Sunday, May 28, 2006

Montenegro to be independent next week: president

PODGORICA, Serbia-Montenegro, May 28, 2006 (AFP) -

Montenegro is likely to become an independent country next week, the president of the tiny Balkan state said in an interview with AFP.

"I think it's expected next week Montenegro will declare independence," said the president of the former Yugoslav republic, Filip Vujanovic.

The head of the Republic Referendum Commission, Frantisek Lipka, had "come out with the official results and in the next week he will also give the same results, and Montenegro will be independent," he insisted.

Since the historic referendum on Montenegro's independence from a federation with Serbia was staged a week ago, Lipka, a Slovak diplomat, has twice announced preliminary results showing voters opted to break up the union.

According to the latest set given on Tuesday, a narrow majority of 55.5 percent of Montenegrins chose to create the world's newest mini-state, barely clearing a 55-percent threshold agreed with the European Union.

The May 21 vote consigned to history Serbia-Montenegro, the last shred of the former communist federation of Yugoslavia after Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia left during the brutal 1990s Balkan wars.

Speaking to AFP after meeting his Serbian counterpart Boris Tadic on Saturday, Vujanovic said they had agreed to divide control of the military between them and share some diplomatic missions once independence is declared.

"I don't think that there are any difficult issues to resolve. I think that all issues we have are of a technical nature," said the Montenegrin president.

"We stated today that once Montenegro declares independence, the Supreme Defence Council and its competencies will be given to the president of Serbia and the president of Montenegro," he said in reference to the union's top military body.

Turning to the topic of diplomatic missions, Vujanovic said the issue was already in the process of being resolved, with Serbia and Montenegro likely to base their of model of sharing embassies on other regions.

"Serbia will of course have most diplomatic missions," said the pro-independence Montenegrin president.

"We'll have some discussions with Serbia, that for those places where Montenegro is not represented, that the diplomatic mission of Serbia could represent it.

"That is something that we have already seen in Baltic states and other regions with similar structures" including Malta and Cyprus, he added.

Vujanovic said the greatest threat to the talks on dissolving the union was a difference of opinions in the Serbian capital Belgrade.

"I think the hardest position is that of Prime Minister (Vojislav) Kostunica and his Democratic Party of Serbia," he said.

But he added: "I think that the discussions with them will start and that they will recognise our independence.

"And I expect that we will... resolve any issues."

Despite the international community's strong praise for the conduct of the referendum, Kostunica -- a moderate nationalist who openly supported preserving the union -- has only offered it his conditional approval.

The confirmation of the results has been delayed by allegations of referendum irregularities by a Belgrade-backed Montenegrin opposition.

The vote was made possible under the 2003 constitution which bound Serbia and Montenegro in a federation and contained an escape clause allowing either side to vote on independence after three years.

Its independence comes at a delicate time for Serbia, currently engaged in tough negotiations with separatist ethnic Albanian leaders in the southern province of Kosovo.


Alban said...

Now if serbians want to swim they can jump into the danube because the adriatic is theirs no more.

The nightmane is not over yet for serbia, KOSOVA!!!!

Hellenic-pride said...

The referendum in Montenegro have set a new model which can be adopted by our brothers in Northern Epirus. If they use this unique chance, they can finally liberate themselves from the years of Albanic tyranny.


Ron said...

NO problem, hellenic pride. 300.000 albanians in greece together with Cham population (whose properties are still under their names in Greece) and Arvanitas (you know what I'm talking about. Mr. Pangalos is one of them) will do the same and who knows, Albanians get back what belong to them.
So you are better of to shut up and listen. Albanians in the Balkans are more then 9 million. Simply put they are the bigest nation in the Balkan. It is time to pay respect to the facts.

tironsi said...

Ron, 300000? The Greek government has admitted to 500000 Albanian immigrants, and that doesn't even count those they consider to be Greeks (like the Chams). Greeks should take a tour of southern Albania and see just how many Greeks there are there. They won't believe their eyes. They'd probably accuse the Albanians of having driven all the Greeks away. I mean just look at how they're even stealing Albanian remains (women even) from Kosinë and reburying them as dead Greek soldiers from WWII. Even the Serbs don't steal Albanian remains to call their own. No other people stoop so low.

Hellenic-pride said...


