks have little or nothing to do with the ancient Athenians . . . Modern Greeks are largely of Turkish descent, as is shown by their short, hairy legs and low-slung bottoms: their chief interest in the Elgin Marbles is commercial, as a tourist attraction."

And this is what Mancow said, on his Radio Show in Chicago on March 24th, 1999:

"Keep your girlfriends away from Greeks because they walk up with their dirty open shirts, their gold jewelry hanging out, they put their hairy arms around your girlfriends and grab their breasts . . . all Greeks are con artists . . . all Greeks are scummy bastards."

Arber_Dardani said...

Greece and Serbia are to the Balkans, what France is to Western Europe and Russia is to Eastern Europe; a Cancer.

Greece is the laughing stock of both NATO and the European Union.

Absolutely no one takes Greece seriously.

Hellenic-pride said...

dardani nobody want's to explain me why are albanian and turkish soooo similar?

we may be the laughing stock of europe and nato, but you're no better either. why don't you walk around europe and ask europeans what do they think about. surely the most negative things. the day you enter the eu and nato hell will freeze.

btw, aren't haradinai, ceku and tachi also black and short?

Arber_Dardani said...


As for the Modern Day "Greeks", this is what David Klinghoffer wrote in the May 17th, 1999 edition of The National Review:

"Greeks hate Turks, so on your next trip to Athens don't say this out loud, but the truth is that modern-day Greeks basically are Turks, without the mustaches . . . If you don't think the Greeks were a little shallow, then read their plays . . . Tipsy Greek guys, all under the heady impression that by the time the krater is empty they will have cleared up the mysteries of life: this is Greek culture . . . Periodically, we're reminded that the ancient Greeks don't even have identifiable descendants. Each time modern Greece demands that England return Lord Elgin's marbles to the Parthenon, it is pointed out in response that these Greeks are not the children of the Greeks of Plato's day . . . Today, Greeks are Turks . . . the ancient Greeks were marked for extinction. When the Met's Greek collection was entombed under New York soot, their story went unnoticed. Exposed to sunlight, it's sadder than any play by Aeschylus."

-- The National Review, David Klinghoffer (author of "The Lord Will Gather Me In: My Journey to Jewish Orthodoxy"), 5/17/99

There are over 4 million ethnic Albanians living in Turkey, so of course you will have Turks who look very much Albanian. Don't forget, the FAther of the Turks (Ataturk) was an ethnic Albanian, Mustafa Kemal.

I was at an Afghan festival, in Queens, New York, over the weekend. Knowing the history of the Hunzaket and the Pashtun people of Afghanistan, it was obvious by looking at the Pashtuns at their festival that Alexander the Great (Albanian: Leka i Madhe) and his fellow Illyrian soldiers left their seed throughout the Pashtun regions of present day Afghanistan and Pakistan.

As for Haradinaj, Ceku, and Thaqi, they are all tall (over 6 feet tall) and have fair complexions.

Arber_Dardani said...


After I ststed the fact that absolutely no one takes Greece seriously and that it is the laughing stock of both NATO and the E.U., you retorted by saying:

"we may be the laughing stock of europe and nato, but you're no better either."

So, are you equating Albania with Greece? And if so, I thought Greece was supposed to be better than Albania, but as you have pointed out, rightfully so, that Greece is no better.

Arber_Dardani said...


This is what Paul Theroux had to say about his travels through Greece, in his book, "The Pillars of Hercules, A Grand Tour of The Mediterranean":

"The whole of Greece seemed to me a cut-price theme park of broken marble, a place where you were harangued in a high-minded way about Ancient Greek culture while some swarthy little person picked your pocket . . . The Greeks were not Greek, but rather the illiterate descendants of Slavs and Albanian fishermen, who spoke a debased Greek dialect and had little interest in the broken columns and temples except as places to graze their sheep . . .the Greeks struck me as being more xenophobic than the French, and more ill-tempered and irrational, in a country more backward than Croatia . . . Greece is the degraded fringe of Europe, basically a peasant society, fortunate in its ruins and its selective memory . . . More than any other place I had seen so far on the Mediterranean, Greece was purely a tourist destination, a theme park of shattered marble and broken statues, and garbled history."

-- The Pillars of Hercules, A Grand Tour of The Mediterranean, by Paul Theroux, pp. 314-316, 322, G. P. Putnam's Sons (1995)

NYoutlawyer said...

It's so funny to hear albos talking with some kind of pride, I'm not sure what about but, have your 15 mins. of glory, as Warhol said.

Arber_Dardani said...


Dora Bakoyianni, the Foreign Minister of Greece, stated last month that the Albanians are becoming a real force in the Balkans and that it was about time her government took the Albanians seriously.

She rightfully pointed out that once Kosova becomes an independent nation, the ethnic Albanians would control 3 countries and she named Albania, Kosova, and Macedonia.

And now with the Albanians being the deciding factor in the Independence Referendum of Montenegro, we can add one more nation in which the ethnic Albanians will have a substantial role.

And once the Albanians of Greece actually wake up, guess who will be taking over Greece?

So, it seems the ethnic Albanians will have more than just 15 minutes of Glory to look forward to.

Igli Spahija said...

I believe the Freeway to Fier is already build, once that gets extended to Saranda and Vlora We will have three major Albanian provinces linked for bussines and development. This will also ensure faster trade routes to Europe. I dont belive all Greeks can be as mean as the other guy above, just ignore him. Later fellas

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