Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Contact Group formulates new demands for Kosovo and Serbia

Text of report by Kosovo Albanian television KohaVision TV on 29 May

[Announcer] The meeting of the Contact Group member countries and UNMIK [United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] chief Soeren Jessen-Petersen in Paris produced several demands for Prishtina [Pristina] and Belgrade. In the meeting, which was held last Friday [26 May], the participants discussed implementation of the Standards [set for Kosovo by the international community] by the Kosova side, as well as Belgrade's obligations towards the Kosova Serbs.

[Reporter Blerta Dalloshi] The Contact Group has asked Kosova institutions to make more progress in the 13 points dealing with Standards the Contact Group has assessed that not enough progress has been made said UNMIK chief Jessen-Petersen in a meeting with Kosova Deputy Prime Minister Lutfi Haziri, informing him in detail of the points discussed. He said the Contact Group did not make any new demands but, after the technical assessment of Standards by UNMIK, it formulated new challenges for Kosova institutions.

[Soeren Jessen-Petersen, in English throughout with Albanian voiceover] So it is really not about new demands but rather the focus on key issues. We believe more progress can be made. We did this together and it does not come as a surprise to us.

[Reporter] Deputy Prime Minister Lutfi Haziri thinks the points listed by the Contact Group where more progress is sought are achievable.

[Lutfi Haziri] So far we have not had any unattainable demands. These have to do with the role of the [Kosovo] Assembly in adopting new laws; the role of the government, institutions and Kosova people in taking necessary action in order to provide further proof that the Kosova institutions are ready to assume responsibility for the full functioning of law and order and respect for ethnic groups that are part of our diversity and part of Kosovar values.

[Reporter] The Contact Group discussed the need to send Belgrade a number of messages concerning their responsibilities.

[Jessen-Petersen] There are specifically three points; Belgrade needs to encourage the Kosova Serbs those who wish to be engaged, and there are many; they have been waiting for this for two years. Second, Belgrade needs to give up the policy under which they ask Serbs to choose between Prishtina and Belgrade. Third, for 15 months we have requested Belgrade to return cadastral registers which are also important for Kosova Serbs. So I believe the Contact Group will make these demands to Belgrade.

[Reporter] Participating in the last meeting of the Contact Group was also the deputy UN special envoy for Kosova status talks, Albert Rohan. The group did not take into consideration Belgrade's request for changes to the agenda of discussions on Kosova's status.

Source: KohaVision TV, Pristina, in Albanian 1700 gmt 29 May 06


NYoutlawyer said...

Does anyone understand what the fuck this shit means?

Leave it to western powers to fuck up other peoples' lives, while they enjoy their freedoms. FUCK THEM!!!

Dardania 2006 said...

u pissed cause we go independent in a few months?

Hellenic-pride said...

east timor got independent lately and they have the world's lowest GDP rate. since albania is a shithole since its independence who can guarantee that kosovo will not be such as well

ALBASOUL said...

Hellenic "Bride"
Dont worry about Albania being a shithole. You better keep an eye on your own country. Since EU stoped financing, you are eating each other.No more free European money. Time for you to start working you lazy bitches.

NYoutlawyer said...

What do albanians think, the EU will pour money into kosovo? Get real! Once a shithole, always a shithole.

Segas said...

to nyoutlawyer and hellenic shame

hey loverboys shut up! dont you have anything better to do? gosh what the fuck are you two queers going to do in about 5 or ten years when Albania and Kosova are better off economically? you are going to eat your own shit by then...screw you stink ass pricks

nyoutlawyer looks like you loke to eat shit anyways as you seem to have had your toung in a shithole....

NYoutlawyer said...

Like most ignorant shitpars, segas, you make no fucking sense, just enjoy hurling infantile insults at anyone that disagrees with you.

Zivela Srbija!

vati said...

fuck you hellenic pride and nyoutlawyer Serbia is dead, even your own people in Montenegro do not want to live with you, you ignorant racist barbarian bastards!!! the whole region and the whole world has understood who the Serbs really are, you are all on your own, poor, isolated and most of all HATED by everyone. "zivela srbija"

Anonymous said...

...then we won't have to put up with these stupid Serbs and their insane rantings any more.
To these Serbian posters, I would like to point out:-
1. The Turks fucked you in 1389;
2. The Austro-Hungarians fucked you for several centuries thereafter;
3. The Germans fucked you in 1941;
4. The Croats fucked you in 1991;
5. The Bosnians fucked you in 1995
..and now you're up for your biggest fucking ever!

'Yugoslavia' is now a LOT smaller than it was in 1990, and it's going to be smaller yet after this little fracas. As for NATO ground troops going into Kosovo, IMHO the Turkish army can probably spare a few divisions and they would PAY for the chance to get at the Serbs.

Anonymous said...

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