You Albanians are hilarious, no wonder everybody hates you. You're just employing the tactics Hitler did by achieving "Lebensraum". This is what are you doing in Kosovo, Fyrom and that is what will you do to Montenegro and Greece but I hope that our Balkan brothers will wake up kick your asses as you deserve it. Btw, whether you like it or not Arvanites are albanicized Greeks and as matter of fact they don't want to have anything with you. Actually they are insulted when you call them Albanians. Why don't you ask Pangalos, he just doesn't give a fuck that you concider him Albanian, cause he isn't. And of course there aren't many Greeks in northern Epirus cause Hoxha has done his job perfectly, but don't worry the true owners will get their lands back and the Greek flag will be waving in Argyrokastron, Konitsa, Dyrrachion, Agioi Saranta, etc.


PS - Can you please get your insects out of Greece it will make life much better and safer :)

arianit said...

Cvijus, is that you?

Cvijus011 said...


are you schitzofrenic?


keep it on file

to the others:

keep it on, at the end you will pick a fight with the entire world.

Cvijus011 said...


I can already see it: "We the proud Albanians have built the Eiffel Tower and the evil french stole it from us" :)

tironsi said...

Tsk, tsk, you poor little troll, no matter how cute you make yourself I'm not giving you any more ice cream. It will make your tummy hurt and you'll grow fat.

Cvijus011 said...

hey tironsi tries to sound funny. How cute. I'll maybe adopt that kid.

srbija said...

to Hellenic-pride

Go for it , fight for hellas!

hairetismata apo veligradi :)

Sacred Dardanicum said...

Helenic Pride do you remember how did the Turkish F16 smashed your airplane.

Don't even try to get to the Epirus because if you do that we will fight you back and set you down to Athina so from Selaniku up to Janina will be ours. Don't push us because I got friend from Chameria and I really know what kind of attrocities committed to them just like serbia did to albanians but wait now "albanians are on rise" haven't you heard this on internet recently. If Kosovo will be independent the whole picture of balkan will change because we have fought serbians army and rejected serbians for more then 100 years so it is your turn to revise the policy toward albanians in greece, with albanians in greece I don't mean the immigrants from Albania but Chams and Arvanitas.

P.S.: For those that don't know where is Selaniku the greeces call it Thessaloniki and Janina by greeces is called Yoanina.

Hellenic-pride said...

With what do you plan to take Thessaloniki and Ioannina? With rocks, sticks and rifles left by the Turks? Haven't you hear that Greece is in NATO and EU and this means we have the dick which you have to suck in order to integrate. So shut up and get to work. Albanians on rise my ass. The only thing that is rising whereever you are is the criminality rate.

srbija, xairetismata sto Veligradi ap' ta Ioannina. ZHTW H ELLAS KAI H SERBIA

Sacred Dardanicum said...

Then you must be fighting with the stones around Acropolis that Illyrians cleared around 3000 years ago.

Where was NATO/OTAN when Turkey seized northern Cyprus?

Or NATO gave to Turkey the green light for that.

And another fact you Greeks are only 10,688,058 peoples and Turkey has 70,413,958 people, 16,756,323 army members so Turkish soldiers would need only 75% of one bullet to kill every Greek man and woman.

Sacred Dardanicum said...

I am already working making web apps for All Europe so you might see one day one of my projects.

So, would you use it since it has been made by an albanian.

You, helenic-tribe, who started a war against Troy only for a slut.

Hellenic-pride said...

Oh Dardanicum you make me laugh. You are something. Look now at Cyprus. The Greek part is flourishing from richness and the Turkish is dying from poverty. But who cares, we are all together in NATO and Turkey if it wants to join the EU needs among others tha approval of Greece and Cyprus. So you may cry as much as you want cause Greece has the dicks and you Illyrian-wannabees are just jealous that you're the shit of Europe.
Ha, Cvijus011 is right, soon you will even claim the Eifel Tower from the French given to the level of your filthy greed.

Hellenic-pride said...

oh btw the war on Troy gave the human civilization the two most marvelous books that made us world famous. What did you write? "Ten ways how to rob a bank"?

tironsi said...

Sacred Dardanicum, would you please stop feeding the trolls. Look, they're multiplying now. They're like alligators. Even if they eat a single meal they can store that and live off of it for months.

NYoutlawyer said...

Why do albos insist on being illyrians? It was proven by their own academics that they are not. BTW, what is so great about the fucking illyrians anyway?

Hellenic-pride said...

NYoutlawyer they insist they are illyrians because they don't have any history of their own and are trying to fill in the blanks and also to get territorial claims or in other words their lebensraum.

poor illyrians. if they could see who is claiming to be their offsprings they would be turning in their graves.

Hellenic-pride said...

also they are jealous that their neighbors (serbs, greeks, bulgarians etc) have a well known culture and history known throughout the world and the albanians have just shit. and instead respecting the others they start stealing from the others. it seems stealing is their only tradition.

Arber_Dardani said...


It is funny reading what you have to say about the ethnic Albanians not having a history, when the fact of the matter is that you Modern Day "Greeks" are actually the children of "Hellenized" Albanians, Slavs, Turks, Vlachs, and Roma.

Of the Modern Day "Greeks", Paul Theroux said it best when he wrote:

"The whole of Greece seemed to me a cut-price theme park of broken marble, a place where you were harangued in a high-minded way about Ancient Greek culture while some swarthy little person picked your pocket . . .The Greeks were not Greek, but rather the illiterate descendants of Slavs and Albanian fishermen, who spoke a debased Greek dialect and had little interest in the broken columns and temples except as places to graze their sheep . . . the Greeks struck me as being more xenophobic than the French, and more ill-tempered and irrational, in a country more backward than Croatia . . . Greece is the degraded fringe of Europe, basically a peasant society, fortunate in its ruins and its selective memory . . . More than any other place I had seen so far on the Mediterranean, Greece was purely a tourist destination, a theme park of shattered marble and broken statues, and garbled history."

-- The Pillars of Hercules, A Grand Tour of The Mediterranean, by Paul Theroux, pp. 314-316, 322, G. P. Putnam's Sons (1995)

Cvijus011 said...


you can tell whatever you want and bring up sources as many you want, but some facts are very clear:

1) Look at what position is Greece and compare it to you, it's like comparing New York and a small village in the albanian mountains

2) Everybody knows the Greek culture and respsect it and nobody knows your culture cause there isn't anything to be known (apart from thieves, robberies, drug trade, beging)

3) Greece is in the NATO and EU, whereas you're just walking bags full with piss and shit.

Sorry that I'm teasing your inferiority complexes.

PS - "The Dardani are entirely a savage people, so much so that they dig caves beneath dungheaps, in which they dwell" - Strabo, Geography (book 7, chapter 5, paragraph 7)

Some things never change.

ANYC said...

your points under 1) 2) and 3) apply just as much to serbia as it does to Albania. So you should check your facts before you speak.

Hellenic pride
Don't forget that you are also known world wide for taking it up the ass-just a friendly reminder- since you are listing your achievements...

Arber_Dardani said...


Thanks, but you have no need to feel sorry, because I am not the one suffering from an inferiority complex.

Modern Day Greece and Serbia are to the Balkans, what France is to Western Europe, and Russia is to Eastern Europe; A Cancer.

As for Strabo, according to him, the Ancient Macedonians and the Epirotes were of the Illyrian ethnicity, like the Dardanians.

On the Ancient Epirotes, according to Harry Thurston Peck, who cites the work of both Starbo and Thucydides, in his book, Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities:

In their mode of cutting the hair, in their costume, and in their language, the Epirotes resembled the Macedonians, who were an Illyrian race.

Btw, from those Dardanian Dungheaps, came the likes of Constantine the Great and Justinian the Great, who were both Dardanians.

srbija said...

to Sacred Dardanicum who said:

>>>You, helenic-tribe, who started a war against Troy only for a slut.<<<

Since you (albanian people) don't have your own myths, don't make worthless others ones... Make your own myth :)

to Arber_Dardani

Who is Paul Theroux???

Arber_Dardani said...

Don't be lazy Srbija and do your homework.

If you just try a little, you will know who Paul Theroux is and appreciate his work.

Arber_Dardani said...

Oh and Srbija, you are right we ethnic Albanians don't believe in myths, we believe in reality.

Noel Malcolm was right when he stated in his retort to several Serbian historians that when it comes to Kosova's history it is the Serbs that have greater myths, while the Albanians are dealing with reality.

Sacred Dardanicum said...

Actually only nations that don't have a history they do have myths. Nations with real history they really don't need myths.

srbija said...

to Arber_Dardani and Sacred Dardanicum

Actually, you ethnic Albanians LIVE in myth - of having real history....